The best cruise destination for 2020

The best cruise destination for 2020

We’re going to talk about the best cruise destination in 2020, where our cruisers going around the world. Let’s take a look at what we got here, I mean 31 million passengers are going to be on cruise ships in 2020, 29 million, we’re on passenger ships of all ready for 2019. We’re almost finished 2019 with all the bookings that have been pre-made. there are 386 cruise ships in the world right now. Forty billion dollars in revenue for this industry and cruise ships go everywhere. on this planet is absolutely amazing the business is booming growing at five to seven percent a year and I’ll tell yeah, it’s becoming the popular thing to do, you haven’t tried a cruise, you should try it. so, here is some popular and best cruise destination.

best cruise destination

let’s talk about the number one cruise destination in the world for cruising today and ask to guess!

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#1 Caribbean

the Caribbean is the number one territory in the world for most cruisers. thirty-eight point four percent(38.4%) of all cruise ship passengers go on a cruise in the Caribbean every year.

The best cruise destination for 2020

here’s a shot of the Miami terminal looking how big it is with six-seven ships at a time five million passengers a year coming in and out of here a year here is the port everglades at Fort Lauderdale that’s their terminal huge bunch of ships at a time seven-eight at a time and that’s why the Caribbean is the number one place to go.

#2. Cayman Islands

Here’s a shot of the Cayman Islands, you’re coming back to your ship there’s one, there’s a second one waiting for you, the third one, there’s a fourth one back tucked in behind there. It’s not uncommon for seven cruise ships at a time to be in the Caymans on any one day and with an average of 3,500 passengers per ship.

The best cruise destination for 2020 - Cayman Islands

Now think about that upwards of twenty plus thousand people at a visited Cayman Islands. you could go to a private island like this Labadie and Haiti with Royal Caribbean and enjoy yourself. This is becoming a popular thing for cruise ships to do private islands, private resorts for their passengers to go to with full security all the amenities the second-best cruise destination that is dominating the world 15%, Asia Pacific. here’s a shot of Hong Kong, this area for China, Japan, South Korea, and Bali. This is an area that is growing quickly in popularity although lately there’s been a bit of an issue with regard to Chinese deals being made and availability accessibility. so some of the North American cruise lines have been pulling back a little bit but new cruise lines are coming into China and Asia for the business. this is an area that will continue to grow dramatically.

#3. The Mediterranean

The third area traditionally has been one of the most popular, “the Mediterranean”. 14.2% of travelers love to cruise in the Mediterranean for 2019.

The Mediterranean- The best cruise destination for 2020

14.2%, when here’s Venice beautiful quartz the beautiful thing about sailing in the Mediterranean and one of the really handy things. when you go to a place like this here, Cadiz and Spain you’re dropped off right downtown the cruise ship is practically downtown in most spots, not Rome however you got to be got to get off about 80 kilometers away and take a bus ride in but you take a ship tour and they take you on a bus right next door to this building right here. it’s fantastic and anything explores the city of Rome either on your own or with a group you take a trained, intake a train out but most ports of call in the Mediterranean. you are literally right downtown look at these guys: three ships right in the core you can literally walk off the pier and the port and just explore the city yourself. it’s absolutely wonderful Marseille France look at those gorgeous views. the Mediterranean in the Riviera, the Riviera and military uniform.

#4. Northern Europe

Northern Europe

The next area is northern Europe. The British Isles, Norway & Iceland, this includes the port nearest Paris. This is 9.4% of the business. So, about not quite three million passengers a year on a cruise. Ships are coming to Dublin Ireland. like this, the shot here or they’re coming to Liverpool in England. there’s, they’re catching Cork, there kept going to Belfast. they’re going to all kinds of places. here’s another shot up Edinboro, there’s a beautiful place to spend the day. this the British Isles Iceland is another region, this whole region encompasses almost nine months. 9.4% of the cruise business is up in this region.

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#5. Alaska


Alaska catches four percent of the cruise market and it’s still growing. here’s why look at these views of these glaciers, these cruise ships can come right into these ports and get right up there and you can watch these incredible views. Take a train ride into Skagway, what incredible photography! you have an opportunity to take photos like you can’t believe it.

#6. Australia

Australia - The best cruise destination for 2020

The other areas with a 4% share of the market in Australia. and why not look at this, there’s the famous Opera House there on the bottom right. here’s another shot of the Sydney Bridge, the Opera House 4 % of the market. 1.2 million passengers are doing Australia that includes obviously Sydney, Melbourne. here is Melbourne beautiful places that give you an idea.

#7. US West Coast

US West Coast

there 3.3 percent of the market is for u.s. west coast and Mexican cruises, the Mexican Riviera so, you can take the cruise right here to a place like Mazatlan. where I was one day get yourself downtown buy a little shuttle bus and walk through the downtown core. there’s the ship, I’m standing on top of the Best Western Hotel right on the roof taking a shot here of mazatlán old town Mazatlan.

The best cruise destination for 2020

see the cathedral chair just behind that poll. so, I decided to walk around a bit here zoom in on my shaky little camera, grab a shot of that Cathedral just beautiful, sorry for shaky but you see what I’m talking about it’s beautiful. the weather is great, a lot of Americans and Canadians love to head to the west coast grab a cruise ship and head down to Mexico fantastic.

The next area that is important 2% for South America, 2% for the Canary Islands, 1.4 percent for transatlantic cruises and 1.3 percent for Bermuda cruises. then we have an area for Canada and New England in the fall every year.

it’s the best cruise destination for transatlantic cruises to come on over to the st. Lawrence Sea-way and head to a place like this right here Quebec City on the st. Lawrence Sea-way or come on into downtown Montreal and catch the fall colors the late summer views, absolutely gorgeous! then coming out of Saint Lawrence your into Halifax Boston end up in New York absolutely wonderful.

The best cruise destination for 2020

There’s a bunch of cruises that run from New York up to Canada here 1.2 percent of the market or about 3 million or so, passengers a year for taking advantage of Canada. New England cruises there’s the Indian ocean cruising area that’s expanding. There’s Hawaii at 0.9 percent just about 2.6 million people a year. Cruise either to Hawaii or they cruise around Hawaii on pride America. With the Norwegian ship Panama Canal cruises, of course, is popular but only 0.4% of one percent just but one half of 1% of all cruisers take Panama Canal cruises. This is a bucket list item for a lot of people and at this point about one and half linear take advantage over Africa also 0.4 percent us domestic waterways. 0.3 percent that would be up the Mississippi River and Arctic cruises and world cruises. If you take a cruise around the world you are in a select company. 0.1 percent of all cruisers go on a Kruse so, it’s not even 1 %, it’s 1/10 of 1%. it’s expensive and that’s why and another reason it’s up there so if you doing, it takes quite some time to go around the world. You might be on a ship for 120 days or longer but you get used like this not too bad kind of nice to look at there. You go to the best cruise destination in the world to go sailing on.

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