Things to do in Malaysia

Things to do in Malaysia- The top place to visit

After traveling Malaysia for 10 days; this is our take for the things to in Malaysia and, what to see in Malaysia starting off with Kuala Lumpur. The entry point for our journey and obviously a must-see for every tourist coming to Malaysia.

Petronas twin towers: Top things to do in Malaysia

Things to do in Malaysia- The top place to visit


 The Petronas twin towers must be our top spot.  it has a huge KLCC mall with lots of entertainment and on the 3rd floor, the food court sells, some of the best pizzas for the cheapest price, we could find it in Malaysia. The park outside offers a swimming pool for the kids and a huge playground to keep the kids busy for hours but it is at night that the twin towers really catch your breath in its beauty and size with a vibe and atmospheres that get cameras going and the time flies.

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The hop on and hop off bus

hop on hop off- malaysia

The hop on and hop off bus is an easy and affordable way to get around the city to all the popular things to do in Malaysia with 23 stops and over 70 attractions.


china town Malaysia

  if you are in the mood for shopping or just browsing around then Petaling street in Chinatown must be a stop but be prepared to negotiate. Not far from Petaling street is also Kasturi Walk, which is also worth visiting.  

Penang Island

Things to do in Malaysia- The top place to visit

Penang Island Known for its culture and heritage, Penang offers plenty to do for tourists with George Town being the 2nd biggest city and the densest populated area in Malaysia.  This Island is connected to the mainland by two bridges, the longest one is 24km and the Penang bridge is 8km.

The wall art

 the wall art- malaysia

. The wall art in George Town is very popular amongst tourists and provides plenty of photo opportunities.

Chew Jetty

Malaysia vacation spots: chew jetty

 Another popular attraction is the Chew Jetty with its own unique heritage and history.

Botanical gardens

Enjoy some fresh air at the Green Lungs of George Town, nestled in the city, you’ll find the botanical gardens. Here you can catch the cable car up the Penang Hill for great views over the city.

The Snake Temple

 The Snake Temple is also a unique place to visit filled with burning incense and a variety of spit vipers curled up in trees all around you.

Things to do in Malaysia- The top place to visit

Penang National Park is another getaway from the busy city life where you can do an easy and relaxing jungle hike or take a boat to beautiful isolated beaches.

Batu Ferringhi Beach

 Batu Ferringhi Beach

Batu Ferringhi, known for its beautiful sunsets must be the most touristy place in Penang Offering lots of beach activities such as para-sailing and Jet-skiing.

Street Market

Penang is known for the diversity of food. Experience some famous local dishes at a street market or enjoy your dinner at a variety of restaurants all over the island.

Durian Fruit

Durian fruit

For the brave at heart, there is the most feared Durian The King of Fruit. Known for its awful smell, this must be the most expensive and popular fruit we ever came across. Visit a Durian farm and go and find out for yourself. Some people liked it from the first bite but for me, it took a while before I also started getting addicted to this strange fruit.


Beach in Malaysia

Langkawi, This duty-free island borders Thailand and is an archipelago of 104 islands of which only four are inhabited. Skull beach to North was our first stop for some quality beach time. A beautiful and not too busy beach ideal for swimming. Close by you will find the spectacular Temurun Waterfall, perfect for a dip in the clear blue waters. On the northeastern side, you will find Rhu beach with its long white sandy beaches and unique rock formations. Cenang beach is the most touristy beach, offering water activities such as parasailing and jet skiing. The beach comes to life at night with fire dancers and restaurants laying out tables all over.

Kilim Geoforest Park

Kilim Geoforest Park-Malaysia

 At Kilim Geoforest Park you can witness unique karstic hills surrounded by mangrove forests in the comfort of your boat. Watch the eagles feeding and dodge some cheeky monkeys at the crocodile and bat caves. A fish farm with a restaurant is also on the route.


