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What are the types of tourism?

Different types of tourist

Forms of tourism

What is the Tourism and it's form?

types of tourism-travleisure.com

Tourism is different from travel, an individual has to travel, use any types of transportation but all travel is not including tourism. In the term of tourism there must be comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their own usual environment. Tourism can be with or without an overnight stay. We can say that tourism is an activity done by group or single person, moving one places to another for a performing a specific task. Tourism is travel for leisure, recreational or any business purpose.

Tourism is the only way that it can let people to get away from their day to day routine and spend some vacation in one or more visit destination. Learn what define about tourism in Wikipedia  

Types of tourism

There are many kinds of tourists around the world. They can be categorized by social, demographics, cultural, economic, behavioral and many. Each kind of tourists has different kind of needs, such as excursionists, these types of visitors will not seek any accommodation, but they need to transportation and others kinds of services like city guide, foods.

But all are mainly divided on 3 categories

3 Types of Tourism

Domestic Tourism:-

This types of tourism, people visiting or taking holidays and travel in their own country. An example of domestic tourism for USA residents would be, from Texas, taking a few days vacation in new work.

International Tourism

Any visitor from outside the country, For example, when we use the term international tourism in the USA, we are referring to people from different countries like Australia, travelling to USA.

Outbound Tourism

This types of tourism, visitors travelling to a different country for a visit or a holiday. In simple term, we use outbound tourism in the USA; we are called to the residents of USA, travelling out of the USA. Like, you’re an outbound tourist from the Canada, if you go to the Germany.

People are more aware about travel and destinations, people take breaks to refresh or may travel for some social or psychological needs. Various purposes have been categorized and it’s all about the different forms of tourism.     

Motives behind the travelling

Specially, human nature is want to see things with owns eyes; It causes us to go to near or distance places and to fulfill our curiosity. A beautiful mountain scene, a lovely beach or an exquisite sculptural work, casts an irresistible charm on our mind, it satisfies our hunger for natural beauty. And tourism lets us enjoy it to the full. 

  • It encourages intercultural contacts and intercultural activities.

  • Human internal drives that urge person to travel, its associates like recreation, adventure, longings for rest and escape and desire to ‘get away from it’.

  • People would not learn all the things by watching television or reading books, they believed to get experiences by themselves; it makes them exciting because, they found the things which not edited. This also motivated the people to travel.

Other popular Purpose of traveling

  1. Travel for shopping:-  People usually buy while on travelling, there are many driving factors such as bargain price and low currency rate. People also want to buy gifts as souvenirs of travel places or want to connect with local people as their goods. Some tourist like to purchasing because simply they enjoying the shopping. Nowadays, it becomes an important part in the tourism industry. Find out more about travel accessories from here!
  2. Travel for Business:-

    Business for travel is one of the most ancient tourism types. In this categories, people who go travelling for their work as the main purpose. Although, motivation of the business tourism is closely related to product or companies, some businessmen like to take their partner and kids to the journey. Therefore business travel is an important activity in the world.

  3. Travel for visiting friends and relatives:

    Now a day’s many people migrants around the world, this kind of immigration can develop a tourism trend, visiting friends and relatives. Transportation’s are becoming advanced, so people can travel in any countries easily. It can provide a demand of tourism in around the world.

  4. For experiencing other cultures:- Many people fascination about different local cultures. Every country or even state has their local culture. Cultural elements including language, handicrafts, art and music, tradition, local work, architecture, religion and education system, all of them can enable tourists to experience more about culture of the visit destination.

  5. Travel for Low currency rate:-

    People will be interesting to travel in that place and will spend more if the exchange rate is low. This is a important part in tourism industries. Tourist will choose travel destination places if the currency rate is optimal. It deeply concerns about the customers consumption but it is the main factor of tourist behavior. People will decide the destinations, the amount of spending, length of stay and frequency of travel time.


What is called tourism?

Tourism includes all the activities such as camping and sightseeing. People who travel for fun are called “tourists” and People travelling for means tourism.

What are the different forms of tourism?

Based on the visiting purpose, it’s categorized in to the following:- Leisure tourism, Cultural tourism, Religious tourism, family tourism, health tourism, sports tourism, business tourism, educations tourism. There are also alternation forms of tourism like: Ecotourism, food tourism and agro-rural tourism

What are the 3 types of tourism?

Three main types of tourism are: Domestic tourism, International tourism (also called inbound tourism) & Outbound tourism.

What is tourism product?

Product of tourism can be defined as the combination of the psychological and physical satisfaction, it provides to visitors during their travelling en route to the destination. The tourist product mainly focuses on services and facilities to meet the needs of the tourist.

Why do tourist Travel?

Tourist can expose to new places, culture, language, people and experiences. Tourist like to travel because, they want to expand their persecution. But, everyone has their own reasons that people decide to travel. Some of the popular reasons are; visit family, to discover new cultures, spend time with their friends, to find better weather etc.

What are the benefits of traveling?

There are numerous benefits from traveling such as; Boosts up their confidences, ensure the peace of mind, traveler get real time education, wonderful memories for lifetime, improves social and communication skills and more.

What are the factors that attract tourists?

Some common factors that attract tourists are historical and cultural factors, religious factors, environmental factors like beautiful scenery, good climate etc, socio-economic factors like, accommodation, accessibility, services etc.



Future of the travel and tourism

The travel industries big achievement over the past 72 years has been about how tourism sector brings together strangers-travelers-local people-harmoniously.Visit and travel Is now more than adventure, learning new skills, rejuvenation, and fulfillment. Tourism has changed from being a services offering like a room, a flight and food. The people who were satisfied with 7 years ago, now wants to go whale watching or mountain biking. In the luxury sector, we see rich people who are more likely to spend money on experiences than objects. It’s called the experience economy and there is a sense that tourist value lifetime memories compare some physical possessions. Many tourism places are now experiencing “over tourism”, most tourist destinations have tried to attract as many tourists as possible and tourists experiences start to suffer. The global visitors numbers set to accelerate at an even faster rate over tourism will become a bigger and bigger issue.


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