how to earn money while traveling
How to make money while traveling?
How can earn money while travelling

How to make money while traveling? how to do this while traveling? there’s a lot of different things to explain about on this topic.  

So, before we really get into it, I want to tell you that a lot of people when they start traveling either a stop working & their income goes down because something’s fluctuated in their work schedule or what they’re doing.  This is something that I had a little bit of an issue with for quite a while. I did not want to leave to go travel even though I wanted nothing more than to travel. Just out of fear of kind of ruining the momentum that I’ve created.


So, in a business similar to working out habits anything you’re doing in life consistently you build momentum, right! So, if you’re trying to work out on a daily basis then you stop for a week or something that’s really going to make it harder to get back into it.  Right your muscles are going to be a little bit untrained, it’s going to be painful for a couple of days to get back into it.  

And trust me the same is to be said with business.  So, I was always fearful because I’ve always been consistent and growing and months fluctuate things go up and down but I’ve always been very consistent with my work. That’s one of the only things that’s really been a consistent variable in my life.  I was always worried about traveling and I realize now that it shouldn’t have been.  It really just comes down to discipline. But traveling really expands your mind that’s the first thing, it’s huge! It really lets you, see different things! It’s a lot of fun, it creates the most amazing memories that you cannot replace.  

I want to explain about How to make money while traveling? because I believe it’s far more important than what I do because you could do a lot of things.

Ways to make money while traveling


Here are some other popular way to earn money while travelling:

  • Freelancing or Tutoring
  • Work in a dispersed team or flexible job
  • Fiverr or Odesk
  • Seasonal work
  • Au pair
  • Tour guide
  • Guest lecture
I know stock traders who are good friends of mine who they’re full digital nomads, right they have no car, they have no permanent home address, they like a p.o box or something but you know they’re traveling full time.  That’s what they want to do.  That’s where they get their fulfillment, their enjoyment, their memories and it’s a super awesome thing to do.  If you’re able to do it, it’s really cool.

So, If you are really interested in How to make money while traveling, here are some inspiring ideas.  I also have friends who do social media marketing, right! They run some sort of agency. I had a friend who was building his agency for two and a half years, sold it for nine figures a company he built while he was traveling full-time.  Which is crazy! so when I came back from being overseas, I started, I got my place on the beach, all I did was- I just locked in for three months, I didn’t go anywhere then I started doing little trips, once, twice a month just three days weekend. This, just to kind of refresh! Just to get my mind clear. But, I started traveling a lot more.

  The thing I’ve learned before I get into what I do, one of the huge components of this I’ve learned is; it really comes down to discipline, and this is the kicker! Most people don’t have to like what you do.  If you find out in what you good at and what you genuinely found, it passionate and you’ll feel so amazing to do.  But, you might not be there, you might not even know what to do? It’s totally okay! I was there for years!  I was stuck in that position for years.  So, the key element there is; like you what you do because you need the discipline to be able to do it.  I genuinely want to do it that’s what really helps me to do it. So discipline, positive habits and just getting it done.

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Yeah, that’s something I’ve really been building.  Therefore, you want to make sure! You build that before you go and travel that you can maintain that momentum. Now, as for what I do that allows me to travel. it actually sparked some issues; when I initially went back overseas two years and this caused my income to just about be cut in half.  Which is very unfortunate! When I first started traveling, I took a very big hit, which sucked. It didn’t put me in like a bad position but freaking out a little bit.

  This year, so, a lot of what I do is eCommerce space which means selling products online without touching them! Yes, we have third party fulfillment. We use private suppliers and we actually have our own little warehouses.  Where, we’re actually holding product for some of our brands, not all of our stores but some of the brands. Now, here’s the thing I’m not touching this product. So, what was the issue with me traveling right!  I was already in a different location separated away from the product what the issue came with the digital end of things.  Everything I do is; it’s all done of a laptop, a laptop, and a phone.  That’s my gear!

How to make money to afford it? that is the most popular question I get, so, I would like to explain the different ways in which we make money to pay for our travel.  First things, No, I am NOT rich or have rich parents and I don’t have a huge savings account either.  I make all of my own money to fund my travels; through lots of hard work, patience, bartering, taking advantage of opportunities and being a smart money spender for the first two years of living abroad.

These days the majority of my income comes from the following ways;

The sponsored trip, affiliate marketing, social media promotions and travel blogging my salary varies month by month. Some months I make 10k while others I make four essentially .the harder I work the more I get paid.

