most visited cities in the world

Most visited cities in the world

According to Global Destination Cities Index, 162 cities ranks last year based on how popular they are with tourists. The annual list looks at visitor volume and spend from the most visited cities in the world, taking into both business Travelers and Vacation.

Here are the Top 10 world’s most visited cities:

Bangkok, Thailand

most visited cities in the world
most visited cities in the world- Bangkok

Bangkok is the most popular city for international travelers, it’s a large city known for omate shrines and vibrant street life.

Bangkok began as small trading center and port community on the west bank of the chao phraya River around 200 years ago, but today the city is up to speed with modern times, its appealing mix of historical sites and modern hot spots like the gilded “Grand Place complex, the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, alleys filled with street food vendors, the canals and more. Apart from these, dazzling temples, a world-famous floating market or colorful Chinatown, spectacular palaces make most touristic countries in the world.

The Number of overnight visitors: above 21 million According to Global Destination Cities Index.

London, U.K

most visited cities in the world
most visited cities in the world-Uk, London

One of the world’s most visited cities, London, U.K has an efficient transportation system means we won’t have to blow our budget on transportation, The Iconic “Big Ben” clock tower, British Museum and tate galleries are better than ever.

Despite Brexit, Uk, London remains one of the most cosmopolitan cities and most visited place in the world. It’s worth to visit for its street art, sophisticated bars and boutiques, flourishing community scene and industrial heritage.

Number of overnight visitors: over 20 million

Paris, France

most visited cities in the world
most visited cities in the world-Paris

Beyond landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and twelfth-century cityscape, PARIS is a global center for art, culture, fashion and gastronomy.

It is one of the most popular cities among visitors and known as most visited city in the world. It’s known as “City of Light” or City of Love. It’s not only famous for art, culture, beauty and history, it’s also occupies a central position in the rich agricultural region called as the Paris Basin. Paris has some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, Art and architecture. The place truly holds a handful of memories close to our heart.

Number of overnight visitors: 18.44 million a year.

Dubai, U.A.E.

visited cities in the world-Dubai, U.A.E.
visited cities in the world-Dubai, U.A.E.

Dubai Known for Luxury shopping, Lively nightlife and Architecture. Dubai will never stop trying to outdo itself. Around 2 years, the city tested a flying drone taxi and broke its own record for the world’s tallest hotel.

Dubai is a top destination where we find out mixes modern culture with history and entertainment. If you’re looking for adventures and thrills, you can float above the desert dunes in a hot air balloon, skydive over the palm Jumeirah  or climb aboard a high-speed ride at IMG worlds of adventure.

Number of overnight visitors: 16.79 million


most visited cities in the world-Singapore
most visited cities in the world-Singapore

Singapore is a global financial center with a tropical climate. It is the third-biggest creditor nation by net international investment position per capital.

Besides, financial center, it’s the most touristic countries in the world. (According to global destination cities index.) The Number of overnight visitors is more than 14.94 million in 2018.

Many Visitors love Singapore as historical landmarks, many tourist attractions, big restaurants, shopping malls and food. There are many places for visit like Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay sands Infinity, Merlin Stature, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Henderson Waves Bridge, Fountain of Wealth, Theaters on Bay and more.

New York City

most visited cities in the world-New York City
most visited cities in the world-New York City

New work city is not only the most visited city in the world but also the most visited city in the USA.

Many tourists come this city to enjoy the Broadway shows, shop and dine and most of people come to see the sites like : Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty(it remains a famous world symbol of freedom and one of the greatest American icons.), Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Numerous world famous museums Including metropolitan Museum of Art(The permanent collection of The Met contains more than two million works of art, spanning a period of 5,000 years.).  New York city known as a delight for sightseeing, many of the top destinations are within walking distance or just a short ride away.

High Line( This unique linear public park has been planted with a variety of plants and trees) and One World Observatory are the some of the newest attractions place for visitors.

Number of overnight visitors: 14.13 million per year.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

most visited cities in the world
most visited cities in the world-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Known as the all around holiday destination and most visited city in the world  . In Malaysia, there’re so many premium hotels like Grand Hyatt, Shangri-La.

Tourists spent an average of 5.5 nights in the Capital of Malaysia. It is also defined by the iconic petronas Twin Towers, which at 88 stories high. Kuala Lumpur is the cultural hub  and inhabitants land for many indigenous includes Tamil, Chinese, Malay

Number of overnight visitors: 13.51 million

Tokyo, Japan

most visited cities in the world-Tokyo, Japan
most visited cities in the world-Tokyo, Japan

 Tokyo, this is another top destination for Asia and, also most touristic countries in the world. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is also top 10- Rated tourist attractions from around the world.

. The city’s many classic art museum and exhibits ranging from classical to modern . This city, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from historic temples to skyscrapers. The Imperial palace sits amid large public gardens. OPULENT Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and surrounding woods. Tokyo  becoming a Smart City, The city leading the world in environmental policies and a global financial and economic center.

Number of overnight visitors: 12.93 million

Istanbul, Turkey

most visited cities in the world-Istanbul, Turkey
most visited cities in the world-Istanbul, Turkey

   Istanbul is an old city reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled. It has a timeless attraction that owes much to its rich history.

Istanbul served as a focal point of many ancient empires. Istanbul is the only city around the world that connects two continents: Asia & Europe. Istanbul is not the modern capital of turkey but being the ancient capital of famous empires from Ottoman ear to Rome. It is important city for geographical because it has long history that spans the rise and fall of the worlds famous empires. Travelers say that Istanbul isn’t one city, but many cities within one because, its easy to see holy sites of sultanahmet, the 19th-century European elegance of Beyoglu to the high fashion of Nisantasi, the vibrat café society of kadikko and streets of football –loving.

Number of overnight visitors: 11.70 million

Seoul, South Korea

most visited cities in the world-Seoul, South Korea
most visited cities in the world-Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, the heart of the Capital Area. Seoul is a city, it has an official history of 600 years.

It’s believed the historical center of the country. Seoul, a high tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, street markets and palaces. It is a bewitching mix of ancient and modern. Most remarkable attractions of city is futuristic dongdaemum design plaza, a convention hall with curving architecture and rooftop park.

This dynamic city mashes up temples, mountain trails,cutting-edge design and, nonstop K-pop beat.

Number of overnight visitors in 2017: 10.58 million

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