View the island from the SkyBridge high up in the sky Take the skycap up the mountain for a spectacular view. Have some fun at the skydome run from dinosaurs at skyRex and let your imagination run wild at the 4D art museum.

Four Island tour

The Four Island tour takes you to the most scenic Islands in the south. We explored the pregnant Maiden, a Fresh Water lake in the middle of the ocean, we witnessed eagles feeding and concluded the day with some beach time on a secluded island.

Perhentian Islands

Things to do in Malaysia- The top place to visit

Perhentian islands consist of two islands, Kecil and Besar. We stayed on Kecil Island, the smaller one of the two with more of a backpacker vibe. We stayed at Butterfly Cottages on Coral Bay on the western side. This is backpackers haven, staying right on the beach with the most amazing views.  overlooking crystal clear water and mesmerizing sunsets. Our own little paradise.

For the more adventurous there is Rainforest Campsite about 700m jungle trekking to the south. It also has its own nice little bar and restaurant Long Beach is about 700m walk to the east and this beach has a totally different vibe to it and an ideal swimming beach. Get in the vibe at the very rustic beach bar in the middle of the beach surrounded by a row of restaurants. Water taxis are the main means of transport taking you different spots on the island as well as the bigger island, Besar. Snorkeling can be done from the beach but the best spots are the smaller surrounding islands with an abundance of fish. Reef tip sharks have been spotted at some dive spots. The lighthouse is a popular snorkeling site with the most concentrated amount of fish.

Kapas Island

Kapas meaning Cotton in Malay refers to its white sandy beaches. With it’s laid back and relaxed setting one can enjoy the sunset from one of the numerous swings nestled amongst the trees across the beach or just chill in a hammock. This Is the smallest Island we visited and one can easily walk from the south to the north where you can see an even smaller little Island Pulau Gemia with its own resort.

Lake Kenyir

Things to do in Malaysia- The top place to visit- lake kenyir

Taking a break from all the Island hopping a good place to go is Lake Kenyir. This man-made lake is home to over 300 small little islands and has plenty to offer for the tourists such as waterfalls, caves and houseboat trips. With all the development we can foresee this to be a very popular tourist attraction in the near future.

Tioman Island

Tioman Island is the largest on the peninsulal

 Tioman Island is the largest island on the eastern Peninsula. With its crystal clear waters. it is very popular for its diving, hosting over a dozen shipwrecks including the world war II wrecks such as HMS Repulse & Prince of Wales Plenty of accommodation is available. Here you will find the upmarket Berjaja resort with its own golf course and a nice beach bar to enjoy a drink whilst overlooking some amazing sunsets. For the more budget-conscious travelers, like us, Panuba resort is a good option, this resort is somewhat isolated but a Sea Taxi will get you there in no time. This Island offers some amazing jungle trekking through its beautiful jungle and rainforest trees to discover isolated beaches and small interesting villages. Tioman is definitely an island to go and explore.


 Borneo has two states Sarawak and Sabah. We started off at Sarawak’s capital, Kuching very famous for it’s Sarawak Laksa. Try this popular dish at The Chong Choon Cafe. Visit the beautiful and lively waterfront at night and while they ave some of Kuching’s 3 layered cake it is divine. Topspot foodcourt on the roof of a parking lot is a must go for the seafood lover with so many options to choose from.

Bako National Park

Bako Natioal Park- Malaysia

Bako National Park is an hour’s drive from Kuching. It is famous for its unique coastline and iconic cobra head. This is a must go for the trekking enthusiast with plenty of hiking options and also the possibility of seeing proboscis monkeys.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu- Malaysia

Sabah’s capital, Kota Kinabalu or KK, is a very modern city with so much energy. Explore the local fish markets and end the day off with a classy dinner at one of the modern restaurants at the waterfront.

Travel to the highest mountain in Sabah, Mount Kinabalu. Within 2 days and the help of a guide, you will be able to reach the top. If climbing mountains are not your thing, just take a drive there and experience this majestic mountain.  It is really something to see!

