What are the main Benefits of Traveling in our life?

What are the main Benefits of Traveling in our life?


When I was 13 years old, I read a traveling Essay about the benefits of traveling. This travel article impressed my mind so deeply because, it was not only Interesting travel articles but it encouraged me to travel and, it shows me the many benefits of traveling. Then after I was traveling so much and, the experiences I was making were invaluable to me. When we’re going to talking about the benefits of travel, in now, I wouldn’t trade anything for them.


But, we’re not going to talking only about the benefits of traveling; there is numerous disadvantages of traveling, while you decide to travel, you throw yourself into a different language, culture and, start to understand yourself and your country on a higher level.


When you are in other places or countries, simply, you’re forced to change your habits. Even the simplest and more automatic thing you can do like speaking in your language becomes hard when you’re in some other countries.
When I lived in a different city during college life, I was forced to see different people or eat something different from my own city. I had to stop drinking tea perhaps as I didn’t have the local taste or not available. There’re the small instances but able to make you understand that when we’re abroad, getting out of our comfort zone and experimenting becomes the normality.


I’ve been traveling around some parts of Europe for about 2 weeks.
I was a boy at 18 years old only at that time, that was the first time I’d
been away from home and had to be independent which seems pretty nerve-wracking
but I ended up adapting so quickly to it as I had no other choice. I’ve always
been a loner, introvert type, so I’m completely fine with my own company. Many
people were surprised, whenever they known I was alone, I believe, that was the
time to show my family and my friends what I could do, and it’s absolutely
trebled my confidence!
I stayed in hostels, where I learned it was so easy to meet new people. At the beginning of my travel, I was really eager to meet new people, but at the end of the journey, I couldn’t care less? It’s like I’d got so used to being on my own. Please tell me I was not the only one that felt this way because I felt so antisocial?




Traveling alone as a teenager definitely had its benefits and disadvantages, but if I had the choice I still would have traveled alone as it helped improve my confidence so much. Only some disadvantages were carrying your heavy luggage, and night time. At Nighttime, it sucks if you were on your own because it’s very dangerous to be outside, especially, you were just alone.


In the first weeks, I had started to feel loneliness. It was not fun especially not having anyone to share the beautiful things you were seeing or anyone to talk about what you were going through during the trips. I had had the trip of a lifetime, and I’d loved traveling alone at such a young age because it’s given me so much confidence  & independence, this was the main benefit of traveling and proved I had succeeded to do things!


Travel pushes us from our comfort zone. Most people have a fairly established comfort zone. We established our activities, friends, tastes, etc. We simply don’t willing to break our comfort zone and it can be uncomfortable and daunting.  We used to it, probably living with parents in an environment, we’ve become accustomed to and, since probably by birth.


The main benefit of traveling is that we learn a lot in an uncomfortable and
unfamiliar situation. Our body and brain have to adapt to difficult and
different situations. With different people, society and new places, which have
different values and go about life differently, get rid of our comfort zone.


Later on, in my twenties, after having traveled extensively in some countries, Because of these experiences, traveling has been one of the most critical aspects of my life. Here’re some of the benefits of traveling, which I consider the most important for our life:-


  • You will walk right into uncharted territory, both inside and outside; traveling is not only going elsewhere but also going inwards.
  • Many –isms like Sexism, Chauvinism, Bigotry and many other –ism might disappear after traveling a lot because traveling helps as a way of trying to understand the others and also reminding that we all fall the same category to someone else.
  • One of the best benefits of traveling is:” It reminds us this is a beautiful planet”. Sometimes it eludes the verbalizing capability of language, leaving us speechless.
  • We’ll start to miss the food, Sea, Climate or whatever is good in our country, and we’ll start to see, how beautiful is our hometown.
  • New places, perspectives-dynamics and more helps us put things into the right perspective. Out the whole narrative has the potential of changing.
  • Traveling teaches us, the way it is painful. So, there would be many disadvantages to traveling. It’s not the same as read the travel article or traveling essay but shows how unfair and unequal humankind can be. Sometimes we feel guilty, sometimes we feel powerless and sometimes we feel wonder about many things which we’ve taken for granted. And, sometimes that pain and rage might turn into something else probably some sort of action.
  •  We’ve to experience it our own and in the process, an experience we as a human being. So, travel, in the end, is not to be idealized. You have to figure it out for yourself.


