Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

Travel hacks for smart packing

Are you an experienced traveler, which made many trips? Or you are going on your first trip? Anyway, our new collection of travel life hacks will be useful to you!  With these travel hacks, you’ll be packing not only smartly but incredibly lightly. There’s a lot to consider while determining what to bring including the size of your luggage, the type of your travel, and transportation. With these so many factors, it’s possible to overpack or under pack, especially if you’ve planned at the last hour. Today we have prepared unusual travel hacks that will make your trip comfortable and unforgettable!

How to pack things quickly and compactly

how to pack things quickly and compactly
  • Straighten out the socks and bend the heel
  • Put the socks crosswise.
  • Fold them and secure the edge.
  • The result is a small soft square;
  • put the socks into one sneaker.
  • put sunglasses into the second sneaker.
  • Stretch the shower cap on the sole of the sneaker.
how to pack things quickly and compactly

An organizer for socks and a case for glasses in the form of a pair of sneakers will be the MVP of your suitcase.

Where to hide money

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?- where to hide money?
  • during travel, you need a piece of foil wrap the bill in foil sprinkle
  • a cutting board with flour and place a square puff pastry dough
  • on it roll it out with a rolling pin cut it diagonally
  • put the foil with hidden money on top instead of a filling roll up
  • the dough lay the croissants out on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and bake them in the oven

sprinkle have finished croissant with powdered sugar and put them in your lunchbox at the right moment open up the croissant and take out your money. This croissant has such a rich filling the most important thing is to not treat random travel companions with this homemade dessert that would be a very expensive treat

How to use an empty tube of toothpaste

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

Cut the tube

Cut off the excess

Pour liquid soup into a balloon

Using a dispenser pull the balloon through the tip of the tube

Twist the cap it is very easy to use

The soap in a balloon package you just need to unscrew

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?-how to use an empty tube of toothpaste

The caps and squeezes a little soap on your palm an excellent mini version of soap for your trip

Tasty roll instead

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?
  • Instead of croissants better offer them a tasty roll instead
  • instead of a knife use dental floss
Travel packing hacks: how to pack better? tasty roll instead
  • wind it however much floss
  • you want to use tighten it and cut the roll into portions

The strings easily cut the bread dough and the pieces end up smooth and beautiful

Cosmetic Bag with Toothpaste

Everything I need fits into my cosmetic bag except for a tube of toothpaste we have a light pack for this occasion

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?. cosmetic bag with toothpaste
  • you need a piece of foil squeeze toothpaste balls onto the foil
  • leave them until they are completely dry
  • sprinkle them with baking soda
  • put the dry toothpaste balls into a small ziplock bag

The small bag takes up minimal space and easily fits into your cosmetic bag

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Cinnamon and Cornstarch will help Freshen

let us tell you how ordinary cinnamon and cornstarch will help freshen you up

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

mix three teaspoons of cornstarch with a spoon of ground cinnamon. stir until you get a powder of uniform color. pour the mixture into a plastic salt shaker. cover with a piece of plastic and close the lid. when traveling you don’t always have time to wash and dry your hair.

Homemade dry shampoo with this smell of cinnamon comes to the rescue.

Remove the cover with the holes and remove the plastic from the jar.

put the lid back on sprinkle hair roots with dry shampoo and carefully comb cornstarch and cinnamon. absorb oils and refresh your hair a long trip is no reason to scare people around you with your dirty head a couple of minutes and your hair is fine

Packaging Woolen Items

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

It’s better not to transport delicate woolen items without packaging but some large sweater will obviously not fit in one ziplock bag, so , you’ll see the next travel hacks for packing and fits into a suitcase.

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

What do we do take a second bag and turn it inside out so that the clasp is outside pulling? The bags on to the other side attach the bags to each other, this is a perfect packing for travel hacks and for more things use larger bags now your suitcase will be in perfect order.

How can you fold a shirt?

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

How can you fold a shirt so that the collar does not get wrinkled? if you take a belt with you on travel, your next travel hacks will come in handy roll it into a ring.

Put it inside the collar straighten the folds around the belt this way the collar will not wrinkle and the shirt will look perfect.

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Wet Wipes and Liquid soap

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

When traveling hygiene is very important to wet wipes and liquid soap will help you take out a wipe from the package

  • cut it into pieces using scissors
  • squeeze out liquid soap and soak the wipes in it
  • it folds the wipes on a plate and leaves them to dry
  • dry put the pieces of wipes back in the package to wash your hands
  • just wet the wipe and carefully rub it with your hands
    • very soon a lather is formed on the palm of your hand’s soap napkins fit easily in your pocket and, Do not require special conditions during transportation.

Keep your Passport Safe

Travel packing hacks: how to pack better?

To find your passport, you need to shake all the contents of your bag out on the table. probably, not the best thing to do right in front of passport control. for this packing for travel hacks, you will need two small magnets to fasten one of the magnets to the cover of your passport with hot glue.

The second magnet to the lining of your bag. put the passport in your handbag, no matter what happens inside your bag, the passport is firmly held in place and is ready to go when you need.

Piggy bank with a map

piggy bank with a map

For these travel hacks, you need a photo frame, take the glass out of the frame. cut continents out of self-adhesive. the film sticks the film onto the glass. cover the glass with white paint using a foam brush.

piggy banks with a map

carefully remove the stickers. insert the glass back into the frame fasten. a paper plane to the map, hot glue the frame to a box with a hole, a piggy bank with a map will be an excellent incentive to save money for the journey of your drains.

Necessary materials:  • Zip-packs • Scrap paper • Glue • Rope • Felt pens • Colored paper • Self-adhesive fabric • Hole puncher • Buckle • Plastic card • Marker • Ruler • Shadows • Parchment paper • Sheets of dough • Foil • Frame • Box • Paints • Printed maps • Dish soap • Foam rubber brush • Magnets • Hot gun • Tube from toothpaste • Balloon • Wet wipes • Liquid soap • Flour • Dental floss • Belt

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