Our last top spot is Borneo’s rainforest where you can become one with nature. Home to the pygmy elephants, orangutans, and proboscis monkeys. Take a boat cruise along the Kinabatangan River where you might also come across the biggest and scariest crocodiles. Stay in a cabin in the rainforest where jungle sounds will be the only music to your ears. Really a once in a lifetime experience. There were things to do in Malaysia and this beautiful travel experience and their amazing people we have met along the way.

Things you didn’t know about Malaysia!

hings you didn’t know about Malaysia!

Malaysia the ultimate country to visit in your Southeast Asia tour. Malaysia is different than most countries in Asia. they have the mainland and part of the Borneo Island, they share with Indonesia and Brunei. it’s the place to go if you want to find tranquility biodiversity and peace of mind. of course, ultra-modern cities and quick access to Singapore is a nice touch but there is more to it with a population of over 33 million citizens.

Malaysia is home to a lot of ethnic groups and wildlife, a lot of parts still carry traces of Imperial colonialists but at heart, their culture and ancestors are among the oldest and most important in the entire region. As an emerging economy, we’re going to dig in and see what secrets and beauty lie beneath all these traditions and myths because there’s always more than meets the eye. Things you didn’t know about Malaysia!

They have the slowest and most expensive internet in the world

Things you didn’t know about Malaysia!

On number one, they have the slowest and most expensive internet in the world in 2019, you would expect technology to be present in every corner of the world and if we’re talking about Malaysia a country with such modern cities and an emerging economy. You would expect it to have decent internet speed, well it doesn’t! if you’re planning on going there and working from a cafe just forget it. they definitely don’t do that and the Internet is either non-existent or very slow what’s even sadder is they pay a lot of money for that poor Internet it’s around 8.9 megabits a second worse than the Internet in Thailand or Sri Lanka.

The most hyped bar has a luxurious bathroom has the entrance lounge

you didn't know about malaysia

Things you didn’t know about Malaysia Number Two: the most hyped bar has a luxurious bathroom has the entrance lounge not everything in Southeast Asia has tropical and exotic vibes. they too have been getting the new powder pink and luxury bathroom concept and have implemented them into a new bar that everyone is hyping about. at the entrance hall making you wonder how it’s going to look inside the wall as you enter the bar becomes a pink dream its minimalistic with pink and gold everything. The menu is also fancy and overpriced, it’s definitely a millennial kind of place where you can go take pictures of your food and of course, bathroom selfies.

Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia

Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia

Number three: Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia. There are a few luxury shoe designers that every woman wants to wear besides Manolo Blahnik and Krystina Butel. There’s one more designer that really understands what women want and his name is Jimmy Choo. he’s actually a Malaysian designer based in the UK that’s now an international luxury brand. he skyrocketed to fame quickly after Vogue picked him up after London Fashion Week back in the 1980s and then after Princess Diana of Wales endorsed his brand celebrities like Rihanna or Gigi Hadid love his designs and although a pair of famous shoes are highly expensive. it’s also an investment piece and a work of art.

They have a great healthcare system

Malaysia has great health care system

They have a great healthcare system although Malaysia is not fully developed and modern in all areas in the medical field they’re doing very well. in fact, it’s a well-known destination for medical tourism over 1 million people travel to Malaysia to get surgery and other medical treatments. So, why do people travel all the way to Malaysia for health care? well, because it’s modern cheap and very effective. They even advertise this kind of tourism and since they started accepting ex-pats over five million people have benefited from their services. They have private award-winning hospitals that are happy to treat anyone for dental procedures or other treatments.

Robert Kuok is the richest man

Things you didn’t know about Malaysia!

