best place to visit in December

Best Places To Visit in December

December, the month of the year, which has plenty of holidays to celebrate, this is the perfect time from off the work, this month can be completely magical to travel. The winter season is the best time to travel to any of the top destinations; it is a great time to travel to different places in the globe. If you are an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, photo bug or just a wanderer, every traveler can meet his travel goal during in December.

People just want to take a trip, but where? There are plenty of destinations around the world. From snowy slopes to warm-weather getaways and everything in between are the best places in the globe to visit in December, the list of where to go is simply endless. Here you’ll find the best cities, the sunniest beaches, the greatest events along with the best deal. So, you love the holidays but hate the cold, get ready to travel with our recommend warm places. December is the full-packed with adventures on mountain peaks and coursing rivers, countless seasonal festivals, the sunny Caribbean to Santa’s hometown, Walks on the wild side to spicy Malaysian street food. We’ve got just the foodie forays for you this month. Other top places to visit in December are Patagonia’s, mind-blowing beautiful torees Del Paine National park, Embark on an epic trek or take the four-day W trek. As everyone knows, one of the best ways to distract you or get motivated for the New Year ahead is to plan a vacation. To help inspire you, we’ve picked out the best spots from different content into our this article: best place to visit in December.

Best place to visit in December in Asia

Best place to visit in December, especially in Asia, there are countries like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and India (Rajasthan is more comfortable than usual) offer warm and sunny days and comfortable and cool nights. But, if heading to Malaysian Borneo(mostly rainy), Kuala Lumpur(rain), Bali(rain), Central China including Beijing(cold), Northern part of Nepal(cold), North India (cold), that are likely to be cold and rainy. Some of the East Asia countries like Japan, Korea, China, will be cold, you’ll have to avoid the southern parts of these countries. Singapore is often the wettest month out of the year. Southeast Asia’s temperatures will be even more pleasant than usual.

There are so many wonderful destinations to see in Asia in the December, from wartime tunnels of Vietnam to Cherry blossoms of Japan and mountain temples of Bhutan to Everest base camp of Nepal, Asia is full of experiences. Asia is a huge continent, more historical sites, and cultural hubs and home to more than half of the world’s population, You might have been to Malaysia or Thailand, but how about Uzbekistan or Nepal? Have you visited wonderful places like Mongolia or Laos? Asia has a way of surprising even the most veteran traveler, you can never be sure of what’s going to happen next.

 Here is just some list of top traveling places.

Canggu, Bali

Are you planning to vacation in December? A visit to Bali’s Coastal village of Canggu, the area has everything you need, such as wonderful beaches, amazing food markets, and cheap accommodation.

Koh Kood, Thailand

      Koh Kood has a narrow high season, limited access with a long rainy season but December brings dry weather and clear blue skies- this is the ideal setting for enjoying in the sun. Koh Kood is surrounded by blissfully amazing coastline; it’s one of Thailand’s best beaches.

Angkor’s ancient sites

Spend your December Vacation finding one of the world’s most famous ancient sites: Angkor wat in Cambodia, it is a must-see for any visitors, and the perfect time to visit than when the weather is cool and the rains ease? For a truly special experience and make time to catch local culture and more.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Get motivated by the art of Ai Weiwei in Beijing’sart district along with the boutique of central in Hong Kong. Make the Pilgrimage to Po Ling Monastery up the Wisdom Path; it’s one of the country’s most iconic sites- the Tian Tan Buddha and Hong Kong (worldwide famous) for a spot of shopping and fine dining. Hong Kong is also the most visited cities in the world, Read more

Phong Nha-Ke Bang, Vietnam

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a must-go place to forget all your winter blues as you’re swept up in the organic beauty of Vietnam. It’s a lot quieter than the city hubs of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. This park, Certified by a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. This place recharging you mentally and physically by stepping into a new world for a few days, main features of the park is oldest unique Karst Mountains in Asia, which are believed to have formed around 400 million years ago.

Best place to visit in December in Europe

Although, it can be more difficult to select a particular destination in Europe to visit in December, Here, I’m trying to pinpoint some of the top destinations to visit this month. December especially celebrating the holiday season with beautiful decorations and festivals that can’t be seen any other time of the year. Europe is super easy for exploring, thanks to both close countries are and also the zone of Schengen, it making transportation like bus and train travel between cities with affordable prices. To hunt or research of destination make easier with a website like, which allows us to search the best place to stay and book a flight, trains in over the world, including in Europe and it is a great tool to help you plan.

Europe is a beautiful continent packed with unique destinations for travelers to visit. The trick is to know where to visit and, this article’s leading you warm and beautiful destination from December to February

The Canary Islands

My #1 December destination in Europe is the Canary Islands. Enjoy warm weather, amazing Spanish culture, and long beaches. Actually, Canary Island is Africa in geographically but it is part of the kingdom of Spain. Thre are many other islands to choose from: El Hierro, La Gomera, Tenerife, La Palma and more.

