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Future of Travel: How to get travel Experience at Lock-down?

I know it’s been so boring being stuck at home because of lockdown. And, we’re really worried about the Future of Travel.  Especially, I love to travel for so many different reasons but now, there is nothing like the excitement of like:  getting on an airplane and going somewhere, you’ve never been before.  it’s all about experiencing different cultures and soaking in the new landscapes.

In my opinion, it isn’t a matter of, if travel will ever happen again.  we might as well be making the most of our time at home by dreaming up or scheming new adventures and diving into our bucket lists. in these articles, I’m going to go over two main ideas:

Get the same travel Experience.

The first is that I want to show you some ways that you can stimulate your brain in the same way that you do while you’re traveling!but this time, from home.

These are things you can do right now, where you are that can give you a bit of travel experience.

Organize your future of travel.

Fix the second thing is to give you some tips on how to make the most out of your downtime right now! whether it be planning to organize or visualizing your next adventure or future travel.

Let’s start with something really fun physically! Creating your travel bucket list. I hate wasting time especially on Instagram, so when I’m scrolling through my feed, I’m saving all of the posts that catch my attention into travel collections of places that I want to go.(it helps for future travel plans also.)

Use Google Map

future of travel

Then, I’ll go through my collections and research the locations of those photos look more into the experience and decide whether that’s something that I would want to do myself, then I’ll go to my maps on Google.

This is one of my favorite tools ever and it gets me so excited to travel.  you type in the name of a location that you are interested in going to and then once it appears on your map, you press add to map then you can also customize the style of it by choosing a different kind of icon to signify.

What it is that you are interested in doing there whether it be surfing or photography or hiking etc.

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Once, you’ve added all of your dream locations to this map, it basically becomes an online map version of your bucket list. So, when it is time to travel again you can go back to this map and you can see where all of the points of interest are clustered and that will probably be the best place for you to start traveling And go see them for yourself.

Actually, I am a Planner by Nature.  I plan out all of my trips ahead of time to ensure that I don’t waste a single minute on the road. Therefore, while you’re at home.

I really want to encourage you to dive deep into what it is that you want to experience before you die? Personally, all of my best adventures started with this kind of brainstorming.

Google Earth

Another, really cool way to explore and discover new locations is on the globe. this is the world’s most detailed globe and I’ve been blown away seeing different iconic locations like Versailles from this perspective on your desktop.  you can press shift then drag your cursor around to change the orientation and see the location from different angles.

virtual travel

This is what makes Google Earth, really come to life.  I have also used Google Earth to discover hidden places to hike and camp in Glacier National Park for example.  I love getting this aerial view so, I can hunt for the most beautiful blue lakes, and Ridgeline hikes traveling.  it brings me to this amazing state of childlike curiosity and learning about even the smallest aspects of life and faraway Places fill me with joy.

So, now let’s comment about how you can feel that kind of joy?

 Travel Films

Right, where you’re sitting great examples of this can come from travel films.  there are so many Travel oriented documentaries and movies out there.  My personal favorite is samsara then there’s probably never been a better time to catch up on reading books like the alchemists have a way of transporting you to a different world entirely.

Language & Cooking

You can also try learning another language like I’m currently catching up on my French.

Another thing that my wife and I have been doing to spend time together at night is learning how to cook different foods from around the world.

The next is music -when I travel I ask the locals what they’re listening to? So, I can add that music to a playlist of my own before a road trip. I usually create a new playlist. So, that we have cartoons those travel playlists always bring back such vivid memories from all of the different trips that I’ve taken.

And it’s not too early to start making a post Quarantine mix for your next adventure!

Organize Earlier

Another thing that so many people often overlook including myself is organizing your travel experiences earlier.  This year, I, took two whole weeks to organize all of my hard drives filled with photos and videos from all of my travels and I organized them into different folders by a year and by country.

During that process, I found so many old photos that I had completely forgotten about, this is a great way to relive those travel experiences and maybe even share them online if that’s something that you forgot to do in the first place.

Virtual tours

The last absolutely crazy thing that I have discovered while I was doing some research about traveling from home are all of these amazing virtual tours.  There are so many online resources out there that most of us have overlooked.

These virtual experiences may not compare to the real thing but it can remind us how much there is to look forward to?  Isn’t it amazing that! Through our phones and our computers, we can see places that we may have otherwise never been able to go right now.  this is a luxury that I am so grateful for. Search on google and you’ll find out many links there.

Virtual Tour Experience.

You watch the elephant, watch the Lions from the comfort of your own home.  wild earth safaris will take you deep into two game reserves in South Africa a qualified guide takes the wheel while a camera operator in the backseat.  Films all the action from the very same position.  you would be sitting in if you were there in real life, you can even ask the guide questions.

You’d like to know how much water does an elephant to drink in a day, around her that was a spider’s web and those who tuned in are also getting to witness a phenomenon rarely seen we’ve noticed for example- we’ve had hunting dogs coming into our area almost every day which is unheard of and it’s because there’s no one else.


and they’ve got the run of the place to themselves, so it’s kind of an interesting time, where the animals have been left alone and this is our opportunity to see what would they do if there was nobody else around for a completely different scene.

How about a trip to the Faroe Islands? nestled in the North Atlantic sea between Norway and Iceland the archipelago is home to more sheep than people and local tour guides are waiting to take you on an online tour which allows you to take control of what you see.

We will be fitted with a camera and give everyone access to controllers using their mobile phone when you press forward,  we move forward when you press left we turn left. when you’re pressed jump, well we jump if it’s culture.  you’re after then there are plenty of options.  many of the world’s leading museums and art galleries like the British Museum are offering virtual tours.  you can take in the big picture but also get up close to see the detail as well and if it’s world wonders you want.

Well, the Internet has that covered too what better time now than to take a virtual walk and start ticking off your travel bucket list.

Guys do check out on Google Maps, virtual tours, playlists of music from around the world, book and movie recommendations that you can check out at home but will always get you in the mood to travel and remember we won’t be at home forever and there’s still a great big beautiful world out there to explore, and sure, Future of travel would come with more new things like, this lockdown brings the online work, work from home opportunity, in the travel industries, it would be new destinations and new kinds of experiences.

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