most beautiful beaches in the world

Most beautiful beaches in the world

Beaches are one of the main ingredients of travel or vacation.  When people plan about travel, they are on a quest for experiences: Wanderlust drives, for this, Beaches are quite apt getaways. They’re peaceful, calm and water is always fun. But, it all depends on people’s personal choice. There’re different beaches like Beaches for fishing, beaches for Scuba, beaches for Snorkeling and surfing, Beaches for just patrolled or families and beaches for waves or no waves And beaches with the gentle breeze and shade.  There is no doubt that a Sea or Oceanfront is always desirable to all. So, here‘re the most beautiful beaches in the world that one should never miss

Saona Island in the Dominican Republic

Most beautiful beaches in the world-Saona Island in the Dominican Republic

This Island was renamed by Christopher Columbus, during his second voyage to the Americas in 1494. It is a 42 square kilometer Caribbean oasis off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is one of the government protected nature reserve and part of Parque Nacional Cotubanama.  The seas around the Island are rich with much tropical marine fish, species of birds and large areas where natural sandbars offshore bring the depth to just a few feet. This calm Caribbean Sea is full of the beautiful lagoon to swim in. It’s famous for coral reefs, mangroves and palm-fringed beaches like Palmilla beach.

Sunny Isles Beach

Most beautiful beaches in the world-Sunny Isles Beach
Image by Dennis Larsen from pixabay

Sunny Isles Beach is a place of world-renowned nightclubs, cultural destinations, restaurants, theaters, and the beaches.  It boasts one of the Miami area’s most stunning oceanfront vistas with miles of beautiful white sand, many places to play and pristine public parks.  Sunny Isles Beach tucked between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Intercostals Waterway on the west. It’s just North of Miami Beach and South of Fort Lauderdale’s sleek.  Shopping, Easy access to museums, sports, spas, golf, boating, tennis, and diving are all parts of sunny Beach’s appeal. Sunny Isles Beach offers crowd-free, clean and relaxing beaches best suited for a family vacation or fun.

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Boracay White Beach, Philippines

Image by Enmoredo from pixabay

Boracay Island is easily accessible by plane from Manila, it takes around one hour, connecting in Caticlan or Kalibo(more than 2 hours bus ride). This 3 miles long stretch is believed to be one of the most famous beaches in Boracay and offers everything from beach activates from nightlife to restaurants to hotels. This White beach is perfect for those who love swimming because of; it’s calm and flat waters. (Be noted:-The government shut down the Philippines’ most famous beach resort/island for six months in 2018, citing environmental problems associated with over-tourism)

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

Getting to Na Pali Coast takes only 40 minutes to Kauai, those starting off in Oahu. It’s located on the Northwest side of Kauai Islan, its best seen either canoe or boat.  It’s known for its sea cliffs or towering pali and narrow valleys. There are a total 5 valleys including the Hanakoa valley with its native plants and old agricultural terraces. An 11-mile long hike that runs from kee beach to Kalalau Beach is also the best way to explore more via seasoned trekking. Some of the top things in Na Pali Coast are Kalalau trail camping, trail running and cliff, Kalalau valley hiking, park and garden with beach and Hanakapiai waterfall and hiking.

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Railay Beach is the ultimate destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. It’s located on the coast of the Railay peninsula, south of the cities of Ao Nang and Krabi.  The beach is famous for its attractive limestone formations.  It’s only accessible by boat and is a quick 20-minute ride from Ao Nang.

It is not connected by any roads due to the cliffs and huge limestone which surrounds it. But, there’re so many things to do in Railay Beach, the soaring cliffs, the pristine beaches, the laidback vibe, and the relaxed atmosphere. The 4 Islands boat trip you can take from this beach is a classic tour which is a must to do an activity from this beach, it’s an incredible trip on the long-tail boat that whisks tourists to some of the secluded islands that suited off the coast of Railway.

Bingin Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-bingin beach-bali

This beach is ideal for sun-bathing specially the low tide. It offers some of the most attractive surfing places in Bali. It’s located only 30 minutes far from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali from the car. The coarse white sand of the coastline is one of the most beautiful on the coastline. It was also one of the hidden beaches, obscured by the rugged limestone on the southwestern Bukit Peninsula. There is no doubt that  Bingin Beach is a paradise for pro surfers, Near the shore, it’s shallow but can be very rocky to wander barefoot.

