Cruise travel, some tips for first timer

Cruise Travel – What You Should Know Before?

I’m on a cruise ship and today we’re going to explain about a kind of 10 things that you should know before you go cruising or if this is your first time on Cruise Travel, it helps a lot! It’s like 10 tips for first-time cruisers.  

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The first thing- is make sure you get back when they tell you to get back

Cruise Travel or cruise ships like – one’s way out there, there’s a tender that comes and gets, you like a little boat that comes in picks you up from there brings you in and takes you back out and you may think the boats will not wait for you. they will leave your butt in the port.  So make sure you get back in time for your tender or get back in time to get back on the boat because when the boat leaves, it leaves and you know whose job it is to get back on the boat.  that’s your job! so, you have to figure out a way to how to get to the next town. 

there are only 200 people, the smaller boats like 200 people they’re more likely to wait for you a little bit longer, for that tender a little bit longer to make sure you make it back on time to your boat but I will say if you’re going to be on one of those big cruise ships like the Caribbean and stuff like that or through the Mediterranean with like 3 or 4 thousand people, those ones will not wait for you for the tender or at the docks and it will be up to you to find your way to the next city and at your cost.

When you’re choosing for Cruise Travel! research is key 

Do you need to figure out which cruise travel is going to be right for you? because there are literally hundreds of different cruises out there in the world. Whether it’s going on Yangtze River or you’re going through the Mediterranean or going to a Southern Africa, there are all kinds of cruises and you need to do the research because you could have travel on cruises that only have 50 people on them or you can have with 5,000 people on them imagine the scale and things ! a lot of times you might look at in terms of the itinerary that you’re going to look at sides might be one thing itinerary.

I know, I choose Korea to work. I’ve been encouraged before it was really beautiful. I wanted to see a lot more spots. I’ve got like eight cities in Croatia and I get to see Kotor Montenegro, it was really cool.  So, you want to look at those itineraries because if you see the ports of call and they don’t interest you. 

It’s not worth going on, so that’s one thing you want to look at also look at one of the other opportunities! there on those boats, because there’s a lot of entertainment options on bigger ships. They’ll be casinos and fears and shows and you know lecturers and all kinds of really cool stuff and excursions.  You can do for example, on smaller boats as River Cruises travel in Europe and smaller coastal Cruise Travel usually has more like tourist themed excursions. so, they’ll take you to show you the sights of Dubrovnik and things like that where sometimes these bigger boats.  they’ll have the historic stuff then they’ll have adventure things that are the super-mega extreme adventure. things like I want to go swimming with dolphins or sharks or something like that and so there’s a lot of those different options too and that something should also look out for and if you’re trying to figure out which cruise ships going to fit best for you.

  I do really recommend reading reviews but also going to the website because a lot of the cruise Travel agency, really do a show like their typical passengers on there because you’ll see a typical riverboat in Europe.  the HS is probably 50 plus, you go in the Caribbean, you have all kinds of different ages and different goals that people have when they go on those cruises.  you might want to check those things out to give you a better feel for the type of people that are going to be on that cruise with you or what they’re kind of looking for because it’s very different going for a very dedicated Bordeaux France wine tour versus a Mediterranean tour that happens to stop in France.

Third thing for you to know about is the cabins


If you’re a first-timer on cruise travel, look you’re on a ship the bigger the ship of the bigger the rooms the smaller the ship usually the smaller the rooms and in general, cabins that you stay in aren’t always super big. 


the one, I’m on in my Cruise Travel right now is actually bigger than my hotel. I had in Rome before, I came here so it’s usually fine but you usually don’t have a lot of storage space when you come. so make sure, you do pack lightly because you don’t have a lot of space some other things with the cabin rooms you might want to know about is there’s always one or fewer plugs.

 I know when you have laptops and tablets and phones and all these kind of things you need to be able to charge stuff and that is a tough thing because usually, you might only have one plug, I have one plugin my room and I have one plugin my bathroom so, I actually have like a little travel strip, it has multiple USB ports which are safer for four ships either you want to make sure you get one of those.

