Most people have to go to work, but what if your work could go with you wherever you went? Maybe you follow one of those bloggers or vloggers who seems to be in a different country every month or one of those internet people who say they work from a beach in Bali, Are you wondering, how to make money traveling? and now you're like-- - I want that.

Or maybe you just wanna work from home and not go to an office every day. Either way, I wanna cover what you can do to start building that kind of work-life balance in this post.

So, before we get started, let’s introduce me, which is that I’m in my room in my apartment. I’m not a full-time traveler and I’m certainly not making this post from a beach in Bali. I prefer to get my horrible sunburns on top of the mountains. But for the past five years, I have had the ability to travel and work basically whenever I want. And in those years, I’ve got too many places, a ton of different cities around the country, and I’ve been able to work and have fun in each one time.

The way that I do it is through building a business that I can work on from anywhere, but that’s not the only solution. So, I wanna give you a few starting points in these articles and I wanna tackle one main topic: how to make money traveling?

The first thing I wanna cover here is the cost of traveling because while it does definitely cost money to travel and for some people it can be very expensive, it’s not as expensive as you might think. You can check my other post about how to travel on a budget.

How to make money while traveling?

The most important way to earn money as a travel blogger is first to think like an entrepreneur and not an employee. when you start with your blogging multiple income streams are a safer option.  There are many common ways to make money while on Traveling.

Start Travel Blogging

how to start a travel blog and make money

how to start a travel blog and make money?

First, learn how can we start a blog in just 20 minutes?  it’s gonna look nice and have a beautiful easy to use drag-and-drop editor. so there’s no coding or crazy technical wizard, skills needed.alright let’s get into the how to start a travel blog. you need a domain and hosting to start a  blog or any website.  the domain is the name of your website also called a URL. so, the domain for YouTube is think of hosting like the physical store for your new website.  we’re essentially buying a space on the internet for our business so that people can visit.  Your own domain and hosting are how you start.

Ok, so the next step is to click the link (you should know that we do get a small affiliate commission from anybody that signs up but we’re going to save you money by getting you the lowest price possible so, it’s really a win-win you get the lowest price possible and we get a commission for you guys signing up so it’s great for everybody)

Which hosting should I  Buy?

how to make money traveling

Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions company. Since 2003, It has continually innovated new ways to deliver hosting services:It was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth.

Starting at $7.99 $2.95/month

Choose the Hosting Plan and set up

 After the click on the  button and go to the next page scroll down and you’re going now select the basic plan. okay, now we’re gonna select your domain name then, scroll down to account information and  fill out. now scroll down to package information & you’ll notice that the package information that if you sign up, 

It’s time to set up WordPress, we use WordPress because, WordPress is by far the best platform for bloggers. now platforms like Squarespace and Wix these are great places if you are having a stagnant website. meaning you’re not updating the content at all but if your plan is to write blog posts or update your content and you want tons and tons of visitors! WordPress is the only place you should be starting.  great news Bluehost & Siteground are the partners with WordPress and you can see that the installation process is already a part of their setup.

 Bluehost is asking for you to pick a theme that inspires you, then,  click skip this step, all right your website is propagating so this may take a few minutes to load but just hold tight. after the propagating, all done your WordPress website is set up and ready to go then click the blue start building button. you’ve got WordPress now installed.

Installed the theme

 What you want to do is; you want to come over dashboard on WordPress and hover over appearance and then click themes.WordPress already gives us many free themes but you’re going to add a new theme. The great thing about WordPress is that there are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of themes to choose from.

Installed the Plugin

Come down to hover over plugins and hit add new search plugins and You’re going to search for an element or  or page builder, click install now then click activate. now you just installed Elementor. Elementor is great, because it’s a wonderful drag-and-drop editor.  so, when it comes to editing your posts or pages. it’s going to make things stupid simple.

Build your home page

To start building your home page: Go to appearance and then customize. Then, first thing to change the title tag if you ever want to change something. So,  continue to explore on dashboard.  In this guide you got your domain and hosting, and simple set up, when you start to explore many things come along with practice like how to edit page,  header and footer edit and some kinds of design and more.

How to Earn From Travel Blogging

Google Adsense is a cost per click advertising program. You can display targeted text video or image advertisements and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads to get approved by Google. you need at least 50 visitors daily the average gains from a click out are stated to be between 15 and 80 cents. Google Adsense pays once per month and has the minimum amount that can be paid it depends on the currency of your account but always it’s near to $100.

if you have higher traffic or a well-known travel blog, you can attract custom adverts. feelings are made directly with you and you earn directly from the adverts. You can use your travel blog as a source for customers and earn by selling your own products or services for example selling the guidebooks, private consulting and so on.

affiliate marketing means that you will sell the company’s services or products and earn a commission on it.  to do this, you just need to have a website and work with travel affiliate programs on your travel blog. you can sell different services, hotels, flights, travel insurance, car rentals, tour activities and more. For example, travel payouts are a CPA affiliate program as a partner you receive around 4.9 percent of the hotel booking and 1.6 percent of the ticket price. the minimum payout amount is $50. There fore, blogging is the best way to earn while on traveling.