Islands Oceania

Most beautiful beaches in the world
- Islands Oceania

This beach has been so beautiful that It has become the winner of several awards, one of the most important being the best beach in Oceania. What you love about this Beach is its bluish color as well as having a vehicle climate during most of the year. Another of its most important features is that its waters have a maximum depth of up to four point nice feet. This way you’ll not worry anymore if a mishap occurs, thanks to the high tide. You’ll be able to find the fun and safety that you’ve been longing for on holiday.

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Sarakiniko Beach, Greece

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-sarakiniko beach

It’s one of the most beautiful countries having an enviable architecture and a splendid natural wealth, we’re not surprised that Greece offers us the Beach as Beautiful as Sarakiniko called the Moon beach by tourists. It’s located on the island of Milo and is finely decorated with a very unusual white rock formation. It is considered one of the most curious and extravagant beaches on the planet. Because of the passage of time and as a result of the erosion of the soil, Volcanic rocks with different styles but this is not. it’s the only attraction at a distance. It’s no greater than 0.6 miles. We can observe the popular sunken ship of Milo’s with which time had no mercy and left it rusty but safeguarding endless experiences.

Cathedral Covel

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-Cathedral Covel

It cove if you’re looking for a magical beach. It’s a fact that the cathedral cove will be the perfect place for you. It’s so beautiful and mystical that it was featured in the Narnia chronicles, Prince Caspian used as a portal for the Pevensie brothers to cross. Is there a more magical Beach? On that appeared in Narnia? Of course not, with incredible turquoise water that could hypnotize you even with the smallest wave’s imposing stone arch white sand and a waterfall with crystal clear water. It’s not hard to imagine why it is known worldwide although the cathedral cove is located in New Zealand and could become an audacity to reach Oceania. The whole journey will be worth it because you would not only be able to witness, it’s mystical beauty, you’ll also achieve a series of activities that you won’t forget such as boat trips Kayaking, Snorkeling and discovering the depths of the ocean with a submarine. It is impossible to get bored around here.

Bora Bora, In French Polynesia

Most beautiful beaches in the world
- Bora Bora In French Polynesia.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world but also newlyweds favorites looking to spend a wonderful honeymoon. It’s the perfect place with spectacular weather. Bora Bora offers warmth and beautiful landscapes to enjoy a dream trip. It’s like a private oasis in which only you and your partner are the main characters. 

This Beach is located northeast of Tahiti, less than an hour by plane from Papeete, In French Polynesia. The only way to get to Bora Bora is by boat to finally be greeted with the warm smiles of its inhabitants and hundreds of flowers at your feet. The best accommodation, you can find in Bora Bora and which are truly comfortable are the bungalows which you can see along the entire Beach. It is inexplicable to tell you how beautiful and memorable your nights will be seeing the moon by the sea but you’re looking for more than witnessing. It’s iconic beauty but also to be active Bora Bora gives you the perfect opportunity to practice snorkeling diving, fishing, Jet Ski parachuting or tour the entire island by plane. You can also walk along the shore or take a jeep safari tour. It is said that anyone who sets foot in Bora Bora never manages to forget its stunning beauty, turquoise waters, its towering mountain peaks that surround it and lush bungalows elements that together form an unforgettable cover photo.

Algarve Beaches, Portugal

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-Algarve Beaches

Portugal may not be considered one of the largest countries in the world. But, it can coast is having one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in the world. Al Guard a bene Gil, this captivating beach that is located in the Portuguese Algarve. It is really special because it has its own cave. Really just talked it in on its maximum splendor thanks to the fact that it has can reach inside making, it look like a ray of divine light. What more signals do you want and If you thought that due to the fact, it was a cave. It would be difficult to access. You’re very wrong because of his only 196 feet away from the sand. Of course, if you dare to go, we recommend that you go in the hours that there is more sun exposure because the hole the roof is not big enough and if you go too late, you’ll feel cool undoubtedly. Portugal has all its beach beauty concentrated in Algarve even ago. Now we’re moving along the waves and getting ready to take a dip in our next destination.

