How do you travel around the world if you’re not rich?

How do you travel around the world if you're not rich?

This real story more relevant to this topic, how do you travel around the world if you're not rich.My father was an ordinary civil service men and my mother was a housewife. My father had a very tough childhood after losing his mother at the age of 3. He had a very strong desire to travel around the world but he buried it somewhere since long time, and never revealed to any others family members.

He did all his duties perfectly regarding to education for me and 3 sisters.  After retirement, he started his traveling around the world. Until now, he has traveled more than 27 counties including North America to African countries. The more interesting things in this point, being a father of 4, some of doctors and business owner, he never consulted on how to apply visa or any financial support. Later, I got to find out that, he had done much extra work and save it separately and even started to invest into stock market.

His planning has been as old as 17 years back which means, He started to saving or investing money when he was 46 years old. This is really inspiring and mind blowing achieved that too without burdening anybody between the ages of 63 to 70. So, the stories say us, we don’t have to be a millionaire to travel the world. We need to be rich to travel if we have a well laid plan and discipline we can make it easily.

If you want to travel around the world with less money or without any money You Should Really Need To

1. Flexibility and not caring about being broke once in a while:

 I’ve been working as a freelancer and from there I started to earn some money but it give us stress because, you must be attain almost 24 hrs, you need to keep every client happy, that’s means response their emails all the time, otherwise, your feedback would be negative.

2. Doing work you don’t always like

Just do research what is in trend and not what you like. You need to force yourself to like what’s hot right now. Many people dream to start a new business, but for that you need money. So, do your search on Google and it advice for the highest paying career or most in demand job.

3. Working on holidays

All of your friends are dead jealous when they see your next top destination pictures on instagram or pinterest. But, for this, you must work a lot even in the weekend, this can really ruin your some holidays but ultimate you can success to visit your dream destination with non-stop hard work on some weeks.

4. Accept that you will get sick

Traveler visit on different countries and places, Every country has different bacteria’s, viruses, you will be contract different types of diseases  and that will spoil your saving.

5. Keeping mind that, you received bad payment in the initial year

It’s true that will be paid better but it takes a long time and sometimes our investment never pays back.Even if you don’t know anyone in your destination, you can use the Internet to find a some part time job and earn little for your next trips.

6. Accepting super-slow-travelling

If you work as an emergency services, you can’t visit so many destinations because you need to return back soon. If you save and work all year you can probably travel somewhere for a week, maximum in another week. So, this type of life is not travelling as we know.

7. Accepting Troubles

Sometimes you don’t have work and sometimes you get sick. You will get into frustration if you don’t go with enough money. You will get mugged and people will get angry for no proper reason because they think your life is great and you feel lonely sometimes.

8.Define what actually you need and what are the things you can live without

It’s all about prioritize again, In this scenario, little things count, some people want to live in a beautiful and modern house but are willing to drive a old car. Some people live into minuscule living space in order to follow their dreams in exciting new destination. If you want to do in cheaply, you need to think of wider range as the ultimate prizes.

If you are thinking of travelling sine a childhood, and you’re worried about Money, There’re numerous way that are going to be available to you, just look few things in here:

Refusing to spend saving on anything but travel. You start to spend inordinate amounts of time looking up next destinations online and saving up all of your vacation days. You create and constantly revise your travel bucket list.

Actually, there’re a lot of ways to get around cheaply and budget friendly travel, for example, if we make a plenty list of destinations we’re interested in visiting, then search the internet for cheap fares for trains, bus or flights and just go where the big deals are, you can get amazing fares.

Note: You can search travel accessories from & Hotel and Rental car On

If we spent little advance planning with right attitude and some flexibility, there’s nothing comes to hindrance between you and your dreams of travel.

Before starting to travel, analyzes your daily expenses now, and find out where they go. Spent a lot on gas? Does most of the money go to eat out? Or go to home or car insurance payments?

If you planning to travel for long-term,  you can cheaper in part because you’ll no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars of month to pay eat out or car insurance or gas. Can you cut some expenses like cigarettes, beer or coffee in exchanges for extra cash for your destination? Just look, if you can save just $15 a day by simply living an inexpensive lifestyle, that’s enough to pay the cost of your entire accommodation rent for hut in Thailand or Nepal.

 It’s been said that fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. Most of us are afraid of risks or not strong enough to face the consequences when it comes decision making

Depending on where are you from, it could be cheaper to travel than to stay at your home city. For example, if I were to live in a nice apartment in the city in London, eat out, and watch the movie, it would be probably cost me around 28k Pounds a year. But, if I were to live the same lifestyle in say India, Thailand or Nepal, If do more proper research and prepared to go for a more rural or exotic experience, the cost even less than.
earn money while on travel-how to travel on budget
world travler since 2007

This old couple always encourages me,

In our local city, A 57 year old men and his wife have travelled 14 different countries while owning small grocery owner(earn less than $5000 a year), this is not a attractive mart, it’s very simple and served only remote part of the city. Do you want to know about how do they make travel? by, taking bank loans. Their simple method is using the loans to visit new places and repaying the loan within 2 years.

If you need to travel without sacrificing other hobbies or without much planning or  without cancelling weekend fun then only  you have to be rich to travel. If your income level is very less , all you want to do is travel and find the best deals to travel cheap without being fancy majority the time. Struggling to find the money for travel? Go where the dollar is strong. 

So, if you want to travel around the world, ultimate you need is a “CAN DO” attitude and oodles of spirit. Money comes only in the next.

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