how to affect covid 19 on travel

How is Covid-19 affecting on travel ? ( Post COVID effect)

Governments around the world have put major travel restrictions in place over the spread of the virus. COVID-19 affecting on travel marks the US State Department issued a level four” do not travel advisory”  the highest the agency can issue urging Americans to avoid any global travel in the same week that EU implemented a 30-day ban on non-essential travel to at least 26 European countries from the rest of the world.

One of the Research Center reports that at least 93 percent of the world’s population now lives in countries with coronavirus related travel restrictions. with approximately 3 billion people living in countries enforcing complete border closures to foreigners.
some of the brands have left many travelers stranded in foreign countries are even in airports. the US Treasury Secretary has said that it’s too hard to tell if the US would ease travel restrictions at all this year 2020.
that are mainly affecting Europe and Asia even as restrictions are starting to be loosened domestically.
So, how is all of this affecting the global travel industry by COVID-19?

Main Covid-19 affecting travel Industry.

Covid-19 affecting on travel

at the end of 2019, the global tourism industry had hit a record year for travel but now just a few months later it could take even years for the industry to recover from all of its losses data and consulting firm. tourism
economics says that global travel demand likely won’t return to its normal pace until the year 2023 according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. the sector is estimated to lose a hundred million jobs in 2020 overwhelmingly impacting countries in Asia which would lead to an estimated 2.7 trillion dollar decline in the world’s travel and tourism GDP
the International Air Transport Association has projected that passenger revenue for Airlines will plunge by 314 billion dollars this year. a 55 percent drop from 2019. the average number of commercial flights per day dropped from more than a hundred thousand.

Which industry hit the hard

in January and February this year to around 29,000 400 by April according to flightradar24. the pandemic has affected the entire travel industry including hotels, airlines, cruise, tourism destinations and online travel agencies.
in March the World Health Organization put out a joint statement with the International Civil Aviation Organization stating that it advised countries to institute public health measures proportionate to the public health risks and consistent with international health regulations underlining the importance of travelers’ awareness in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.
it also mentioned developing a sense of guidelines, toolkits, and response plans to support government’s passengers and the aviation industry in mitigating risks sectors of the industry are now starting to prepare for a post COVID world of travel.

Economic Losses

Germany’s travel sector is projecting losses of $11.8 billion in revenue by mid-June. So, Germany’s tourism commissioner has suggested a possible aid fund for the sector and is pushing for businesses to be allowed to issue vouchers instead of refunds for canceled trips under EU regulations.
on May 4th the US Travel Association put out a guide called “travel in the new normal” the group is planning to implement enhanced cleaning social distancing and touchless payment procedures for hotels, airlines, airport parks, restaurants, and cruise lines. the guide also tells travel businesses to modify employment practices and redesign public areas to help protect staff and customers.
it says that it’s an attempt to revive an industry that’s been losing about $18 billion a week since March when the coronavirus began to spread across the USA.
the Miami Herald reports that after 9/11 the travel industry shifted its attention to security and travelers became accustomed to stricter airport screenings. Now, there will be a strong focus on health and reducing the spread of infection and according to Oxford Economics the impact of Covid19 on the USA. the travel industry is expected to be nine times that of 9/11.
recently the largest US airlines announced the passengers will be required to wear facial coverings on US flights. many airports have begun setting up hand sanitizer, dispensers for customers. the new york times states that some airlines are urging customers to check-in over the phone, instead of using self-service kiosks at the airport and passengers may also just be asked to show their identification.
to agents rather than handing them over some airlines have even stopped allowing for finger scans used for entry into their lounges and travelers may be told to leave their keys and wallets in the pockets of their carry-on bags instead of placing them into the bins.
Passengers needing pat-downs during security checks can now ask TSA agents to change their gloves first. Some airlines are also no longer handing out warm towels to passengers.

Meanwhile, Australia & New Zealand are discussing plans for a quarantine free travel zone between the two countries even that both have shown strong records for containing the virus at the moment. both countries require 14-day mandatory quarantine on international arrivals. So is the world ready to embrace new changes?

Post-COVID World of Travel

after doing a lot of reading and research and forming my own opinions on the subject I thought I’d share them with you and see whether or not you wonderful people out there agree with me or disagree with me.
Naturally, the travel industry has been hit hard by affecting by Covid-19 and understandably so with people required to stay at home all non-essential travel canceled. Some borders closed, resorts temporarily shut down and all of the measures in place to flatten the curve and hopefully annihilate the virus. of course, the travel industry is going to be suffering but this won’t last forever or at least I certainly hope!
so, when global travel does return and lockdowns and bans are finally lifted, how will the coronavirus have affected the industry? will it ever go back to being the same after reading article upon an article from Forbes to CNN to the New York Times and watching news reports and interviews and special editions on the topics!
I have formed my own set of predictions let me know which ones you agree with and any that you think maybe way off base with as well share your own predictions in the comments section below and in a few months, we can come back to it and see.