I can charge multiple devices because I have four camera batteries and I’ve got a phone and I’ve got my other. I’ve got all these things and backup batteries as well you want to make sure you have that because it cabins, they are going to be smaller and they’re going to be with not a lot of plugs and also I will say is since it’s kind of closed off and if you got multiple adults on that they can get a little stinky. so you might want to bring some spray.  I’m to cut out of some of that smell but I talked about that in the explanation of my blog post what you should pack when you come on a cruise to help you out. let you give you some ideas!

Location of your cabin

now some tips to go along with your cabins are one thing is in terms of location of your cabin,  you probably want to stay away from the restaurant, the bars, the clubs, and the pool because there’s a lot of noise. there also by elevators, usually a lot of people passing through, however if you have limited mobility, I do say get near the elevators because they’ll make your life a lot easier because some of these cruise ships can be huge and it can take you a long time to get from dinner or a showdown to your room. so you want to kind of consider those things.  if you’re going to go on a river cruise travel. 

Travel cruises, you don’t really have to deal with seasickness too much. so you should be fine but if you’re on a coastal cruise or an ocean cruise seasickness can be a big problem and some of the things that they have is there’s a thing called sea bands. I’ve seen people where it’s like a stretchy band on your wrist as a pressure point that goes underneath your wrist to help out.

There there’s a prescription patch you can put behind your ear. I have friends have used that they said it’s fantastic. I actually had to use a Dramamine the other day because my tummy was like a royal.  so you can bring meds on there for that also if you don’t have any medicine, you want something more natural gingers.

Actually, something that does help with seasickness as well but also if you look at the cabinetry chooses if you choose a cabin that’s in the middle of the ship near the waterline that has the least movement of all the cabins so that can help you with your seasickness. And, a little add-on in the cabins usually higher.  you go the nicer they are, but the price of best view ones is you want to get a balcony.  okay, get a balcony, if you can do sell out quickly. So, you might want to book that early.  you want to act towards the back of the ship.

You need to know about is the food

 you look at one of the good things about coming on these cruises is the food. hey, the thing is this one has a nice setting and we have some buffets sometimes and you will eat very well and you’ll eat very much a lot of people. because it is easy to eat a lot and keep eating. and it’s hard to say no to like some of these fantastic.  

So, that they have on here but sometimes just take a little break because it can be a bit much.  and another thing is when you go into these bigger cruises, you might be the buffets included in the price but then they have nicer restaurants and you might have to pay it upcharge to go into them. but they are worth going to have a little bit more one-on-one service.

Another thing you should know about the food is; if you’re on smaller cruises, they’ll give you a specific eating time. like you might be the first set it sitting or the second sitting or they might give you a specific table, you have to go to so for example- the table I’m on here I’m with a bunch of really nice English couples and so where we have our like English table and I see a French tourist and so. it is pretty nice to be there but we said the same spots, the same table every day and I have talked a lot of travelers and they say look that can be a big difference.  if you have a good trip or a bad trip as the people you sit on, sit with at your table.

What you should bring

 In terms of what you should bring on that first day because you’re going to have your normal suitcase but you’re also going to have a carry-on bag, that carry-on bag brings everything.  you think you’re going to use the first day on the ship why because if you’re on some of these bigger ships that have thousands and thousands of people on them.

 You might not get your luggage for four, five, six hours and you really want to get on this big ship with a great pool and slides and stuff like that with the kids and have no swimsuit! so pack your stuff. so have your swimsuit, your electronics any medicine you need to take always, bring your medicine with you for the entire journey because you never know if you’re going to be able to get that medicine on the ship or at a pharmacy or one of the ports so bring all of those things but have everything in that carry-on. So when you get on the boat you’re not waiting to come on bags.  

Tips and Gratuity.

 look the people that clean your room that keeps you safe that do the shows to do all these things.  they’re not paid the greatest wage, I’m going to say that right now your tips and gratuities that you give make a difference to them. I don’t believe in tipping, I’m not going to give any gratuities and they go and they tell people.

I don’t want them to have anything, these people are would risk their lives to save you and they’re doing all these things for you may think about how disgusting your room is.  Yeah, they have to come here and clean it every day do not tip these people.