Do affiliate marketing programs

how to travel and make money
If you are looking to earn money while on travel then an affiliate program might be  help but first

what is an affiliate program?

it's a referral marketing strategy that has become increasingly easy to track and monetize, thanks to commonly used e-commerce software.

And how do affiliates work?

companies that serve the same market but with non-competitive products work together to drive traffic in exchange for a sales commission.

For example, if you have a blog that about hiking were to become an affiliate of a hiking apparel company.  the blog could earn money by posting an affiliate banner on their website with this. You can earn a commission for any purchases made by your readers.

So, how do you keep track?  in any formal affiliate models, there is inexpensive software to help, lt a company offers their partner a unique URL that allows them to track all incoming traffic from their partner’s website. depending on the software, you use which could be either free or  260 dollars a month.

you can get various tracking tools that provide stats to both partners. you can easily get to know how much traffic has been shared, sales generated and commission owed. many tools even handle automated commission payouts.  Depending on your agreement, some affiliate programs require the purchase to be made on the customer’s first visit to the website, but mostly there will be a 30 to 90 day cache to track any returning customers.

Now let’s talk numbers!  how much Commission is paid?

Commission payouts can vary: it’s no big deal to see percentages as low as 5% and they can even go up to around 20% but 10% is the most common amount offered. Some companies offer tiered Commission’s earning, you higher percentages as sales increase. There can also be varying amounts based on the price of each product.

Many programs utilize PayPal to generate payments either automatically or manually but keep in mind when to pay out some companies do it monthly and some do it once a certain minimum amount is achieved.

How can you get started?

Big retailers like Amazon and eBay offer affiliate marketing on their website. You can sign up immediately and receive everything you will need to get started. This includes a unique URL and graphic assets like banner ads, the various sizes that you can add to your site.  If you run your company and want to start with your very own affiliate marketing program: look for software like I’d ever Philly. It and begin offering affiliates the chance to earn Commissions by selling your products online. still have questions about affiliate marketing let’s start a conversation below we’re here to help.


Here is My Best Recommend affiliate program

Builderall helps entrepreneurs and businesses who want to quickly bring their ideas to life with the most complete digital online business builder and marketing platform on the web. They offer 100% first month commissions on all their products and 30% recurring each month after. You also earn 30% on your 2nd tier. It’s most useful tools on the market right now, from builderall we can Create unlimited websites,stores and blogs. unlimited subscribers to unlimited send email. Connect unlimited pages to their chatbot, with unlimited flows, sequences and broadcasts and send them to unlimited subscribers.

Make money online Through Outsourcing

What is outsourcing? Suppose that you have a transcribing project and you can do everything yourself or you can think I’m not that good in transcribing my videos, so, I’ll let someone else do that. So, you’re letting other people do certain parts of your projects in exchange for money and what is great about that we live in a big world with a lot of different economics.  if I want to do a lawsuit over in Australia I pay around 4 or 5 hundred dollars. if I want to do a lawsuit in India I will probably pay a lot less in India or different countries. You get paid less and you spend less.

So, what is the great thing about that when I order a certain service in Australia, I pay more money than when I order the same service in India or Nepal? And since the whole world is becoming more and more digital we can outsource things to a different country, where the price is lower in your own country and that is outsourcing. And with that, you can make money,

Let me tell you if I have a YouTube channel right here and when I add a video I want to have subtitles in it. So, I can do it myself but it takes a long time. I can also let someone else do it and there’s a boy from Pakistan over here or simply I find out from Fiverr and I let him do my transcription. So there was a video of mine around 100 minutes long and he did it for $30 on Fiverr .so, I outsource that to him.  He will create the transcription, and send it back to me. I pay for him.  I have my transcription and he has an income and that’s outsourcing.

But how can you make money through outsourcing? 

Let me try to show you -I go to the pricing of transcribing…. and I can transcribe my videos for a $1 per minute.  You have a transcription in 4 days but if I would let someone do the transcription it is not $1 per minute, it’s 50 cents per minute. So it’s twice as cheap, I can make a website like this one and  I will do the transcription for you for 75 cents per minute or for one dollar per minute.

