Vietnam vs Indonesia:Where should you visit?

Vietnam Vs Indonesia: Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia?

Vietnam tourism surged because it offers a terrific value to visitors as prices are cheap, transportation is efficient, accommodations are good quality and locals are friendly. Indonesia is also a relatively inexpensive destination known for exotic jungles teeming with wildlife, tropical beaches and full of culture and markets.

 A tourist in Indonesia often amazed by the number of activities to do and places to visit, they find eco-tourism adventures, historic temples, and mountain biking and jungle and more. Actually we can’t compare too well in both countries because these are more complex countries (Indonesia consists of many hundreds of islands scattered over thousands of square miles.) and we’re all biased in some way or another.

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Vietnam vs Indonesia:	Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia ?

Vietnam and Indonesia, despite being in the same as popular as tourist destinations, are very different countries. The travel, the land, the culture and all terrifically different. Where to begin comparisons such as massive and stunning countries? Sure, I start somewhere but do realize that it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Vietnam vs Indonesia: Main Destinations

Vietnam vs Indonesia:	Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia ? destinations

Indonesia– The land of tobacco, coconut groves, rice paddies, active volcanoes, dense tropical jungle, emerald rivers, and so many islands.

Borobudur Java: – Located in ‘Special region of Yogyakarta’ on the island Java is probably the most popular visitor’s attraction in all of Indonesia. Many people head towards to see the sunrise at Borobudur and enjoyed to get enchanted by the beauty of this impressive archaeological site.

Orang Utans:-Rainforest of Sumatra and Kalimantan in Orang Utans, you can go on a jungle trekking to spot human-like apes in their natural habitat, alongside other creatures of the forest and monkeys. The national parks of these islands are also most popular.

Lake Toba Sumatra:- It is the world’s largest crater lake and the island in the middle, Pulau samosir , is home to the indigenous Batak Tribe. The Architecture and the culture of the Bataks are Unique and naturally beautiful.  You relaxed and peace of mind at Lake Toba in the north of Sumatra.

Komodo Island:- The world’s largest lizard, that only lives on Komodo Island near Flores, apart from this, you will sleep on the boat deck beneath numerous stars. You will also see the thousands of bats fly over during the sunset and sunrise.

Bali: – This little Hindu island attracts millions of tourists every year. It is the most attractive tourist hub and home to beach clubs, boutique shops, and world-class restaurants.

Volcanoes:- Most of the islands in Indonesia are volcanic and they feature majestic holy mountains you can climb or admire from a distance as the sun rises. Some famous volcanoes islands are Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen in Java and Mount Agung in Bali and Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

Gili Islands:- The three Gili Islands, located just offshore at the island Lombok have something for everyone: beaches and parties, nature and tranquility and snorkeling and diving. One of the main features of these islands is, only horse cards, bicycles, and beaches, No traffic at all!


Vietnam is famous for its culture and the breathtaking sites of nature. Here are some main features of Vietnam:

Mekong Delta Floating Market:-  an extraordinary way of getting your shopping done from floating markets. The Mekong River is home to thousands of floating houses and markets, colorful, scenting, playful and lively surrounded by enormous rice paddies.

Hoi An- UNESCO Town: – Hoi An has adapted to tourism with trendy tea houses, lounge bars, restaurants and yet the old charm still remains. It is an atmospheric ancient trading port town, named as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hoang Lien Son-Hmong Villages trekking:- Hoang Lien is home to indigenous tribes, the highest mountain in Vietnam and villages that you can visit during nature treks in this area of northern Vietnam.

Yok Don National Park:  This is the largest national park in Vietnam. It is a sanctuary for the endangered Indian elephant, Leopard, Red wolf, and Indochinese tiger.