So, the main benefit of traveling as an act of self-discovery. Let’s start with some argument: how it’s possible that when you are in contact with different places, cultures, and people you start to understand better? How you think and who you are? And, how does it possible that you suddenly know yourself better after you’ve landed in a different location?


The point is, you start to notice that we are all equal, and when we get lost in the differences of other people and cities from the one we were born, we automatically start to realize how beautiful our uniqueness is.


Famous Anthropologist Edward T. Hall wrote


Only when we are forced to take another cultural system into account, we do fully understand our own cultures and our own values




 Travel does not have to be expensive 


We all know that Traveling has a wonderful experience and a lot of benefits, but one of the biggest disadvantages of traveling is COST. So, it can be affordable and comfortable too.  Try local foods and discover as much as you can of local cultures in the places that you visit.

As for eating on the cheap- street food is the way to go. Search competitive hotels and restaurants like booking.com, Navigate new city by yourself, pre-planning at home and internet searches of “what to do in ….city.” and goggles show the details about those places.

Many of the cases, it’s saving from an expensive tour guide. I have found that if you do have a question, don’t hesitate to ask, you can always find someone who speaks English.

It also has the backup plan of the language translate and maps apps(Buy only essential travel gear, Learn more about Travel Gear ). Don’t miss the Interesting travel articles, that would be a goldmine. Try a new method for travel, Expat Explore has proven many times and it can be affordable to all types of visitors. Expat includes everyday dinner (half) and breakfast; this only remains a few meals to purchase.


How Can We Afford to Travel?


Travel is Never a Matter of Money But matter of Courage


Paolo Coelho


They travel frequently, actually, they’re not wealthy but they can travel whenever they want. So, how can they afford to travel? Not only they but here is what you can do if you like to travel.


  • First, cut out all unnecessary expenses from your daily life. If you are serious about saving for travel, don’t own a car, that saves you at least $550 a month, Instanced, use a bicycle almost everywhere. But, some emergency or rare period, you need a car but that purpose just rent one or borrow from your friends. There would be plenty of things that suck money such as houses, fast food, subscription services, etc. Simply avoid anything else that not absolutely required.
  •  Learn how to invest.  A successful investment strategy gives you enough income streams. But, don’t hesitate to invest and become fail, when it happens, take the lesson and get up and do it better than the second time.
  • No gambling, drinking, smoking or going out to expensive places. if you do it often, That is a good chunk of money and we are Mormons anyway. We do go out to eat in nice places once or twice a month, but nothing big.
  • While are you traveling find out the best budget-friendly places. When you research, you’d be amazed at what the more affordable places can offer at the minimum of the price of the top places.


How to start our first trips


 I remember the first time I had traveled without friends and family. This would be really haunting and a mixture of nervousness and excitement. First, pick a destination that you would be most interested, and plan for that one first. [You can find out destination and competitive price From <<Here >>]



Make sure, what types of travel are prefer, do you want to
go alone (solo) or with someone? There are benefits and disadvantages on both
types of travel but ultimately make your decision. If you travel with friends,
it is a great way for yourself as well as your parents.  But, if you want to go to your friends, make
sure, all have similar interests and have a similar budget.
Travel is truly one of the best things we’ve spent our
money, you need money to travel so, cut down all unnecessary costs, pack lunch,
allocate the total budget and stick to it. And, do not whack it on a credit
card and end up in debt for traveling. Sitting down with your parents during
your planning phase, it will help you both communicate any expectations,

worries, and fears. Then, Book and Start your First journey, It would be most terrifying but it’s going to add the most valuable asset in your life.

In Summary




we know that the main benefits of traveling, it will give you a real picture of the real image. While traveling, you can observe the difference between the present and past of a particular region; it is the best way to understand the social or economic scenario of the world we’re living in currently.

We also able to know about other cultures, the understanding of various cultures plays an important role in education or in our life. During the traveling around different places, we come to know about netiquettes, cuisines, and lifestyles. There are a variety of differences but irrespective of what you need to share nature, art, and ancestors of various cultures. The main benefits of traveling are we learn languages; at least we’ll encounter a different language compare with our native.


if you haven’t traveled yet – what are you waiting for? There is a whole world waiting to be explored, and it’s all within your reach!




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