Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok?

Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok?

Welcome to Bangkok Thailand in this post I’m going to be breaking down how expensive things are in one of the world’s most visited cities in with real-time updates. I’m using the pound, if you used the US dollar or if you use euros wherever your currency is. you can get a rough idea for how much it would be worth in your own currency. You can also get a total estimate to cost of Thailand vacation.

One British pound is 42.5 Thai baht. five pounds then is two hundred and twelve point five bucks. which makes 10 pounds 425 Thai Baht. 20 pounds then 850 Thai baht fifty-two thousand 125. and a hundred 100 pounds equal to four thousand two hundred and fifty Thai Baht. I’m going to be recording everything I spend my money on across the day and in the end, we’ll have a total to give you an idea, how much Bangkok can be for travelers in a day’s?

Thailand trip cost: How expensive things in Bangkok?


Bed Station Hostel

Do you want to save bucks while vacationing in Thailand? Worth of spending to begin with my hostel. which is a bit further away from the main sights like the grand palace and wat Khao San Road all those touristy areas. it’s in quite a modern area I mean staying in bed station muscle which is one of the best kinds of pasta I’ve ever stayed in. it has a boutique urban style you have your own key card which you put in your little booth with a curtain very comfortable included and that is a free breakfast all of that for one night and the breakfast is my country apart in bed station hostel considering.

Thailand trip cost: How expensive things in Bangkok?

it’s one of the nicest sauces that stay down I think that’s really good there are cheaper hostels you can stay out here in Bangkok but that’s the place I’ve been staying and I highly recommend.

MBK shopping center

so now in the shopping center MBK. you come here go up to the sixth floor and you’ll find this huge food center, typical prices of some of the dishes 50,60 Baht here or fried rice, fried noodles same and choose your dish 60 baht, vegetarian food here 60, 50 bucks something like that for rice and adding on where ever dish you want tom yum soup.

how pensive is Bangkok? foods

so remember to buy, it is 1 pound so we’re talking over 1 pound but less than 2 pounds for most of the dishes. pork noodle soup 60 Baht’s, vegetarian 65, Yong tau foo 50,60. bought once again regular trend here .loads a choice! notice, I’ve just covered one section, you have all the other side as well fruits and jelly desserts 50,35 Baht, mango, sticky rice 120-140. that is always expensive over here for some reason, some very exotic looking sweets. you can try fresh fruit, different bags for different prices, these are more expensive than if you bought them on the street. I bought a yellow watermelon for 20 but the other day which was very good from a street vendor. soft drinks Cola 25 Baht, orange lemon lime smoothies have been more expensive here 75 fruit.

Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok?

juice for 60 Baht, so rice and three different choices of vegetarian curry for 60 Baht and water for 10 bucks, so 70 baht in total for my lunch. Total 100 baht on my card, I had 30 leftovers my lunch. so Oh better way to spend the last 30 than to buy a Tai Chi.

Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok?

which I’m not sure, how sweets the savory? it’s enemy I’m guessing… sweet… that’s like.

Maybe there’s a supermarket in this shopping center. so, I’m gonna go ahead and show you some of the prices. This is quite a modern shopping center and a nice-looking supermarket. so this is bound to be more expensive, but let’s have a look anyway starting with bottles of water just 9 baht for a small and 14 here for a big one. but depending on the brand, different prices 14 for this one Nestle, a bit more expensive soft drinks 14 for a Coca Cola, Fanta 12, and Pepsi bottled soft drinks this one’s 20, instant coffees, the Starbucks ones expensive when are we gonna look at that 15 for the Nescafe packaged. fruits 20, 35 papaya this one jackfruit 39 watermelon 50 baht and mango 35 bucks is cheaper to buy vegetables by the kilogram but if you do want to buy them for a meal that you want to make in your hostel or wherever. it is then chili 17.25. 30 baht for this type of mushroom 25, here broccoli 36 parts a green pepper 30 Bart’s, sweet corn 35 bar, green beans 45, loaves of bread seems to be quite expensive in here 89,69, 59 all over a pound in the UK can buy bread for a pound but it’s not as common in Thailand .

I suppose and again the supermarket might be an inflated price to other places. different packs of nuts that all 14 including peanuts salted peanuts 26 baht.

Art and cultural center of Bangkok –Thailand vacation top attraction

Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok? Art  Cultural center of Bangkok

This is our Thailand vacation and Right now I’m next to the art and cultural center of Bangkok. Which is free to enter and seeing as I’m so close. I’m going to venture inside, some really amazing artwork here as you can see in these shots. I’m about to head outside now and leave it worth visiting for free and on the subject of attractions. I think Bangkok is kind of very the Grand Palace.

wat pho
Wat Pho

It’s 500 Abarth Center which is over 10 pounds and then Wat Pho, the most famous temple is 100. So that gives you some perspective on the main attractions. As for other things to do: go into Chinatown is free walking downtown. Sound road and some of those other Street Market areas are free. And you can also find quite cheap goods in many of the markets around Bangkok. Overall nothing extortionate really. Grand Palace is probably going to be your biggest expense attractions! So, instead of getting your unhealthy snacks from 7-eleven, Some fresh cold watermelon from the street 20 baht for me that’s under 50. it’s now the evening here in Bangkok as you can see the Sun is setting behind me. I’ve just taken a grab from my hostel to reach into my pad thai. One of the most famous food places here in the city and I’ll get today in just a moment. my grab cost 107 bucks or the journey grabs in general costs around that much to go these same sorts of distances which isn’t too bad. I don’t think of taxis many other cities around the world.


how expensive is Bangkok? Thailand vacation.

