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Cheapest places to travel
In this articles, we’ve got budget breakdowns for the cheapest places to travel.Save money, While traveling, it’s a hard decision but why should you have to choose between them at all when you can both travel and save!  do you want to live and travel like a Luxurious on a thousand dollars a month?  then it’s time to start looking at tickets; our top ten includes countries with the lowest prices, best climates and distinctive cultures for $200 a month.  you can enjoy the best food and $300 will get you a comfortable apartment in the city center, what should you put the remaining 500 bucks?  towards having fun of course, and in this exotic Cheapest places to travel has plenty of fun to be had.


Cheapest country to travel
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let’s go Philippines clear blue waters, golden sand, birds singing, and tropical forests ! do this appeal to you then head for the Philippines. You can enjoy the sun, beaches and more with the Cheapest places to travel strategy.  Life on these islands is very inexpensive over a whole month, you’ll spend no more than six hundred dollars and stay comfortably.
don’t rely on supermarkets find instead a nice local market.  the fruits and vegetables fresh fish and shrimp are delicacies in such abundance that they almost tumble from the market stalls.  buyers can walk from one stall to another choose their purchases and they should not forget to bargain for a lower price. do your shopping in the market and you will always spend $150 a month on groceries, much of the local cuisine is chicken fish, seafood and rice,  fruit too of course and the Philippines boasts an unbelievable number of fruits.

However, potatoes are expensive, as the locals rarely grow them.  lunch at a street-side eatery will only cost you two dollars and at a local McDonald’s $3.  You can rest assured, however, that the food at the former will be a lot more delicious. prices for accommodation are stunningly low, a bamboo hut can be rented for just $100 a month but granted it’ll not come with any furnishing not even running water but you will have the ocean right outside your window a fully furnished wooden house will cost you around $400 to $500 a month. if you want to buy your own home then expect to spend between two and ten thousand dollars.  for ten thousand you can build a fine two-story cinder block home that will be strong and sturdy.


Cheapest places to travel

Africa is all about the exotic and Mauritius is exotic in spades. This is one of the cheapest places to travel to. Here, you’ll find jungles, ocean beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Nature on this island is incredible, it is tropical & lush but without the heat summer temperatures, only reaching a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.

Mark Twain claims that when

God created heaven he took Mauritius as a model
he got it just right Mauritius really is a slice of heaven on earth and it is quite inexpensive with the right budgeting.  You’ll spend no more than $500 a month renting a two-room apartment not far from the beach is possible for around $200Food will cost another $200 leisure outings might cost another hundred but that is all there is to your expenses. Incidentally, you don’t even need to spend money on fruit bananas, coconuts, guava and mango trees grow here along the streets just like Oaks or maples in other countries.


Cheapest places to travel

Vietnam is your only image of Vietnam

the Rambo films
it shouldn’t be half a century has passed and now Vietnam is a modern country, safe and convenient.  unspoiled beaches, warm water and excellent level of services and an unbelievable range of things to make it Cheapest places to travel!

what more do you need to unwind?  accommodation can be rented here for around $200 a month. For this amount, you can get a small apartment with all amenities in a quiet neighborhood.  If you want comfortable lodgings near the beach, you can expect to pay around 300 to $350. shopping for food here is very cheap; there’s an enormous range of vegetables, exotic fruit, and seafood.  If you love to cook then you will spend no more than a dollar per day per person.

Don’t like standing by the stove that head for a local restaurant. Vietnam cuisine resembles Chinese cuisine but is fresher and spicier. The main staples are fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. Vietnamese food is nutritious, deliciously and if it matters to you not heavy on calories a full meal and a simple Vietnamese eatery will cost you around $3-$4 each day.  it’ll be healthy eating Street food available in Vietnam includes soups, rice, seafood, and other healthy things even with the local equivalent of the hamburger.  you’ll get an abundance of different vegetables.  one should be cautious about the water however the water from the tap is only for bathing and washing clothes.  It would be best to avoid it even for brushing teeth buy bottled water and ensure that the seal is still intact.


Georgia not the one in the American southeast, Georgia is a small country on the Black Sea coast and it’s distinguished by warm summer’s and mild but snowy winters.  In Georgia, you can both lounge on the beach and go skiing.

You will also find ancient churches, healing, Springs and excellent wines.  An apartment in Georgia can be rented for $150 a month.  for this amount, you can get small but comfortable lodgings with all the amenities.  You can cook for yourself but we recommend the local eateries.  Georgian cuisine is considered one of the best in the former USSR.  Cheeses, vegetables,  herbs, and spicy meat and of course line could you really say no to all that lunch and a restaurant will run you ten dollars but be careful the local people really like to eat.

