Best beach in California

Best beach in California to visit In 2020

We’re counting down the Best beach in California. From one side to the end of California, from Northern California to Central, we’ve rounded up the more than 21 beaches. We’ve come up with the some best beaches in California

Best beach in California-Venice Beach

Venice Beach- California

 This seaside resort town was founded in 1905. the most well-known attractions of the oceanfront walk, which features tons of street performers and vendors, the climax with a 1993 film falling down take place on the pier that juts out into the water its weights are your thing. you can also work out at the famous Muscle Beach this is perfect if you want to exercise, outdoors while being fenced in without the negative attribute of. also being in prison, of course, surfing is pretty big here or you can just kick your feet up and relax.

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Baker Beach

Baker Beach- California

Nestled near the Golden Gate Bridge- is this spot the other San Francisco treat and, the Best beach in California. This particular Beach psychotic ports well clothing-optional sundae !yeah, it’s nutrition have mercy so, aside from the trolley cars in this famous row of houses, you can visit this Beach where presumably only hot women have themselves on display and it’s free to have mercy.

Laguna Beach

Best beach in California to visit In 2020

This particular location is famous for being the setting for a reality TV show, that I’ve had the pleasure of watching exactly zero episodes. It’s also the best beach in California So, yeah Laguna Beach is your typical photogenic seaside resort city it does have, its fair share of unique events which include the pageant of masters and the highly anticipated kelp vet. This city is also home to the longest-running volleyball tournament in the world, the Laguna Open can’t go wrong there.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz-Best beach in California to visit In 2020

The main beach, another film, and a TV famous location.  This classic boardwalk Beach is a very colorful and recognizable amuse park, they look at that even the logo has a cute little roll. So, yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed! this is a very busy and popular tourist, be kind of late as such there’s plenty to do here, you can ride an old roller coaster, go paragliding, eating sushi or just hang out with your hot friends, but make sure you check the water quality if you want to swim, as this area frequently gets his poor ratings.

Black speech

Black speech- Best beach in California to visit In 2020
Black speech

 This secluded area in San Diego is home to beautiful sunsets, abandoned tunnels, craggy rock formations, nude beach and yes it’s another Best beach in California.  it’s also a somewhat popular surfing location although the large fast-breaking waves are dangerous for beginners.  the ridges surrounding blacks each are peppered with mansions but the most interesting structure is this mushroom house, the owner’s access is by riding a cable drawn car down the side of the cliff and in case you forgot I just wanted to remind you that clothing is completely optional at this Beach.

Ventura a beach

Ventura a beach

This historic area as you can tell by the sign right here has a beach like all our other locations and the best beach in California. the big attraction here is; so much the beach but this giant pier that sticks way out into the ocean. this thing has seen some rough days.  it was partially destroyed 1996 presumably during the alien attacks has seen an independent thing or it was a storm, anyway they rebuilt the pier. and now it’s back to its old fisherman Z touristy cell and apparently you can catch stingrays off this pier.

Huntington pier

Huntington pier Or as it’s sometimes known the surfing capital of the world, the waves of a very consistent quality to them and it is another best beach in California.  So, it’s very popular with those that want to pretend that surfing is as prevalent as it was in the night.  of course, this is Orange County! so that means, tons of ladies modeling their swim here all year round. interestingly enough in the 20s.  This was the site of a major oil drilling operation, most of that oil has dried out but there’s still plenty of sex appeal on tap.

Imperial Beach


 Here’s another San Diego location, this Beach is four miles long. it has its own fishing pier and all the activities that come with a pleasant Southern Californian Beach.  the coolest thing here was definitely the US Open sandcastle competition, this was the largest competition of its type in the US sadly.  they ended the 31-year long tradition in 2011 but we will still have all these cool photos of the sandy artwork look at giant beetle.

Manhattan Beach


now here’s a great place if you’re filthy stinking rich.  according to 2013 statistics; more million-dollar-plus homes are sold in Manhattan Beach than any other city in California.  and yeah, I wouldn’t mind living in a few of these myself damn.  overall, it’s a beautiful place with beautiful women and delightfully picturesque, alcoholic beverages plus the fanciest pier on our list by far.

Malibu lagoon state beach

 Malibu lagoon state beach

This is more commonly known as Surfrider Beach.  if you can’t guess why? Well, then, I’ll have Tommy come back there and hit you in the head with a tack hammer.  if you’re really like surfing or just the movie Point Break then yeah, you’ll probably love this place. there’s no shortage of money here or attractive people.  in fact, they’re having so much fun in these photos that it really might make you start to hate your own life. and yes, there are always pretty ladies go with every perfect goddamn sunset!

Best beaches in northern California

Best beaches in northern California

Today, I am gonna be showing you top five favorite Northern California beaches; starting out from in Carmel-by-the-sea but you can also just call it Carmel if you want to.


Carmel is located 120 miles south of San Francisco on California’s Central Coast.  Carmel is very dog-friendly and we will make one other stop that also lets dogs run around freely off their leash.  Dogs are also welcome as gets in many of the hotels in Carmel. At one time most restaurants as well will let dogs in their outdoor eating areas and will also provide them with a bowl of water and possibly even a doggie dining menu.  Carmel is also known for its artistic history, having once been home to a community of artists in the early 1900s.  This town was built on artistic inspiration and they still called home to many artists. Carmel has even had many mayors who were poets or actors for example actor or director Clint Eastwood.  Carmel is quaint that has many fine restaurants. Of course, most of them allow dogs and as you can see beautiful beaches. the weather here in the summer is usually cool and cloudy as you can probably tell so if you want a best on a warm beach you should probably come in September or October but you can visit Carmel any time for quaint hotels, awesome food and of course fun for your little pet dog and apparently at this beach there are some great trees for climbing around in so let’s move on to the next beach.