Taxis are much more expensive than they are here in Bangkok. You can also take tuk-tuks. I took a tuk-tuk last night from Chinatown to Khao san road .i paid a hundred bucks to look after a bargain for the price but maybe going a short distance that tuk-tuks might be the better option for you. There’s also the BTS public transportation system which is the cheapest method of getting around the city .however that only covers parts of Bangkok and if you want to go to the river area, it’s not as easy as is suited to the outer urban areas of the city. So taxis we took some really are the best way to go or you can get on a motorbike. Whatever you prefer, so right now,


 I’m going to get my dinner in fits of my pad thai which is arguably the best Pad Thai on the whole. loads of people come here every single day and it opens from 5:00 p.m.

Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok?

it’s just gone five pm and it’s already packed with people queuing so hopefully it’s gonna be worth it. this is crazy check out the queue already, firstly you have to queue to get in the restaurant and then once you’re in you have to wait for your order so a lot of waiting to be done. Well, what a place check it out, I’m finally inside 20 minutes of the queue, so their recommended is with shrimp oil deep-sea prawns and wrapped with egg and I don’t see a price! Oh yeah, 90 baht, I think some other different variations all 90 Baht, vegetarian pad type 60, got yeah.

You can also see a pad thai shrimp or egg 70, the other one 16. so I just made my order vegetarian pants hi 60 baht, 15 baht for mineral water, pipe whale is going to be very like hustle-and-bustle opal in here. Actually it’s very ambient and relaxed and quiet and I’m surprised considering sort of thing payoffs of outside. How many they’re making at the same time. Although it’s a little chaos it’s organized because people know what they’re doing. They are fine-tuned in their routine and the queue goes quite fast 20 minutes but affectionately considering. how long it was, all right so, that’s out of heat bean sprouts first and then give it a little bit of zest….now for some peanuts which I absolutely loved the addition to my pad thai.

pad thai - Bangkon

so it’s going to be quite a few on here for me let’s try a tiny bit of sauce in there as well you mix it all up. so once it comes to a little bit late plenty out the linemen love peanuts and everything okay really well with a choc-ice which maps to be healthy sweet. Reminds me of one of my favorites, imitation switches chocolate hours riding with nine some of the best places. This is in terms of how it’s been this kind of stick out amazing.

I just took her tuk-tuk back to my area here in Ratched are we near my hostel, I paid 100 baht for the journey from the pad thai place the driver started at 200 Bargains and I was like no one hunt and he very begrudging he went 100. I just think they always charge foreigners more and that was probably the lowest fighting game – I don’t think I could have pushed him any lower than that, so I don’t know, maybe that was the right price but if it wasn’t then that’s the reason. Check out the lights of this area at nighttime pretty cool.

A Day of the Budget

How expensive is Bangkok, Thailand? I spend a day breaking down my expenses as a budget traveler, showing you the type of costs you can expect to find. here for accommodation, food, sightseeing, and transportation. Actually, Thailand has known for a budget-friendly vacation destination. and this is one of the cheap destinations. I’m now going to add up all of my costs today to come up with a daily total of 902 baht which is 21 pounds.

Thailand vacation: How expensive things in Bangkok?

So if I went to the Grand Palace today that total would be higher. If I went to some bars and went out drinking and they in some more expensive restaurants and had a private room that could have been nearly 2,000 baht for one day. But if we’re budget traveling staying in dorm rooms and eating in mid-range places, then I think you can expect about that much one thing I can, do you want to address is that in my next post? People tend to comment on how expensive ones like are where local people here to spend. This is one day and I understand that and I respect that this is for a traveler’s one day’s worth spending, not a local person. If you’re a local person your monthly rent probably works out less on average per day and where you go and eat is going to be more local. You may eat at home and you’re doing sightseeing you’re taking different transportation maybe it’s a motorbike, a car, so overall it all works out different. so you can’t really compare the life of a traveler to a local person. Just bear that in mind before you write comments saying all I would never spend that and I live in Bangkok in one day because it’s kind of two different things. I’m now actually leaving Thailand and my Thailand vacation is over. It was a very short stop here in Bangkok and I’m heading to a different country. So stay tuned to find out where it’s going to be and I’ll see you then.

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*Resources: inspired by Jason Billam travel video.

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