I make a beautiful website. really professional and people order through my website. what I can do them I can send the transcription file or the video file that needs to be transcribed to someone who works on Fiverr or work on remote. I will pay half to them. what the visitor pays to me. and in that way, I can just be a mediator and receive files from the client send them to someone else outsource it. I get my fee from the client and I pay half of the money to someone on Fiverr that will do the job for me. I’m taking care of all the corrections with the person and in that way I can make money through outsourcing.

Probably, you think that- is so bad because you’re stealing money from the people that are doing it for you but this is how the world works.  you buy something while doing the groceries for $1 but the grocery store-bought it probably for 50 cents . and the guy that sold it for 50 cents bought it for 20 cents because they bought a lot of the same items and in that way you get your thing for $1 but in the beginning it was only 10 cents and that’s how it works with this.

If someone is willing to pay $1 for one minute of transcription then that is worth it. If someone else offers to do it for 50 cents then he or she thinks it’s worth it. If you are in between those persons and you can offer it for $1 and you can make a profit out of it like 50 cents per minute then everybody’s happy. you can also turn it around and think hey I give work to people from different places in the world, they can get money, I can get money and the person that needs the job to be done is happy! so that this is a really nice way to work, so you can do that with transcription but you can also do what other things for instance. you can have a web design company and you make a beautiful website for your company. where you offer your service to different people and say a website with this and this and that a thousand dollars, I mean about 999 dollars and then you go to someone you know from a different country and they do it for $400 and then you have a profit of $600 that’s outsourced.

That’s how we can make money with outsourcing so you can go to Fiverr, you can take a look at what people offer music or voiceover. So you can make a voiceover website with the best voiceover to give samples and when people want to buy it you can double the money that you have to pay here at Fiverr.

Big companies are willing to spend much money because they just want to have a good product, they do not care about the money, and they just want to have a great product.  So, if you would have a website where you sell things for quite an expensive price there’s a big chance you attract big businesses instead of people that want to get the best for the least amount of money and that’s how you can work with outsourcing. So the benefits for it are you can make a profit, you help other people from other countries to make money and you get a satisfied customer so win-win. That’s how you can make money with outsourcing while traveling the world.

Making Money Through Online class

How to teach online classes and what tools we recommend to do that?  Online class is another most popular way to earn money and best part you can work and manage it remotely with many tools.  whether you’re just starting out online or want to uplevel, the tools you use to make it happen the goal is the same. you’re looking for the best ways to teach an online class to a group of people whether that’s live video, audio recordings or even just a webinar with slides.  we’ll cover all those things here but I really want to focus on video.

so I’m going to explain a number of different options here, the first one that I’m going to recommend is called zoom.

zoom has really been taking over the live webinar and recording scene lately and with good reason it’s a really cool way to be on camera on your computer to be live, to be able to chat with people and answer questions in a live environment.

You can use this for webinars with a large group of people or even just as a place to house one-on-one coaching calls or individual training sessions as a bonus you can record these calls from inside the zoom app itself. so you can upload them to something like Vimeo or YouTube then embed the videos on your site to be used as part of a video class series or even just so the students who attended the live version can review what happened next.

we have Vimeo which is a video hosting site like YouTube this is such an important resource if you’re using a lot of video in your online classes since you don’t want to upload them to the website itself and slow down the page loading speeds.

The third resource is called an otter which is a really neat tool that automatically creates a transcript for your video and audio recordings.  this is so helpful when you have video courses since many students might actually prefer to read through the transcript rather than watch the video from start to finish, it currently has a really robust free option. you can give it a shot and see whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

one of the video tools we can’t do without on your team is Camtasia a video editing desktop. with Camtasia you can record a video directly or import one that’s farm tape and create it then pair it with the audio or edit out the mistakes as needed when you’re ready click on export and upload the finished video to your video hosting platform, it is a paid tool but definitely worth.

video our Last and final tool is actually a WordPress plugin that allows you to create the online courses themselves and password protect the pages so that no one can access the content.  A must-have properly signed up whether it’s a free video course or a paid one as bonus access, Ally includes a full commerce feature so you can display order forms and collect payments on your website itself. access Ally is the number one WordPress plugin for online course builders and membership site creators and can help you automate the entire online course setup so your video, audio, and written content can start generating revenue for your business and best you can do all of these from your laptop and anywhere from the world, so, it’s one of the best ways to earn while on travel.






Start a Podcast

how to make money traveling - Podcast

What is a podcast? According to the latest studies, about 64% of Americans know the answer. And if you’re one of the 124 million Americans that’s listened to the one you’ll know. it’s basically just a fancy word for a pre-recorded audio series distributed over the internet. The term itself was invented by a BBC reporter by combining the words “iPod” and “broadcast”. And the first podcasting apps came to smartphones in 2005. Later that same year, the most popular podcast was getting over 4.5 million downloads. And by 2014, the top podcast would get the same amount of downloads in half the time.