Therefore, the portions are enormous, don’t order several dishes at once right away because you probably won’t be capable of finishing them all.  if you decide to cook for yourself then a liter of milk costs one dollar, a kilo of potatoes 25 cents, chicken 250, cheese $4, and peaches 50 cents, a bottle of the excellent local wine can be had for eight dollars not bad right!

 Nepal Cheapest places to travel - Nepal.

Nepal is at the heart of Asia and a spiritual center for Hinduism & Buddhism. When you arrive here, you immerse yourself in ancient culture monks and Yogi’s religious renunciants and temples.  if you’re fond of Eastern philosophy then you should book your ticket for Nepal.
Even for those who are not, it is still a must-visit country!  Do you want to see Everest? the highest mountain in the world is located right here in Nepal.  An apartment in a modern multi-story building can be rented for around 150 to 200 dollars a month.

If you need a cheaper option; then look to a hostel just $70 a month and a bet are yours along with a shared kitchen, bathroom and common area with rather undependable Wi-Fi.  for food, you’ll spend approximately $150 a month, if you’re prepared to cook for yourself, believe us when we say that this is the most reasonable option and therefore it is the most favorable Cheapest places to travel.

The local cuisine is only for some as the Nepalese dishes are simple and sometimes even primitive, they’re based on various kinds of rice with chicken and a few vegetables, truly only a few because harvests in Nepal are poor.  fish and other seafood are costly indeed and alcohol more expensive still the local people are very friendly and open, they’re always keen to help and guide a lost visitor but when it comes to money expect no mercy Nepalese are convinced that every tourist is a walking money bag.  prices for locals and for foreigners can differ by a magnitude of 2 or 3 consequently, be sure to bargain hard oh, I almost forgot if you visit Nepal definitely buy a sweater or a scarf made from cashmere the knitwear there is 100% natural and made by hand and unbelievably cheap.


Peru-Cheapest places to travel

Peru did you know that both hummingbirds and penguins are found in Peru? there are also condors, the largest birds in the world or perhaps you don’t care so much about birds, in that case, what about surfing, diving, skiing trekking? traveling through ancient Inca cities in Peru, you’ll never be bored.

A comfortable apartment in the capital can be had for around $400 a month but a bed in a hostel double room will cost just $200.  if you choose to rent accommodation outside the Central Districts, then it’s possible to get by on $100 a month.  The average cost of dining in a simple eatery for locals is around $2 per person. In a restaurant for tourists, you would already
be spending $15 but again note that these are prices for the capital.  In more rural settings, you can stuff yourself with food for just one dollar a day and believe us you will love it the local cuisine is incredibly delicious and You will know, why is it the cheapest places to travel?   A sort of Spanish indigenous fusion, the most popular dish is ceviche ie marinated fish with vegetables.  if you visit Peru you must try it here guinea pigs are eaten as well though we don’t recommend trying that unless you might be the sort of person who seeks out exotic thrills.


Cheapest places to travel

Bolivia is a close cousin to Peru offering a similar climate, culture, attractions, and prices.  These two countries are even side-by-side on the map.  A month in Bolivia will run you the same 400 to 500 dollars,  the local cuisine is delicious, albeit a bit greasy, there’s a lot of fried meat as well as fried potatoes and even the soup might contain fried vegetables.

A simple meal at an ordinary eatery will cost around three dollars, you can even get a serving of stew for just 30 cents and thought it might be heavy and not especially good for you.  It will still be inexpensive and filling well.  local wines cost four to five dollars for a bottle, rum costs up to $10, if it’s an ordinary brand while a premium rum aged for twenty years can cost $60.



Romania Count Dracula really existed granted.  he was not a count but a prince and his real name were Vlad Tepes. Dracula was a sort of nickname that he acquired depicted on the Tepes family crest was a dragon Dracula, in Romanian do you find this intriguing and want to learn more than head for Romania? Apart from this, Romania is the cheapest places to travel destinations.

you can spend here $500 a month max but you will enjoy a myriad of memorable moments why 500 just do the math; renting accommodation will cost between $100 and 300 a month.  for 300 you can get a good studio apartment in a major city, it might not be in a posh neighborhood but it will not be downmarket either and it will be at a solid mid-range level.  if you want to head for more provincial locales that you won’t need to spend more than 100 bucks a month on accommodation.

