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The Northerm Mariana host a variety of scenery including spectacular cliffs, beautiful bays, cave, and mountain. They are on the edge of the Philippine plate. There are many other islands include such as Tinian, Guguan, Rota, Saipan, Aguijan and Agrihan. It a series of Volcanic and uplifted coral formations in the western Pacific Ocean, East of the Phillippines and about 2,400 km. 

The Northern Marianas extend for about 725 Km north of Guam. They are forming a boundary between in the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea. They’re divided politically into the islands of Guam(an unincorporated territory of the US) and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which was part of the US administered From 1947 to 1986. The Mariana Islands have plenty of active Volcanoes, including Asuncion, Mont Pagan, and Farallon de Pajaros. After European discovery by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan(1521), the Marianas were visited frequently but were not colonized until 1668. The main inhabited islands are Saipan, Rota, and Tinian.
Diving I the clear waters is popular both for the jaw-dropping wrecks o the ocean floor and for exploring the numerous coral reefs. There are quite stark contrasts on the island. Archaeologists theorized in 2013 that the first settlers of the Marianas made the longest uninterrupted ocean-crossing voyage in the history of humanity.
It’s not important for history but the Mariana Islands enjoy white beaches, stunning flame trees, and azure waters. Snorkeling and Hiking count as the main leisure activities and both are highly rewarding.

” Northem Mariana Islands are a place of magnificent beaches and crystal clear aqua waters, world-class diving and golfing, rich history, a wide range of ethnic hotels and restaurants, indigenous cultures and unique flavors, make this islands paradise for every visitors.”

key facts


  • 713,542 tourist in 2018
  • 696,483 tourist in 2017
  • 630,671 tourists in 2016
  • 576,846 tourists in 2015
  • 528,608 tourists in 2014

Japanese tourists: 11.7 percent of total (FY 2018)
Korean tourists: 37.9 percent of total


Northem Mariana Islands- Population

Population (2014 est.): 51,483 (growth rate: 1.13%)

birth rate: 18.94/1000

infant mortality: 5.5/1000

life expectancy: 77.64


The climate on the Northern Mariana Islands, especially in a distinct wet season, is characterized by tropical conditions with little variation regarding temperatures. At night, temperatures drop to a balmy 23 °C with a record low of 19 °C at Saipan!  Average daytime temperatures hover around 29 °C and the highest recorded temperatures are just a few degrees at most islands. The September consider the rainiest season and the wet season last from July to October, with August. The period of  December to May, conditions are much drier but occasional downpours during the late afternoon are still normal. During the wet season, tropical storms and even cyclones are a real possibility at the period of we season.

Northem Mariana Islands Currency

      US dollar is the main national currency , it also called “Greenback” . Mostly used notes are $1,$5,$10,$20, and, $50

Top Activity

    In additional to the coral reefs we might expect , the waters around the islands were the scene of fierce fighting during the world war second and there are many ship wrecks and even rusting tanks stuck on the seabed. The marianas top activity is snorkeling and Scuba diving. Visitors also enjoy the local Chamorro food, it is also offered in specialty restaurants. Most of the hotels have good quality but expensive. In Mariana islands, Drink’s illegal to buy or drink alcohol if you’re less than 21. The popular beers available in saipan are Budweiser and miller products.

Festivals of Mariana Islands

       Every Saturday in May, the capital city of Mariana, Saipan, hosts the taste of the Marianas International food and Festivals and Beer Garden. Tourists have the opportunity to sample local and international foods prepared by the local top chefs. Apart from this, around the year, a different of festivals celebrates Chamorro, Carolinian and traditions in dance, song, food and crafts. And, the weekly Garapan street market in the heart of the main tourist district of saipan is the main attraction for visitors.

How to reach to Northem Mariana Islands

     The main gateway to Mariana is an international airport, which located in Saipan. The flights frequently schedule to Saipan from South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Us citizen will have to connect in Guam or transit through others countries. There are no scheduled ferry services to the islands. But, occasionally cruise, yachts or military vessels stop in port.

Travel Advice

 As the situation can change rapidly, tourists are advised to contact the latest travel advice like British foreign and commonwealth office and US department of state. Many tourists to this islands are safe and  trouble-free but we should be aware of the global risk of terrorist attracts, which could be against civilian targets. People have reported their cars being broken into capital city and some people have also had their hotel rooms and apartments burgled. So, don’t leave valuables documents, and assets lying around tourist area, especially at night. But, Saipan is safer than a lot of other places.

GovernmentUS unincorporated organized territory
CurrencyUS dollar ($, USD)
(includes 14 islands)
Population80,362 (July 2006 estimate)
LanguageEnglish, ChamorroCarolinian, also some TagalogJapanese and Spanish
ReligionRoman Catholic majority
Country code+1 670

Northem Mariana Islands-FAQ

What are the Top activities in Northem Mariana islands?
Off-Road Adventure: it takes you through unique of the northern coast of Saipan. Buddy adventure, E-bike, Kayaking or stand up paddling are both fun to experience the beautiful Saipan lagoon, Forbidden Island Track, Skydive, jerry sunset Cruise and more.

Is the Northern Mariana Islands a country?
The Mariana Islands politically divided into two jurisdictions of the United States: the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and, at the southern end of the chain, the territory of Guam. (They lie west-southwest of Hawaii, south-southeast of Japan, north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines, demarcating the Philippine Sea’s eastern limit.)

Is Northern Mariana Islands safe?
Yes, these are extremely quiet, safe & peaceful place.

What language do they speak in Saipan?
Although native languages are Chamorro and Carolinian, English is the official language and universally spoken, but many people speaks the native language than English at home, including the.

What is Saipan known for?
It is a tropical island in the western Pacific Ocean. It is a secret haven for scuba diving, fishing, sport, golf, beaches, kite boarding, and windsurfing.

How far is Saipan from Philippines?
It’s approximately 2700 km far from Manila.

What is the cost of living in Saipan?
It is quite expensive. 1 bottle of red table wine cost $16, Bread for 2 people for 1 day cost $4, a domestic beer cost $3, and one bottle of coca-cola cost $3.87.

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