These Islands are perfect for surfers, nature lover, kite-surfers and beach-goers. You can also climb volcanos, drive a vehicle through the dunes, and relax at white and black beaches. So, how to get to canary islands, Fly first to Madrid or Barcelona. From Barcelona, you can score cheaper flights plus you can visit major city in Spain. (Check out the Flights to the Canary Islands here)

Milan, Italy

Milan is continually newer and evolving. Classics of city like it’s famed Gallerie, modern districts like city life pop up to incredible Teatro Alla Scala. Milan is a city, where fashion rules supreme.  It is a magical city and in the winter air brings snow to the mountain peaks surrounding the city. The various regions of Milan with their outside heated tables or the old charms and Osteria restaurants, food being more heartwarming with its focuses on risottos and beef, it will be an ideal winter destination.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is another amazing list with the warm and sunny city; it is a fantastic choice during the colder month. Here, you can go surfing all year long. There are plenty of surf spots around Lisbon. July and August are the peak season for this city. In winter you can enjoy the city at its own pace. How to get to Lisbon? It has its own big airport. So, it is fairly easy to get there.

(You can find cheap flights to Lisbon with

Zagreb, Croatia

 It is the Capital of Gorgeous Croatia. For winter, I enjoy Zagreb with the busy nightlife, cafes, street art and culture. Croatia is actually known for its thousands of Islands. It is a kind of unexpected joy to be here. (You can find cheap flights to Croatia with


This is another sunny destination and best place to visit in December in Europe. The beauty of the country remains all over the year, Sicily has a mild climate in winter, yet it can get fresh. With a rich history, it’s reflected in sites like the valley of the temples. On Sicily’s easter4n edge is Mount Etna, which is Europe’s most active volcanoes.


Try some of the iconic German desserts, besides it, you can also go skiing on its mountains, ride a steam train through the snow-covered forests and enjoy the stolen festival. Germany is a popular destination during the month of December because of its popular Christmas markets. Germany is the place of hundreds of different markets that each has its uniqueness.

Best Warm places to visit in December

Here are the some best warm places to visit in December ( Simply avoid the all your cold-weather gear, Learn more about travel Gear)

  • United Arab Emirates- Average temperature in December: 26º- 30º
  • Cyprus- December average temperature are: Between 20º and 22º
  • Bridgetown, Barbados- The temperature of this city in December: Between 24º and 30º
  • Inhambane, Mozambique- Average temperature in December: Between 27º and 32º
  • Auckland, New Zealand – This place Average temperature in December: Between 14º and 20º
  • Australia – Average temperature in December: 26º
  • Caribbean- Average temperature in December: 28º
  • Cape Town, South Africa- Average temperature in December: 25º
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brasil- Average temperature in December: Between 30º and 34º
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain- Average temperature in December: Between 20º and 25º
  • Thailand- Average temperature in December: 25º

Best Place to Travel in December on a budget

Generally, everything skyrocketing during the festival season so, nothing’s cheap in December. Cost creep up quickly during the holidays but, there are many ways to escape from it and make a wonderful budget-friendly trip.  Actually, December is a fantastic month to find travel deals (if you’re planning before new years and Christmas). The earlier you book, the better the price, Trust us and plan your travel with our best places to travel in December on the budget guide.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is quite affordable even the peak season. Phuket is actually an island, which has more than 10 beaches. This has been a popular Christmas destination for northern Europeans for years. Hotels in or near the beach are going to expensive a bit more than the prices and average.

Phuket is quite affordable even the peak season. Phuket is actually an island, which has more than 10 beaches. This has been a popular Christmas destination for northern Europeans for years. Hotels in or near the beach are going to expensive a bit more than the prices and average.

Cost: 4 Star hotels start from $45 per night for two people. 3 Star hotels from $19 per night for two people.

Bali, Indonesia


  Bali is not perfect for December visitors due to the rainy season but, the rain generally doesn’t last long So, it’s still a very attractive destination for many visitors during the December. Bali, more famous places are the surf beach along with Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian on the coast of the west. There are also many more lower-key beach places in the central hills. The cheapest hotels are low standards and usually without A/C, Which really suite in December.

Cost: 4 Star hotels start from $25 per night for two people. 3 Star hotels from $13 per night for two people.


Goa India

Goa is the small state of India; it has a dozen more low-key beach towns. It has been famous for hippie hangout and others for years. Hotels rate in Goa are quite reasonable even in the high season of the year, but the cheapest rooms in Goa tend to be disappointing.

Cost: 4 Star hotels start from $110 per night for two people.       3 Star hotels from $56 per night for two people.

Da Nang/Hoi An- Vietnam

Hoi An has been famous for many tourists to Vietnam for years. Da Nang is a slightly a wildcard on this list because it’s not suited too many tourists, especially from the west. These places are quite famous for cheap hotels. Both of these cities have an abundance of great and affordable food and restaurants serving several varieties.

Cost: 4 Star hotels start from $30 per night for two people.  3 Star hotels from $11 per night for two people.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

This place for whom, who do visit are greeted with some surprising room rates, including for the popular holiday period. Sharm el-Sheikh is more or less the Cancun of the region.  It’s remote and has usually been safe from turmoil nearby. This is popular with Europeans and others for some time now.

Cost: 4 Star hotels start from $25 per night for two people. 3 Star hotels from $18 per night for two people.


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