Halong Bay: – A place where fairy tales were invented! It is the most beautiful sites of nature in the world, its features tones of rocky limestone islands scattered around the emerald water of northern Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Cu Chi tunnels:-Vietnam War is visible in Hochi Minh and you can wander through the Cu Chi underground tunnels located beneath the city. A former hiding place for Viet Cong soldiers and war memorial park in these modern days.

Southern Beaches:  Even in Vietnam you’ll find beautiful beaches like in Thailand or Bali. There are some beaches (including southern beaches) which really attracts many visitors.

Vietnam vs Indonesia: Culture

Vietnam vs Indonesia:	Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia ? culture

Vietnam has around 21,000 pagodas and Indonesia has many Buddhist and Hindu temples as well, dating back to ancient days before Islam arrived at the country.

Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country but there are some islands following Hinduism and Catholicism.  Vietnam mixes Buddhism with Confucianism and Taoism so, in Vietnam, influenced by the Chinese culture, is leading in the country. Indonesia is a dynamic melting pot spread out over the 1750 islands that Indonesia is home to.

In Indonesia at Java that has a lot temple survive) because, Islam spread by mixing with the local culture so when they become Muslim the temple just abandoned, the Temple just become Folklore and forbidden place (the story that place have to curse or their something guard there) ( Prambanan temple, etc). but other hands in Melayu (Malaysia or Sumatra) Islam spread with replacing old religion or Hindus/Buddhas culture So when all people in one region become Muslim they destroyed the temple because no one uses them.

Vietnam vs Indonesia: Food

Vietnam vs Indonesia:	Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia ? food

Vietnam noodle soup that comes with either, beef, chicken or prawns and a whole lot of local spices and herbs. The fresh spring rolls Goi Cuon are also not to be missed and for breakfast, you can also try the Bahn xeo pancakes or the Bahn mi banquets. The most famous of Vietnam’s foods are :

Cha ca: It’s the sizzling chunks of fish seasoned with ginger, garlic, turmeric and dill on hot pan tableside.

Pho: its salty broth, noodles or rice, a sprinkling of herbs with beef or chicken

Banh xeo: It’s crispy crepe bulging with pork, bean sprouts, and shrimp.

Indonesia: Indonesians like to eat rice and it is eaten with an array of richly flavored dishes such as fried sambal eggs, tempeh, chicken or fish curry. Chili is added on the side.

Here’s some list of the famous delicious in Indonesia:

Sambal: This chili-based sauce is a famous and staple at all Indonesian plates.

Bakso: It’s one type of noodle soup appreciated also by barrack Obama during the visit to Indonesia.

Satay: It’s barbecued with bathed in a hearty dose of peanut sauce.

Vietnam vs Indonesia: Best time to visit

Vietnam vs Indonesia:	Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia ? best time

Vietnam is very warm all year, so there is really no worst or best time to travel. In the higher region, the weather is significantly cooler. In south places like Ho Chi Minh city and the Mekong Delta are hot and dry in winter months and hot and wet in summer months. In the north, summer months are hotter and have more rain, while winter months are dryer and cooler.

But remember, in certain places like Hoi An, Danang, and Hue is dry but very hot from January to late summer.

The seasons are divided into two seasons in Indonesia because of very close to the equator and quite tropical. The wet season starts from October to April but the dry season is from May to September. But some destinations have an exception to this such as Sumatra. Generally, you can expect warm tropical weather everywhere in the country.

Vietnam vs Indonesia: Budget

Vietnam vs Indonesia:	Should you visit Vietnam or Indonesia ? budget

Vietnam and Indonesia, both are comparable and very affordable. Both countries have their own currency, The Dong in Vietnam and The Rupiah in Indonesia. Both countries have plenty of budget-friendly destinations.

You can enjoy a good meal for less than $2 and get quality accommodations for every budget. But, you have to pay more for your Cocktails and beers in Indonesia because of the high import tax rate on alcohol.

Now a day’s tourism has driven up prices in some areas of Indonesia, namely Bali, Lombok, and Islands known for their beaches and scenery. If mass traveling in this area, then price to be higher.

