How to travel with baby? Tips & Essential Things!

How we like to travel with a baby? Whether you’re flying across the world or just taking a short travel, this guide will not only keep your baby safe and comfortable but it helps to enhance your travel also. I’ve learned what I do to make it a little bit easier  So, since I’m unpacking right now I would go over what I do to pack for my baby? I also took some images while we were traveling of things that we kind of does. So if, you’re interested in reading this travel with baby blog stay read until the end.

The first things first- the diaper bag.

 This is so important! not only for your day-to-day life, this diaper bag is amazing for that but also for traveling. It’s the great box, you need to go get it. It’s, literally the best diaper bag I’ve ever had and I’ve actually tried like three or four different ones and this is my go-to. ,  I actually have it in three colors, now I have the brown, the black, and the gray. It’s the only one I’ll ever use.

How to travel with baby

So, I’m going to show you why it’s so awesome! The top has a pocket like this and it opens up and what I keep in here is diapers. So I have enough diapers and this pocket is, it’s not super deep but its deep enough that can pretty much pack. All the diapers I need for a trip in this, and then if I do want to bring a few extra then I just put it in my suitcase, but you can see, the diapers just fit perfectly in there, it also has a zipper back here, I don’t currently have anything in it, but that’s nice for like extra binkies, and stuff like that, and it also has two pockets on the inside so I keep his hair gel in that one of those pockets because I always like to fix his hair on the go then I also have things in this pocket. 

Travel with Baby: Food

These have been an amazing thing for traveling whether we’re on the plane or on the go our baby. just started eating solid foods, so this has been great for him it’s like a little squeezable puree.  I got these ones at Starbucks.  They have a few different flavors but I’m sure you can also find them at the grocery store.

travel with baby: food

when your baby’s a little bit older they can just suck out of it but what we do is put it on a spoon and then give it to our baby this is super helpful for like on the plane when they’re getting fussy, my baby just likes having food in his mouth so, this always calms him down and I always have these in my diaper bag just to grab in case we need them.

Essintial things for travel with Baby: Mask

wearing mask

 I also like to keep a few masks in this pocket as well,  just kind of put them behind the diapers because right now in coronavirus times, you have to have a mask pretty much at all times when traveling like when you’re on the plane, in the airport, at restaurants and the hotel.

so it’s kind of nice to have it in your diaper bag to be able to that’s what that top pocket’s for these little side pockets are my favorite thing.  So, there’s one on either side and they’ve insulated the best thing ever because then you can just keep your bottle in there

Portable bottle Warmer.

warmper bottle

 I have a portable bottle warmer that keeps my bottle warm and then putting it in the insulated pocket .makes sure, that the water doesn’t get too cold. So, I always have one better bottle filled with water so, I can just add the formula on the go and then I keep on this side a water bottle, and,  usually fill it with warm water and then keep it in this pocket, so, it stays warm or at least room temperature and get the little mini ones from the plane.

small water bottle for babu

so whenever we travel I make sure to keep the small ones because they are 8.5 ounces and I give him four-ounce bottles so this gets me at least two bottles and then always have water in this one, so while we’re on the go I at least have three bottles or enough water for three bottles and I just keep this in the other insulated pocket. Those little bottles on the plane are incredible and then I, open up this front pocket and it opens. this is also a really great feature because it’s so deep and there’s so much room.

Wipes, Boogie, formula case and Chargers.

  keep wet wipes, boogie wipes, and then a few chargers that we need for like his bottle warmer and things like that’s just kind of like a handy little pocket to have and then we have his wipes in here and then have a little to go formula itemsbaby items

 since I have enough water for 3 bottles this has three different sections. I put two scoops of formula in each of them and so now I have enough for three bottles on the go then put my big formula thing in my regular suitcase that way it doesn’t have to take up too much room in the diaper bag the bottle warmer literally the best thing ever for traveling.

 this is the baby’s brew and it’s so easy all you do is put it on top of your bottle and then flip it up and the water inside your bottle. Heats up within five minutes.

Changing Mat

How to travel with baby

 this is literally the best thing ever for traveling and then the comes with a changing mat like this if you get the bundle. This is obviously a necessity. I’m sure all you moms know that but especially when traveling for example we were in the airport and the only stall available didn’t have a changing table., then, I just put this on the ground and obviously you don’t want to put your baby on the ground without one of these. So, this is super helpful for traveling.

Others Essential  thigs for travel with Baby

travel with baby

 I also always carry mini dish soap and a little bottle brush that can wash his bottle on the go when traveling. i also have these two pouches these are both the gray fox pouches that come with this bag if you do get the bundle in one pouch I have an extra one shoes and socks and a little sun hat so just anything I may need if he needs to change outfits or if we do something where he needs to wear a hat.

and then in the other pouch, I have all his necessities so I carry this around,24 /7 but when traveling it’s so nice that I already have all this in here because when we pack for trips we don’t have to grab all this because it’s already in the diaper bag.

essiantial things for travel with baby

 I literally, just have to pack him like clothes and the other things. He’ll need the suitcase. So in here. I have cream, a spoon for feeding him, a comb, a snot booger sucker, and the baby soap so that way when we give them showers, I also have a thermometer and little nail clippers .so, pretty much anything that I would need for him is in here which is pretty nice and it makes traveling so much easier than I have these little pouches because then just zip them up and we’re good to go.

So, that’s awesome, and then inside here you can see that there’s a pocket back here in this pocket.  You just have a little Ziploc bag with, all of his extra binkies and then there are also two pockets back.  they’re empty right now but that’s where I keep this brush and the mini-dish.