Whitehaven– Australian beach

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-Whitehaven, beach

Whitehaven is an Australian beach, so dazzling that if you contemplate it from an aerial view. It looks like a magnificent oil painting in degraded colors as soon as you step on the ground. You’ll realize that it has one of the whitest sands in the world because it is made up of 98% silica. It’s as white and soft as if it were talcum powder. Now if you’re afraid to test the heat with your delicate feet. Don’t worry, they will not burn regardless of the overwhelming heat, this is thanks to the fact that the sand does not retain heat allowing you to walk with total freedom throughout its 4.5 miles while you enjoy watching the Coral Sea.  We’re sure you’ll want to visit this beach, therefore we advise only the northern. In Southern Extremes but if your adventurous spirit is greater than your fatigue you can plan ahead to tour the interior of the beach as well as you can see Whitehaven has been in this top very well deserved.

Navagio Beach, Greece

   We can find Navi geo beach on the western coast of Greece. to be exact this Beach is part of the island of Zakynthos which is surrounded by extraordinary cliffs so the only way to get there is by boat adorning with incomparable beauty.  on this beach is the wreckage of the panted geo TISS which was a boat that sank due to mechanical problems and also due to the bad weather in 1980 and as if they were to ship guards there are two huge rocks together that surround the entire beach.

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Maldives Beaches

Most beautiful beaches in the world
-Maldives Beaches

Maldives is a worthy place to discover. These beaches are the best examples of nature’s perfection. You can only find them in the Indian Ocean in the South of India. Maldives Islands has tourists from all around the world because of its large set of 1200 coral islands which are evenly distributed in 26 large atolls.

It has warm but humid weather which passes to the background after seeing this earthly paradise of exquisite turquoise waters that will make you feel all the peace that you’re not looking for but came to you suddenly when they touch your fee. If this were not enough, the Maldives offer a luxury night show to produce one of the most amazing phenomena in the world we ‘re referring to the magical stars see. This occurs due to bioluminescence a natural chemical reaction that occurs when a microorganism is distributed in the water by the movement of the waves that is why thanks to the incandescent light of this bioluminescent phytoplankton we can witness this magnificent show. it is as if we had the sky at our feet.

Keem Bay, Achill Island, Ireland

Most beautiful beaches in the world-keem bay

Keem Bay is situated in one of the most dramatic places in Ireland. Although this beautiful place doesn’t have palm trees on shores, we still believe it deserves a place on most beautiful beaches in the world.  Especially warm Irish welcome and a cup of tea after a swim at keem Bay are amazing experiences. The Beach is great local surf sport and has some of the softest white sand anywhere in Ireland.  This beach was formerly the site of a basking shark fishery.  The horseshoe-shaped Bay lies at the head of a valley between the cliffs of Croaghuan Mountain and Benmore.

Bloubergstrand, Cape Town

Most beautiful beaches in the world-Bloubergstrand, Cape Town,

Cape Town’s beautiful beach offers a wide range of activities, including dolphin spotting, Whale watching, boat trips, and kite surfing. It is a suburb of Cape Town,  15 km due north of the city center of Cape Town. Literally, “Bloubergstrand” means “blue mountain beach” in Afrikaans.  The beautiful scenery doesn’t get much better compare from the sands at Bloubergstrand in South Africa with Table Mountain to the left and Robben Island, to the right. This place is famous for imprisoned in Nelson Mandela, for more than twenty years.

Blouberg is a huge place, with lots to do with hidden gems to discover but it can sometimes be a little daunting. Flying around the Bay with the impossibly beautiful view of our beloved mountain sounds like a pretty ideal day to us.

Omaha Beach in Normandy, France

Most beautiful beaches in the world-Omaha Beach in Normandy, France

Omaha Beach in Normandy, Located across the English Channel, this is the arena where the final defining monuments of the World War played out. It is the point of a place where the Allied forces were able to dislodge the German army from France.  So, this beach was the main place of landing on June 6, for the entry of USA forces into Second world-war and saw some of the dangerous fightings in the entire war.  This long beach lets you understand the invasion force struggling to get from the landing craft to the shingle and dunes for some safety. If you want to know more about this place and its history, to make sure to get help from a local guide, with proper information, you get the whole history and it suddenly comes alive and you’ll internalize plenty of worthy details.

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