Food will run you another $100 to 150.   the local cuisine is fantastic and resembles Italian, Turkish or Greek.  food many dishes have traditionally been prepared over an open flame.  The grilled meats, cheeses and wines are especially good a bottle of wine can be had for just $5.  if you decide to cook for yourself things will get even cheaper, for example, a liter of milk costs $1, a kilo of boneless chicken $4.50, a dozen eggs $2, cheese 5, and potatoes 50 cents.  you must try the local toy, this is the local fruit brandy though its alcohol strength can be up to 60%.  also try the local garlicky sausages meat just in case the myth of Dracula proves to be no myth at all.


Montenegro-Cheapest places to travel

Montenegro is like Romania only without the spooky gothic touch though you will find castles.  here as well
people are drawn to Montenegro for other things, however namely its beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

Its mountain resorts diving and paragliding opportunities and trekking this country offers leisure opportunities in abundance. if you want to settle in at a resort town you will need to spend minimum $20 a day, on accommodation in high seasons this figure will be 50 bucks or more however in the rest of the country at a distance from the sea you can rent an apartment for 100 to 150 dollars a month. set aside another 200 bucks for food and you can already start booking your ticket.

 Sri Lanka 

shri Lanka

Sri Lanka at first we wanted to talk about goa, but then we thought why everyone knows about Goa, so let us tell you instead of Sri Lank. a moreover this country has the greatest advantage of being comfortable, year-round it has less rainfall and higher temperatures, especially on the East Coast.

In addition, Sri Lanka is a much cleaner country and the level of services is higher; a room right by the sea can be rented for around $200 a month and for that you will get some minimal furnishings and bed linens.  the kitchen fridge and bathroom will be shared used by both the owner and the tenants note that in such lodgings you are likely to have neighbors ie other tourists.  you won’t find the amenities that any American would expect in cheap rentals either there is no hot water or air
conditioning and for a bottle of butane to cook with.  they’ll try to charge you an additional fee a comfortable room with all the amenities will start at $400 a month such a guesthouse will also provide an air-conditioner, washing machine and other blessings of modern civilization but the beach will still be just a five-minute walk away.

The further your accommodation is from the sea however the lower the price food items in Sri Lanka are cheap but there’s something to be aware of when locals see a tourist they immediately raise the price, several times higher so what can you do about this visit a cheap supermarket and look at the prices write them down in a notebook.

if you need to this will serve as your guide for prices in the market place will never be higher than in a shop, if the seller is demanding more then you’re being swindled here are the prices themselves, one pineapple goes for $1, three or four coconuts can be had for the same price as well potatoes and papaya costs $0.75 per kilo. Yes, in Sri Lanka these all cost about the same boneless chicken costs around three bucks while a kilo of rice costs only 60 cents yogurt made with buffalo milk will cost you around $1.6, for a liter, it is very tasty and nutritious and we highly recommended a kilo of the freshest big shrimp costs $10 and a kilo of mahi-mahi cost 6 bucks as you can see it is entirely possible to live on just 150 bucks a month.  you can even splurge a little lingo for seafood.


Which is the cheapest country to visit?

Cheapest places to travel - Nepal.

If you love rural life, the highest peak of the world(Everest), rural life, and great trekking destination, then Of, course Nepal will Cheapest places to travel, the average daily cost is around $22 per person, per day.

Where can I go on a budget in 2020?

If you want to save money while traveling, no matter where you go in the world. To find the cheapest places to travel in the world is a lot easier, here is the list of the on a budget places: Romania, Nepal, Georgia, Montenegro, Peru, Bolivia, SriLanka

How can I travel cheaply?

There ‘re many ways that you need to know to travel the world cheap. Here is a breakdown: Eating good and cheap, Find out the Best time to travel on a budget, Ways to save money on transportation, How to spend less money on accommodation?, How to earn money while you travel, Cheapest places to travel And many more

How can I fly for free?

Nowadays, many travel credit cards are offering sign-up offers–some of which can even get you a free flight from the start. Get Bumped-One of the easiest and quickest ways to get free flights is getting bumped (denied) from your flight. This happens when the flight is overbooked and there aren’t enough seats for everyone.

Let us point out that the expenses we mentioned our minimal ones that are they refer to the simplest accommodation, the simplest dining out and no activities in any of these countries. you can always choose to rent high-end lodgings eat at fancy restaurants and go on commercial tours, in that case, $500 will not be enough at all the luxuries of life must be paid for . we hope you enjoyed this Articles, which place would you like to visit let us know in the comments and if you liked the Articles be sure to share with your social media account.



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