Now, what’s cool as someone some cruise lines already have the gratuity already put into the bill, so it’s already there? If you have a really horrible time yes you can go and ask them to take off the gratuity but don’t be a jerk.  Don’t do that okay make sure you tip them and if they don’t already and if the cruise line doesn’t already automatically add on the gratuity.  if you go on their websites a lot of will tell you we recommend giving 12 dollars a day or 10 dollars a day or whatever for different people, so you have an idea of what you should tip because it does make a big difference and that’s one of those things that honestly, it’s a nice thing to do because these people do a lot at a very low pay.

Don’t bring

 Now a thing for you is don’t bring any hot stuff base able to look at the things you shouldn’t bring on your cruise the thing is the biggest danger on cruises it’s not like.  We’re going to it’s not the stinking part it’s fire. It is the most dangerous thing on this ship so they don’t want you bringing anything that could cause a fire so I know you want to have that romantic evening with your honey bunny, no candles, okay! no candles, that fire stuff not good.

okay, also I know some people oh I’ll bring my heating pad for to make some hot tea or something like that nope, don’t take that either and then there are other people like oh, I want my clothes to look nice, I’m going to take an iron, yes, they’re iron people try to take irons on the ships sometimes look, you can’t bring those things okay so on the smaller ships you might be able to sneak them through because they don’t check as much but on the bigger ships, it’s like going on a plane.

They send the stuff through the x-ray machine and now they’ll tell you how you can’t bring that in there and so you’ll lose it or it’ll just be waiting for you.  when you get back onto the port at the end and so you do want to be careful some other things that they say don’t bring. 

I’ll see no weapons, no drugs, things like that.  also, a lot of cruise ships have limits on the amount of alcohol, you can bring in or what kind of alcohol.  the bigger cruise ships, they like no alcohol, no beer but you might be able to bring a bottle of wine or something and some places they don’t care that much.   you need to figure out the rules of these things and not knowing the rules is not going to get you out of getting in trouble and don’t think by switching,  so, just don’t bring those things.

There’s going to be an extra cost

 The nice thing I have for you is realizing that the price you pay might not cover everything. I know it says no! this is a great cruise pay this but the thing is you kind of realize is there’s going to be an extra cost. okay, the excursions, you go on extra cost, the drink package, so you can just drink whatever you want that might be extra and these things can add up that’s why I always say if you’re going to do excursions look and see which ones you really want to do and if there’s some that sound nice you might also look at private tour guides in the port.

You’re going to go to set something out so instead of you and your 50 closest friends going on this tour together. it’s you and your wife and two kids you get to have your own private tour so set some of those things up and I found those sometimes to be cheaper then. I will say a lot about the lease on this cruise. I’m on now they’ve got some top-notch guides so, I can’t really complain. so, there is that another thing is prices can add up if you’re buying drinks one time and you only pay at the end that can be a little bit of a sticker shock at the end so do have a heads up on that one and the thing is if you’re going to buy a liquor package or an alcohol package or whatever beverage package for sodas look and see how much you really going to drink and how much are they charging you and you can kind of figure it out because you can still buy the package.

when you get on the ship and you might see is like you know maybe I want a bigger room, you can ask and say hey, is there another room available and they might be so, you pay the upcharge to get a bigger room or get a better space or get into a nicer restaurant. things like that no problem and that kind of leads into the 10 things that new travelers should know about.

 look if you have any questions any concerns you need any medicine, you need anything mixed up, you need some ice, you need a maybe a power strip, hear your headphones aren’t working look ask the people on the ship these people are here to help you.  I mean seriously cruising these no it used to be when you travel. 

people really try to help you all the time, I know in our ship here today and yesterday one of my friends on the ship I made he’s got a Tommy yang he told the ladies around the restaurant, she made him a whole special light tummy plate to help him out his wife she doesn’t eat red meat and we had been a fantastic beef oh so good!  I love the French, no food anyway but she doesn’t eat red meat. she told the lady oh I’m so sorry and she made her a fish dish that was fantastic.

if you have allergies anything out there just ask they’ll be glad to help you and that’s they’re here for. so do that.  I hope these little tips can help you enjoy your first time traveling as a Cruise Travel and the thing is allowing these work where you’re going on a river cruise through Germany or you’re heading you know out on the Cuba Queen Elizabeth to go across the Atlantic these things are things you should think about if you were learning more about traveling in general and a few more cruises.

if you have any tips for first-time Cruise Travel or new cruisers, please put in the comment section below.

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