 So, these types of work easy done by driving across the ground.  The more eyeballs on my content the more I can charge brands. Its basic marketing let’s take a closer look at each revenue stream in order from the highest hang to the lowest sponsored trips every year. I go on a handful of chips that are sponsored by tourism boards or specific destinations they cover all travel expenses and depending on the workload my rate is about 2.5 k per day for video content and social media posts.

 I make zero dollars from Facebook and I’ve had over a hundred and twenty million views their affiliate marketing. This is when I sell a product through a custom link and make a commission at no additional cost to the consumer. My highest paying affiliates are selling a TEFL class for English teachers discounts on hotels for booking com and camera products on Amazon.

 I make 1 to 2 K a month on affiliate’s social media promotions, this is when a travel-related brand approaches me to promote their product. I make sure the product directly aligns with my style, my rates are around 1.5 K for an Instagram shout-out and 1 K for a mention on Snapchat, Travel blog. This used to be my number one source of income. Really, there are plenty of ways to earn money while traveling, such as post articles on the blog, when a brand or hotel or airline pays me to write about their product or service and put a link to it.

 Other income streams also give you the way to find about how to earn money while traveling, I also earn money from freelance writing, selling drone footage, travel and social media consulting as well as making videos for other brands to use on their channels. Also, keep in mind that a lot of my travel is comped or bartered in exchange for the shout-out.

Lastly, I will end these articles, by telling you that anybody can do this if they put in the time and effort. I am just a normal person, who spent the last five years of his life working his ass off to build a brand and get to this point today if I can do it then why can’t you do it too?

 Now, one of the most key component things to be able to travel, you need to build a structure before! I said with momentum, you want to have things automated to a degree, where if you would like to? You could only work an hour a day and still maintain it.  So my ads were already running these stores.  The one I mentioned making over like six thousand and a day which it’s just a number or whatever I didn’t even look at the ads.  The other day, I didn’t change

anything, I’d do like 30 minutes of work every 3-4 days; for that specific store.  Okay, you know there’s more time going in on the setup and it’s never that simple but it’s been years and years of learning that skill. So, being able to automate it and also putting a team in place and employees for certain things has really helped me both systemize then optimize and then automate all of my different businesses.

That the really cool component is that, it’s all online! And people are like wait why are you talking about getting an office or having employees or having to go to these meetings yes I do a bunch of stuff in person that’s meeting with people closing clients talking to bigger people who are actually helping with business stuff.

Maybe that I pay for mentorship consulting with people learning from high-level people meeting with payment processors going to the bank, a bunch of different stuff that still is physical.  So there’s a lot of stuff primarily on the end of clients, for one of my companies in a media marketing agency that stuff is still a lot of!  it is in person, which is why I’m not able to like you just be traveling 100% of the time and to be honest, I’m someone, typically want what I don’t have. I realize this very quickly two years ago.

Make money while traveling

 I have plenty of time to do other things if I would like to but I love working and setting up new things.  I’m also trying to get a bunch of stuff done in advance before I go overseas, so, setting anything up and doing the product shoots making sure you have all the content of every little thing.

 We need payment processors bank accounts, all this stuff without accounts just different brands, different stores set up and a bunch of stuff already created. So that I really don’t have to worry about it.  That any meetings with any clients already closed in person bring it on a lot. So that I can, it might be a little bit flustered and overworked but as I slowly streamline that systemize, optimize and automate; which is my motto and life that once those are in place.  It’s going to be much easier to manage and maintain which will help me while I’m traveling.

 So, I hope this helped.  I hope it gave you a little bit more insight into what I do? How we do it? and How to you make money while traveling. There’s a lot of stuff! if you’re an entrepreneur who would either like to start traveling or maybe that’s your goal and you haven’t built a business yet- I know a lot of people who have actually reached out to me who are making money and what I’m very fearful of traveling for this or that reason and it makes sense! It’s validating, I understand where they’re coming from?

I was very fearful of the same thing but as soon as you’ve kind of done those things, we can systemize, optimize and automate, definitely consider starting to just take little trips.  Go for four days, see how it affects your work? See how you’re impacted? And it’ll be a good test of your discipline in your positive habits.  so that’s key I recommend that to everyone traveling’s been one of the most amazing things that I’ve started doing and it was literally something that I never had any interest in doing and did not want to do.  

Now, I’m the complete opposite; it’s so much fun, I love doing it not at all times! There are certain times where I do not want to travel, I won’t even consider you getting on an airplane even if it’s too close to a client. I don’t want to do it but there are certain situations where it’s so much fun especially with friends. hope it helps to find out how to people make money while traveling. What do you think? Is it possible to earn money while traveling? please comment below.

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