Local Area First

In my opinion,   after the COVID-19 affecting on travel, Local attractions will first notice an uptick in, attendance as families and friends again begin meeting at chosen locations and people go on a day out engages just to get out of the house and have that feeling of going somewhere as the trickle.
I don’t think families will be rushing to crowded urban locations just because there will still be that residual fear of body contact and proximity in the wake of Covid19,
parks, and rural or more remote attractions will most likely be the places where people plan their first little vacations. I also think people will probably choose to go to places that are accessible by a road trip rather than taking flight. that’s my first prediction who is going to be going on all these short ventures.

Younger Generation starts to Travel First

my second prediction is that: younger people, younger families are going to be the first to brave renewed travel from reading all those articles. I found that when polled it was mainly the younger population that was itching to get back to the travel lifestyle.
while the virus can be contracted by people in younger generations and some cases can have devastating effects. the people that had been polled in these articles generally didn’t seem so worried, that’s why I believe they’ll be the first to resume travel once it’s allowed.
also, younger generations don’t quite have the same level of financial responsibilities or stresses that older more established people with children mortgages bill payments and even business responsibilities, so it might be easier for them to recover financially after this crisis and have enough money to be even able to afford flights or resorts.

Virtual Metting & Cost of Business

Speaking of business it was generally agreed in all of the articles and interviews that I came across that business trouble will eventually resume but on a much smaller scale than it has experienced in the past
I completely agree with this prediction “businesses have been forced to come up with clever ways to communicate and do business”. as usual during this pandemic, using technology and will probably stick to some of these methods once Covid-19 becomes a manageable situation.
Virtual meetings are much cheaper than physical travel. So, many businesses especially those who are struggling financially at this time will stick to things like zoom or Skype or google meet or whatever when they can.
Many businesses will not be able to afford to send employees on trips at the same frequency as they could before. so this will also contribute to a definite drop in business travel.

Shutting down Business

now this fourth prediction might be completely off but I think it’s what needs to happen in order to recoup the travel industry sad to say but the reality is that some businesses are going to completely “go under during this time” entire Airlines, maybe hotels some tourism-related attractions or services, probably it all depends on how long this pandemic lasts? how many governments can afford to float these businesses? and how well they’re managed during this time at the end of it?

Price Stay Low

all less travel-related enterprises mean, fewer options for US travelers however, those businesses that do manage to stay afloat after the pandemic will not be able to recover their losses. by charging us customers lots more people are going to be wary of travel people are going to be hurting for money and airlines, hotels, resorts, and other tourism establishments are going to have to work with us high airfare extra or elevated fees, rigid refund or change policies, all of those are going to prevent people from diving back into.
So, after  Covid-19 affecting on,  travel costs are going to have to be reasonable and affordable in order for travel to resume. it will take time for companies to gain momentum and rebuild their cash flow.
another reason prices should stay low, I’m not saying they will but I believe they should is that right now in the news companies are receiving lots of government bailouts and care packages to turn around and gouge paying customers after receiving their taxpayer money.

Running Expenses Increase

finally, my last prediction after Covid-19 affecting on travel- is that companies will be releasing new slogans and advertisements in the next several months based on hygiene. customers will have a new set of concerns when booking for travel and that will be the cleanliness of the places that they’re visiting for example cruise ships have been called floating incubators for coronavirus. so they’re definitely going to have to adapt. and improve their cleaning policies and processes in order to entice people to book with them I believe, this in particular about the older population who are at the moment more sensitive to Covid-19 and those with pre-existing conditions, these people will definitely want to ensure that they won’t be booking themselves onto that one boat responsible for a flare-up of the virus.
cruise ships are going to have to a enhance their cleaning procedures and really up their game when it comes to sterilization and be somehow broadcast these changes to potential customers, Airlines will also have to make efforts to clean cabins between flights more thoroughly which is going to alter in my opinion weights between flight times.
how many flights can take off per day and perhaps even costs for flights now this will be tricky considering, my aforementioned condition that companies will have to strive to keep costs down in order to invite paying customers to return to travel even hotels will have to make improvements in the hygiene world wiping down more surfaces than normal.
This hyper-awareness of cleanliness might only last for a temporary amount of time until Covid-19, seems to be on its way out or a vaccine is created but it also might create a new set of industry standards that stick around indefinitely who knows? So, those are my predictions on the future of travel after this pandemic is either eradicated with an effective vaccine or piddles out due to herd immunity. either way, the travel industry is going to have to make some changes in order to regain its footing become as popular as it once was before this pandemic.


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