Budget-friendly hotels are often found not far from high-end luxury hotels. In the biggest cities in Indonesia, it’s possible to find a wide range of restaurants, rooms, and activities at different prices.

If you choose luxury, you can prepare to pay a fair amount more for it.  Price can be very cheap in the countryside, especially in off-the-beaten-path locations. In Vietnam, it is a highly populated country. In the big cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Hue, a variety of options are available for hotels and food.

Cheap options easily available everywhere but the price can be higher if you want more luxury.  Almost every city or town, you can found plenty of accommodations, infrastructure and restaurants are available. Even rural in Vietnam does not have the empty feeling which it does in other countries.

Cost of living in Vietnam compared to Indonesia

Vietnam Indonesia Different

Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) 80,043 ₫ (Rp 48,922) Rp 65,175 – 25%
Combo meal in fast food restaurant 87,888 ₫ (Rp 53,716) Rp 49,475 + 9%
1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk 34,979 ₫ (Rp 21,379) Rp 19,318 + 11%
1 kg (2 lb.) of tomatoes 22,139 ₫ (Rp 13,531) Rp 16,774

– 19%
500 gr (16 oz.) of local cheese 152,153 ₫ (Rp 92,995)

Rp 61,634 + 51%

1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoes 35,558 ₫ (Rp 21,733) Rp 21,710 + 0%
500 gr (1 lb.) of boneless chicken breast 54,516 ₫ (Rp 33,320) Rp 30,261 + 10%
0.5 l (16 oz) domestic beer in the supermarket 20,841 ₫ (Rp 12,738) Rp 29,692  57%
Bread for 2 people for 1 day 20,068 ₫ (Rp 12,265)

Rp 14,999 – 18%
Actually , Cost of living in Vietnam is 12% cheaper than in Indonesia– Source


Vietnam vs Indonesia: Where Should you visit?

There is no doubt that countries are incredible, Indonesia is more advanced and more expensive, but it has certainly amazing beaches, temples, cultures and more. Vietnam is more comparing to Indonesia.

Both countries are very beautiful and varied. Borobudur and Mt. Bromo in Java will take your breath away, along the more than 17 thousand islands but so will Ninh Bing, Halon Bay and Mai Chao in Vietnam.

The friendly people in Vietnam is high, (I guess I don’t think you can wrong I either country) I found the people to be wonderfully friendly.  In the term of delicious food, Interesting, fresh and varied, Indonesia is fine but Vietnam is spectacular.

Both countries have great options for Hiking. Great trekking in Vietnam can be had though in June it is really very hot. Indonesia, certainly the great places for trekking- many volcanoes to climb in Indonesia like Java, Papua, and Lombok.

Indonesian culture is more varies from one place to another, there are many ancient temples and Dutch colonial remnants in the country.  In Geography, Indonesia is an archipelago rich in biodiversity. But unfortunately, many rainforests are speedily being converted to palm oil plantations. Vietnam you can spare some time to cross the border into Cambodia for Angkor Wat. Indonesia has a famous Prambanan and Borobudur. So, which is the winner of Vietnam vs Indonesia?

If you’re an adventurer who intends to do so many chores than Indonesia is for you. Get a taste of diverse cultures, from Cirebon, Sunda, Balinese, and Javanese. But, you’ll find that Bali is more developed for tourism and is more comfortable, besides Bali, the country, it is very big to explore.

If you have less time and want to explore more, Vietnam may be your option. It is a country with a long history and culture and a number of valuable historical sites, diverse landscapes with more than 3000 km of coastline adjacent to the East Sea. Vietnam owning pristine white sand beaches, hospitable attitude, rice cuisine and beautiful scenes throughout the entire length of the country.

Not only is that, the price of Vietnam quite cheap. Visiting Vietnam, you can buy rare and precious pearl products and silk at quite cheap prices.

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