How To Organized Bag for Travel with Baby?

 I like to keep his bag pretty organized. So I put those in first. I put the mat at the very bottom, just so I can utilize space and then I, do the pouches sitting up like this and I put them inside by side then I do the white on the other side so I’ve kind of created a barrier right in here and then that’s when I put in the bottle warmer and the formula.

how to organize bags

you guys can see that I still have a lot of extra room. So, if I bring like extra blankets or if I have to put like his big size formula in here or anything there’s so much space.  There’s also a pocket in the back that zips open and this is where I keep his ollie sleep sack in case we’re taking a nap on the go.

and then I also have burp cloths back here so literally just take this on trips and literally use it in my daily life and it’s so perfect so that’s how i got my third, color is: just did that and it was way cheaper.

Tips for Traveling With Baby

  1. Getting Diaper Bag:  how to travel with baby: bagI would recommend looking at that if you’re thinking of getting this diaper bag, so yes this makes my life so much easier.  it’s a backpack and then also has a strap. so it can be a purse and this is like my biggest hack for traveling.

Another thing we have started doing on trips since it’s my family that all travel together, we had more suitcases, the stroller plus the diaper bag and it was just too much.

 So now we just do a big suitcase for all family member of us that way we only have one bag and even though it’s big, it’s just way more convenient this way.  So, if you are able to fit like your entire family in one bag I would say do it that, has saved us a lot of trouble.

Use Plastic Bag : 

travel with baby

then something I have, started doing on trips that have been so, convenient for when we come home and, unpack is I get a plastic bag, I went to the baby gap while we were there so I just used that one but sometimes hotels also have a plastic bag. That way when I unpack, all of this gets hung up in the closet and then I just dump this bag in the laundry inland wash them. It just makes it, easier because I don’t have to go, through everything and separate it out, and when I repack I just make sure everything’s organized.

 this literally, has been a game-changer especially, because many outfits, and has a lot of laundry by the time we get home so I’m just literally going to go, put this in the laundry room and then pack this and then it makes it a lot, easier.

Bring your stroller.

How to travel with Baby: Troller

Another little travel hack or travel tips while travel with baby is , making sure that you bring your stroller. I know that sounds so, like but I forgot our stroller on our last trip and it was literally a nightmare, we had to carry his car seat everywhere and that was just terrible, so I just definitely recommend doing that It is incredible, it has an underneath part that’s pretty, roomy so we put his bed in there. I put my purse under there sometimes, if we have like a smaller bag I can even, fit it under there, and then what we do with his diaper bag is we hang it on the back. I got stroller hooks from the diaper bag company, if you are looking into buying a diaper bag and you see stroller hooks as an option 100, do it we literally just hang it right, there and then it just gives us more room underneath and it’s so convenient.

 then our car sheet literally just clicks right onto our stroller and it’s so easy so that’s been really awesome because our,curse and stroller combo is like super portable and easy to travel, it folds up we check it in the airport, and it’s just awesome, so definitely bring your stroller.

 and definitely bring a travel bed so, I also forgot our travel bed when we went to a trip for the baby and it was, a nightmare, luckily the hotel had a bassinet that, they gave us but, even then it was like hard and he’s used to being in his like cushy bed and so he didn’t love it.  I just put the bed under the stroller as I said and it makes it so easy to travel with.

my last baby travel tips, that I love using the dockatot, still love it but I got the snuggle me, organic recently, and that’s a game-changer for traveling, the dockatot has like a stiffer base and, so it’s hard to like fold up so, traveling’s hard with it, but the snuggle me is so portable I, literally can like to fold it’s like a pillow, and shove it under the stroller or use it on the airplane. as a pillow which is, nice, and it’s just super easy to travel with.

so we use that when we sleep with him at night on trips, and then also on the plane i literally put it across my lap put him in it and he just falls asleep, so it’s really nice to have on the plane,  he can take a nap and he’s, comfortable and then also sleeping at night,. so the snuggle me is really great for traveling.

Best age to travel with the baby

 keep in mind that, this travel routine changes as your baby gets older. so for example when he was a newborn he was a lot easier to travel with because we would literally keep him in his car seat, he would sleep the whole flight, and we didn’t have to do as much but now, that he’s getting older we have to entertain him a little more and he’s a, little more active so, best age to travel with baby is certainly the age up under a year.

  I’m sure my routine will change even more as he’s like older and older on trips, and as that changes I’ll do another, articles but as of right now these are like my favorite things to do and to bring on trips.  he’s also really into watching movies, right now which is so bad because he’s, only five months old almost, but the screens on the back of your chair for delta are amazing . so I always go to sky kids and I put on like lion king or finding, memo, and then he literally lounges on my lap and watches that which is awesome, or i bring an iPad and I just set it up, in front of his bed and he watches that, which is amazing.

 as well so, that’s really nice to have on the go, whether it’s an iPad your phone or just using the screen on your airplane that helps a lot. also having a carrier, if you don’t want to bring your stroller but if you do stroller’s great too but the carrier is just really nice. if you are doing a lot of having a carrier is really great.

, and then another little tip that we do is when we get to the airport we drive ourselves and we drive up to the front and then we all get out take the bags in and check. that way we don’t have to park the car, drive the shuttle with the bags and the stroller and everything, and then the same thing when we get back home. that’s a lot easier because it’s such a pain to do bags and,a stroller on the shuttle are the worst thing ever when you’re traveling and it’s kind of necessary when you do a rental car but if you can cut it out at least at the airport. it’s so much more helpful. all right you guys these are my favorite travel tips for a baby.


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