Monterey beach

Monterey is just about four miles north of Carmel. So, it is a pretty short drive if you want to come here. If Carmel is one of the most dog-friendly spots then Monterey has to be one of the most kid-friendly.  Monterey Bay Aquarium is a favorite of a lot of families.  Monterey Bay Aquarium has everything for all ages including a play area for kids and marine exhibits fascinating to all ages.  Monterey also has the very famous Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can sample seafood.  Monterey also has cannery row, where you can spend hours checking out lots of marine-themed, novelty gifts and artistic creations.  Not to mention lots of candy, I’m setting it to go there; don’t forget to try the saltwater taffy.  Monterey State Beach is the largest beach in Monterey and usually full of activity.  People come here to walk their dogs on leash. Only body surf and picnic like Carmel, Monterey can be cool and foggy, So, come prepared.


 Now we’re in Capitola you may have heard of the famous scene just south Capitola off a good old-fashioned day of family fun at the meet in a quieter area. Sure go to Santa Cruz for sunrise games by the beachside becoming here at Capital.  we just pure beach fun and it’s a pretty nice restaurant, nearby capital is California’s oldest seaside with the Mediterranean, feel and a population of about only 10 cents.  The village itself has a very plant to see you, can easily walk around to the shops and restaurants.  The beaches are great for sunbathing in certain Capitola. Even has its own September is a great time to visit capital that is when they have art.

Half Moon Bay

Let’s move on to the next piece, we’ve moved quite a bit north to Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County. Half Moon Bay is 30 miles south of San Francisco and feels eons away from the big city. Half Moon Bay is a small town with about 11,000 people and just downtown has plenty of options for dining and shopping.  We are at the Pillar Point Harbor near the famous Mavericks peach Pillar, Point offers a protective area for both boats and wildlife fishermen, sell crab and fish straight off their boats at a discount, great for shopping.

 Half Moon Bay State Beach is an ideal place for children and families.  Here, you can serve a picnic and even camp.  The famous Mavericks beach nearby has challenging waves over 50 feet high and there are many surfing competitions.  There are many things to do, here, in Half Moon Bay; you can even go horseback riding on the beach.  In October they have a pumpkin festival that attracts many people from around the area.

Funston Fort

Funston is located on the coast in the southwest corner of San Francisco. The history of Fort Funston is very interesting! The government acquired the land in 1900 from that time until 1963. It was a working military facility, it provided assistance with the coastal in defense for San Francisco Bay.  It was named after Frederick Funston in 1917. Frederick Funston must’ve loved dogs and it also serves as a missile launch site, during the Cold War, nominated the tennis ball launch site.  Now that the parts of a department own the land.  It is purely a place for dogs and their humans to come and play.  This beach allows dogs to run freely, off-leash and has been referred to as dog heaven.  This Beach is not very good for swimming due to strong currents but it has strong winds for great hang gliding.  Finally, there are many trails for hiking and horseback riding.  

Best beaches in central California

Best beaches in central California

Morro Bay

We exploring the Central Coast of California and first up is Morro Bay Known around the world for this monolith in the background Morro Rock.It’s also famous and best beach in California, While most people view it as a simple rock. It’s actually what’s known as a volcanic plug created when magma hardens at the base of a volcano and then that volcano goes extinct and our roads the sides away millions of years, later what’s left is this volcanic plug.  this is the biggest volcanic plug in a series of nine that stretch from here all the way to San Luis Obispo about 15 miles away.  So, estimates put the formation of Morro rock to about 25 to 27 million years ago, the volcanoes long been extinct.  It’s been used for navigation for centuries when the area was colonized by the Spanish.

As you can see Morro bay is a beautiful, clear placid, Blue Bay on the other side of the rock. Though is a rough Ocean Beach, actually a very famous surf beach. Morro Beach is on the northern side of the rock, there, we have this beautiful bay.  That’s great for family fun, kayaking. You can take whale watching and sea otter watching tour boats out of the bay and then on the other side you’ve got surfing. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is climb Morro Rock, several people have died trying to climb to the top of it. There are huge boulders that can cause Rock Falls. You can slip and fall very easily. So absolutely do not want to climb Morro Rock and one of the things that may deter you from climbing Morro Rock as part of it is actually fossilized bird feces.  So, not the best foothold when you’re climbing on fossilized bird feces, another reason why you don’t want to climb Morro Rock is that it’s a nesting ground for the endangered peregrine falcons.  So, you don’t want to disturb the wildlife. You don’t want to cause any Rock Falls, it’s going to destroy any endangered Falcon nests.  Morro Rock as you can see a beautiful site here on the Central Coast of California.

Montana de Oro State Park

further south of Morro Bay is Montana de Oro State Park and this is a beautiful State Park right along the central California coast with little tide pools.  Sea caves, there’s a trail called the bluff trail which takes you down to the coastline across the Bluffs.  There are several campgrounds in Montana d’Oro State Park but you definitely want to make reservations well in advance because like most great campgrounds in California they fill up quickly.  So, Montana d’Oro as you can see it’s a beautiful State Park, awesome shoreline, sea caves, and some hills.  

You can climb beautiful Bluff trail and right now I’m actually going down to a hidden beach its right next to Spooner cove, which is at the entrance of the park where a lot of people park up there.  You can kind of scramble across the rocks and go to this southerly Cove little hidden beach next to it can also come down from the top. There’s a hidden trail behind these trees, here beautiful Hidden Cove south of Spooner Cove there.  It’s a little rocky but it’s totally secluded and absolutely stunning. well, that’s a wrap from the Central Coast of California as you can see found some great hidden beaches today wonderful sea caves until next time gets out there find your adventure and be infamous.

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