traveling to Europe for the first time

Traveling to Europe for the First time. Rule of Thumb!


So many places in Europe and so little time to see them all, you’re trying to decide where you should be going on your trip to Europe. it’s hard, especially if you’re traveling to Europe for the first time. I get it, I’ve been there. So, today I’m going to help you choose where you should go on your trip to Europe and, also have a full guide on how to prepare for it.  so make sure you read it all the way to the end, it’s going to help you with your planning,  what is your budget like if you want to visit the most popular countries and cities in Europe.

Make a Budget Conscious Travel Plan

While you’re traveling those places are expensive to visit so keep that in mind if you are budget conscious and take note that Eastern Europe is typically a lot cheaper than visiting Western.

So think about exploring that area more than Western and even if you’re not traveling on a backpacker budget, keep in mind that prices for accommodation and travel will vary significantly depending on what time of the year you’re traveling. How long will your trip be?  No, matter how long it is I need to stress that you cannot do it all and if you try you will get stressed and worn out and you won’t even enjoy your trip.

Traveling to Europe for the First time- the rule of thumb!

 So, what’s the point even if you have a long list of places that you want to see on this trip and Traveling to Europe for the First time, you’re going to have to be realistic and not overbooked, yourself as a rule of thumb!  I always say that you

Should spend at least two nights in every destination that you visit and that way you don’t get worn out.  We waste less time traveling on buses and trains and you actually get to explore each place that you visit properly.  Although, I would say there are a lot of places in Europe that you need it more than two nights to explore but you get the point. Do you want to visit popular spots?

Or go off the beaten path?  I’m a team off the beaten path not only because I like to discover in explored places that aren’t as well-known. I also like to stay away from the crowds in the selfie sticks. However, I know that’s not everybody’s travel style and there are some absolutely incredible sights to be seen in the most popular destinations including Italy, London but when you’re planning your trip, decide if you want to see all those world-famous sights or if you want to get off the beaten path because that will help you to decide ultimately where you’re going to go figure out what kind of trip this is going to be.

Do you want to experience the best of Europe’s nightlife?  Do you want to see all the sights and the cities or do you want to just relax in the countryside?  Knowing what kind of trip you want, this to be will help you to decide where you want to go. For example: if you want the beach and you want the Sun Croatia would be a great place to visit. However, if you’re looking to see some of the world-famous sights, you’d probably like to visit somewhere else consider focusing on one country or one region of Europe.

when I went traveling after I graduated college, I didn’t plan out my route very well and we ended up spending a lot of time sitting on trains or on airplanes or at the airport instead of exploring that’s because I was hopping all around Europe instead of sticking to one specific area. So, that’s what I recommend that you do stick to one area which means you’ll have less time traveling, you’ll spend less on transportation and if you decide to stick to one country you’ll have to deal with only one currency and one foreign language unless you go to Switzerland, there’s like four different ones.

 Never been to Europe before

Travel diary from one of beautiful lady- travel to Italy

I’m so excited to go to Italy. I’ve never been to here or Traveling to Europe for the First time so, let’s go my mom and I are at the airport now.  it’s really hard because also you can’t look over there you gotta look at the lens my other one the viewfinder is out there.
I just landed in Miami and I’m going to find Garland I’m pretty sure that they’re boyfriend. so, I’ll get through to him go first Saturday in my bag and they’re probably gonna be in the car bro dude where do I sit dude this is really cool, I like the airport’s right there where’d the truck and its sort of rolling backward on the highway and my face is so Rex.
I’m overheating man yeah oh my god!  is that her bra strap, I’m sure I’m 19 last year and it’s like
when I ended it’s once again looking at me let’s constipated.
we’re in the studio, we’re at Maya’s house and it’s 2:30, so Lord you mean this time for us to go to sleep because we are going to Italy it tomorrow. we should something like that but like better night good morning the autofocus kind of amazed. yeah, that’s kind of Wow! so, we are going to go to some goatee I don’t have a blue bug boutiques today to get some swimsuits and we also have to get some like last-minute things for our trip tonight.
Oh actually, like this afternoon yeah and then we land in Milan tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Barlow just told her blog the exact same thing so okay we believe we really have to lose silenced gunshots.
yes, thank you hello a long time I’m gonna talk but I just wanted to explain a little bit of like what’s going on. so we just got back from shopping Milan went to her boyfriend, Lucas’s house truly says goodbye day oh I about a few bikinis, they were a little on the more expensive side like I’m not normally one to buy super expensive bikinis but they were like lastly well I think  I got this orange one, high-waisted.