Number five of Things you didn’t know about Malaysia! Robert Kuok is the richest man with a net worth of thirteen point 1 billion dollars. Asia has the highest number of billionaires in the world, the richest family in Malaysia which is also one of the richest families. In Asia is the Kuoc family, they’ve been in trade estate and oil for over three generations and have a net worth of sixteen point six billion dollars . the oldest son Robert Kuok now owns the Kok group and with his net worth of 13 point 1 billion dollars, is the richest man in Malaysia.

There are lights in the cinema rooms

there are lights in the cinema rooms

There are lights in the cinema rooms. so, that people can’t fool around we all know that Netflix and chill is slang for fooling around with a movie in the background, some people even fool around in the cinemas because it’s dark and no one can really see what you’re up to well, not in Malaysia. they passed a law that forces cinemas to have some sort of dim lighting so people can’t have sex or kiss in the theatre. if you ever thought a Muslim country would allow such behavior! you’re wrong, thankfully, they don’t have to keep the lights on when they’re at home.

Airlines are very unsafe and controversial

Malaysian Airlines

Number 7 of Things you didn’t know about Malaysia! their airlines are very unsafe and controversial. At this point, airplanes are by far the safest way to travel, there are rarely accidents, it’s very fast and quite comfortable. some airlines are better than others, some are very luxurious and some like Malaysian airline is sadly very controversial out of all the airlines in the world. theirs is the one getting shot down crushed disappearing or encountering problems. Malaysian Airlines has so far lost over 500 million dollars due to these kinds of events and they’re still trying to recover and rebrand. if you plan on going to Malaysia try Singapore Airlines they are really amazing.

McDonald’s has different products in Malaysia

McDonald's has different products

McDonald’s has different products in Malaysia if you traveled a little, you would know that most chains adapt their menus and recipes to local cultures and preferences. this applies to McDonald’s, Starbucks even coca-cola. they have different products in different regions. well in Asia, American fast food is not that popular but it started to grow more and more on younger generations. McDonald’s launched in Malaysia and there, they have a salted caramel and chocolate pie and everyone goes crazy about it.

Petronas Towers cost 1.6 billion dollars to build

Things you didn’t know about Malaysia!

The Petronas Towers cost 1.6 billion dollars to build. The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is a state-of-the-art ultra-modern and cosmopolitan medicine. it’s full of skyscrapers parks, luxurious hotels, and infinity pools. that will make you question its inspiration, it’s like New York merged with Buddhist temples and palm trees an iconic building. you’ll see in every picture is the Petronas Towers that cost over 1.6 billion dollars to build up until 2004. it was the highest building in the world rising at 452 meters high. it’s still the tallest twin building in the world and one of the most photographed buildings in the world. since it’s so tall you can basically spot it from every corner in the city. the towers are actually office buildings, shopping centers and a major tourist attraction want a sneak peek inside.

They might legalize medical marijuana

they might legalize medical marijuana

Number 10 of the Things you didn’t know about Malaysia is: they might legalize medical marijuana drugs. Malaysia does not make a good combination of traffic and consumption. you can get a prison or even the death penalty here because they are a Muslim country with zero tolerance to such behaviors, as things evolve, it looks like they might change their laws a little bit. they’re thinking about being more open-minded to legalizing medical marijuana and if that happens Malaysia will become the first country in Asia to allow this. it’s a billion-dollar industry and if they can get a pass on the rules and religious views a lot of money can be made out of it.

The main airport has a small jungle

things to do in malaysia

Number 11 the main airport has a small jungle in it growing all the biodiversity of Malaysia some of the biggest airports in the world are huge ecosystems that are built to mimic the real world they have accommodations, restaurants, shops, spas, lounges, transportation even jungles inside of them. the main airport from Kuala Lumpur is a real work of art to showcase all the diversity and wild beauty of Malaysian jungles. they installed a real-life jungle ecosystem inside of the airport. if you have a layover or a delayed flight, you can wander around the airport’s jungle, take some pictures even meditate this is how airports look like in Asia way different and a lot less concerned about technology.

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