And that kind of growth is pretty indicative of the industry itself. It took podcasts 8 years to reach 1 billion total downloads. And within 5 years, that number has gone from 1, to 50 billion. There are over half a million podcasts out there. And the most lucrative among them can make $70,000 or more an episode off ads. But in reality, only a small number of podcasts are lucky enough to make any money at all. But who is making money in podcasting?

The answer’s more complicated than it seems. Podcasts themselves make money the same way all media does. They sell ads. Those ads are sold on a CPM (or cost per thousand) basis. And the industry average seems to be between $20 and $50 per thousand listeners. Even at that relatively low cost, advertisers still only put $316 million into podcasts in 2017. This is tiny compared to the $17 billion spent on the radio or the $68 billion spent on T.V. But the figures are all relative. Because while broadcasting TV and radio is expensive but, distributing audio files on the internet is essentially free.

how much does it cost to start a podcast?

Podcasts are free to host, free to post and, in most cases, they’re free to listen to. But they’re never free to make. Because regardless of what kind of podcast you’re making – you’re going to need a microphone. And microphones aren’t cheap. That’s why there’s a bunch of prosumer audio companies that popped up around the same time podcasting did. And they’ve done incredibly well for themselves.

Sales of the most popular USB microphone grew by 89% in the last three years making $65 million in 2018. And they aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the trend. The microphone industry, as a whole, is expected to reach $2 billion by 2021.

And the cost of a microphone is just the minimum buy-in for podcasters who want to produce their own show. But a lot of people getting into podcasting don’t have the technical know-how to make one themselves. And that’s extremely beneficial to two other kinds of businesses. First is recording studios – who usually rent by the hour and allow you to produce a high-quality podcast without the upfront cost of buying all the equipment or hiring the engineers to pull it off.

 And that industry has seen an increase of more than $150 million in the last three years.  Then there are companies that specialize in podcast production. They’re dedicated entirely to making high-quality podcasts for other people or companies. And basically every big name or branded podcast uses one. Which has opened up a whole new avenue of advertising, where a company can become the content instead of the ad. Which brings in money to both the company that pays for the podcast and the company that makes it.

 There are a lot of podcasting apps that improve the listening experience in different ways. And there are a lot of developers making money from creating them. On the creator end, there are a handful of programs that allow users to easily monetize their podcasts with intuitive ad placements. Which makes it incredibly easy for podcasts with an audience to start making money from ads. So podcasting is becoming a way to make a living for both podcasters and their fans.

The world of podcasting and podcast platforms is always expanding. This is great because the more big companies invest in these platforms the more opportunity there is for people to become career podcasters. And that matters. Because podcasting, at its core, is about sharing. Sharing passions and sharing skills, whether that skill is making hardware, making software, making products, or making podcasts. And it’s about sharing conversations, ideas, and stories. And, in some small way, about sharing profits. Check for Smart Postcart Plugin(The Smart Podcast Player is the only customizable web-based player designed to make binge listening easy—while keeping listeners on your website.)

Social Influencer- how to become a social media influencer?

So,how big of an audience do you need before you’re considered an online influencer? I’ve seen instagramers with considerably smaller followings and then they outperform mega instagramers.  so this begs the question why how did it happen there are social media accounts that consistently engage, interact and they create value for their followers these accounts are less about being impressive and there are more focused on creating a tribe of like-minded people 

now because of this when a company or an Instagram or Facebook makes a call to action, their followers respond in mass, it’s truly incredible to see. If you’re struggling to create influence for your business I heavily suggest doing three things. These three simple steps to get the ball rolling one; ( Get more real Instagram followers, likes and comments using organic automation – real growth, instant results)

How do you get attention?

Well, I think you should do things differently, I want you to create valuable content that empowers your followers to learn to take away to get excited about taking action and, how much you can help your followers with your advice?  So here’s your assignment create a value-filled blog post, podcast newsletter once a week to engage in this day and age.  it’s not enough to simply use social media, you have to be strategic and develop patterns of interaction.  You should leave comments on other pages like photos, another account, respond to questions and find ways to connect with to followers, 

Basically you need to let people know that your account is there as a benefit for them. so here’s your assignment I want you to set aside at least 10 minutes per day to engage with your followers leave comments, like photos and engage on their platforms.

So, think of social media like an orchestra, you’re just the conductor let your customers play the instruments. so here’s your assignment plan your next 10 social media update to ensure that at least seven of them are value-driven not strictly promotional for your business one of my favorite quotes is by John Maxwell and he writes to be an influencer. “You have to love people before you can try to lead them here’s to love our tribe and becoming an influencer along the way.”

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