this is the top it’s like a kind of like this sports bra type would take a little cut up and then I just got these bottoms from months when and they’re a very cheeky but that’s okay/ I just took a shower so that I’m all fresh for the airplane man and a half hour flight. I’m pretty sure it’s basically all that’s going on. I’m just waiting for the mother to get back. so I can figure out everything else I’m like stressed out that’s an all right voice like sounds like panicked going to Italy bro. we’re all ready for the airport, I mean oh! this one is, so
I’m working on this suitcase but see you in a sec um yeah record I think we just arrived up in Miami Airport we’re so high I was Sun during this.

I’m nervous and I have my nervous rash I break out in a company rash when I get anxious.  yeah me and put on my and society bills, so we are good to go. I look like a train conductor with this patty like it. I look you also feel for Jessie I’m happening. she’s Tanner than me now guys that’s honestly crazy damn Vonda. now I’m gonna do an airport montage, so I’m so high I’m excited we’re going to Europe first time. we’re going here okay.

  we finally made it to Italy after like 20 hours of traveling. it was rough I’ve never had that much traveling in my life but we made it and I’m so excited to be here and I’m exhausted but still  ready for the Italian
food tonight and then the time the difference is kind of getting me but you know I’m just ready to ready to rumble.
I was just not was trying to think of but yeah I’m just ready to rumble the plan for tonight is we’re gonna go get dinner and then we’re gonna get gelato and then that’s pretty much all we have planned for tonight it’s just like a chill night because we kind of been traveling the entire day which I already said we’re staying in this Airbnb in Sorrento and we met this little boy when we got here the owners. all right the owner’s son is super cute we don’t even know his name, I don’t think he’s happening no yeah he was so cute I’ll put in a little video that I took of him but he was so cute and we were playing fetch.  no, I  kept throwing this little toy that yeah, and then we were fetching the toy. so, like I don’t know but he was a few and we’re gonna NER maybe for three days and weeks is all monotone right now.
I’m so sorry about that but it’ll be better tomorrow, I feel like I need to fix my hair, I look a key okay I’ll fix
my hair and then we’re gonna go to dinner you know my tongue looks nasty I sure as I still haven’t brushed my teeth sorry for the inconveniences but I’m going to switch to my small blog came out for the dinner because this easier.

we just got done with dinner and now we are having a lot of Nutella and Oreo I feel like this is lucky a lot of gelato max it’s like people only get like Chinese food. today, I feel a lot of Delano we just got back from dinner and we’re gonna do some face masks and brush our teeth for the first time in 24 hours and then probably go to bed because tomorrow we’re going to Positano Taylor, yes how do you say, Positano like that okay that’s where we’re going tomorrow and we’re gonna go to the beach there may be like explore the city we don’t completely know yet but I think we’re taking the ferry which should be
good, I think I don’t know. so, I think I’m gonna say goodnight to the vlog because I don’t feel like clogging anymore because I haven’t slept in like a lot of time playing ours maybe I don’t really don’t know but I’m so delusional 

Finally it’s time to choose where you’re actually going to go? Go ahead and sit down and make a list of all the places that you’d like to visit on your trip then narrow it down to what you can realistically visit. So, remember if you Traveling to Europe for the First time, my two-night rule and everything else I just talked about when you’re making that list if you’re sitting there being like.

I have e-book that helps you plan your perfect budget planning for your family vacation.  I help you to finally narrow down that budget. So click the link here or that’s popping up around here so you can download the free eBook – travel budget for your family vacation any once you’ve done all that make sure you subscribe to my newsletter because I have more tips for planning your next trip.

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