A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

Austria, the perfect destination for a vacation to Europe, which is situated in the heart of Europe. it has much to offer high mountains and alpine pastures. In the West Mediterranean Lakes in the south and scenic plains in the east, a land of majestic buildings and of the rural culture of past centuries. A country with an eco-friendly tourist industry and where nature conservation is a top priority.

Austria vacation begins in Vienna former royal residence and the capital of Austria the mighty Stefan storm towers up 60 meters into the sky at

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

its center is a large and splendid gate a most impressive sight within the cathedral is the Vina noise Tata utter the tomb of Emperor Friedrich the third and the pulpit of Master Anton pilgrim who has immortalized himself here .

The Peter Merlin is the second-largest church bell in Western Europe and a preferable place for vacation to Europe and was made from Turkish cannons. For over 300 years, Vienna was the residence of the Emperor and the nobility had their fine palaces built.

Here the city was dominated by Baroque architecture, melting parts of the old monarchy. Vienna was regarded as the world’s fifth-largest city and a suitable area for a vacation to Europe, before the First World War. Hofburg was the residence of the royal family. It was the legislative center of the city’s multifarious buildings 18 wings 19 courtyards and more than 2,500 rooms.

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The mighty central coupler of the national library spans 30 meters high above the most beautiful reading hall in the world and each day white lipids honest aliens are trained in the Spanish riding school. The imposing Rondo of the neuen Hofburg represents one half of the building that was never completed. The error is also the world capital of classical music and Art Nouveau and its Opera House is the most famous building of rings fasten design.

Carska- vacation to austria

After the Stephansdom the Carska is the most important religious building in Vienna, construction of this excellent example of European baroque was made at the command of the imperial throne during the year of the plague in 1713. A four-kilometer long boulevard the ring Strasse encircles the city center a wonderful blend of architecture, classical antique, cathedral gothic, Renaissance and Baroque the Parliament and City Hall an impressive gothic building.

Europe vacation

The Burgtheater and votive caca also made their mark on the Ringstrasse.

splendid garden palaces such as the Belvedere and the summer palace of the Habsburg adjourn bloom are now among the city’s most popular tourist destinations also the destination for Europe to vacation. the palaces 1,700 well-preserved rooms once accommodated the royal family and the entire royal household. the route up the hill is flanked by various water features and leads to the glory ex a pavilion with marvelous views. the Schonbrunn zoo is of baroque design its enclosures have been well adapted to the needs of the animals. it’s the oldest menagerie in the world and in 1882 a glasshouse for the royal plant collection was built here at the World Exhibition in 1896 a 64 meter high big-wheel was erected at the western end of the Plata, an entertainment park that continues to please both young and old alike a perfect way to spend an evening is to visit an argan a bar in which wine is served with simple but hearty food. Vienna is an adventure and a pleasure for all the senses.


Glug nits are the starting point of a fascinating train journey on the simmering bar.


This unique railway in the Austrian. album Borland has been an operation for more than a hundred and fifty years with the invention of the railroad in the 19th century, it was possible to cover large distances at far greater speed construction of a railroad across mountain terrain, posed a major problem in the 19th century the construction of a railroad across Semmering was a risky business however that did not perturb Carl Ritter von Jagger. Many people from around the world love to visit here because of the top vacation place to Europe.

The remarkable views were most likely not fully appreciated by the builders of the simmering railroad. As their task was arduous and quite a challenge. the railroad to the semi rink pass contains 16 viaducts more than a hundred bridges and 15 tunnels. it was a daunting task 20,000 workers were engaged to complete the work. the line was inaugurated after only six years and a bright future lay ahead with the creation of the simmering railway .this once remote mountain region suddenly became far more accessible and soon developed into a popular summer retreat for Vienna’s elite old steam engines were replaced by electric trains. This old railway line is a successful harmony between Technology and nature.


Close to the simmering around a hundred kilometers from Vienna. Schneeberg is a popular holiday destination for Austria vacation in both summer and winter and also popular for a vacation to Europe. From poke bug one of the oldest rack railways in Europe travels up the mountain and almost 10-kilometer long section with a 20% gradient since 1897. steam and diesel engines have climbed slowly up the mountain several times a day along this railway line that in. its day was a major technical accomplishment the Schnee berg is the highest mountain, in lower Austria and the easternmost 2000 meter high mountain in the Alps.

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

The highest point at the cost of oppan is two thousand and seventy-six meters above sea level. When the weather is fine the striking lines of the limestone mountain can be seen from as far away as Vienna. Numerous paths crossed the remote regions of this unspoiled mountain landscape since 1873. Vienna has been linked to a water pipeline that is still in operation today, so the population of Vienna is able to enjoy fresh spring water straight from the mountains.

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Wachau- Austria

The Wachau 36 kilometers of the Danube delta with medieval old town castles and ruins a baroque monastery and an ancient vine-growing culture. Our journey of the vaca begins in a stein that is today part of Crim’s this is the gateway to the vaca a unique section of the Danube.

Medieval city: Europe to vacation

This medieval city contains a hundred and thirteen buildings. Its also known as the perfect vacation to Europe’s destination. The city’s facades and entranceways are decorated in traditional style; cremes even today are full of history an important city set within a unique River landscape that for centuries was the only trading route between East and West.

Valley- Austria vacation

Further downstream the valley becomes narrower and is even more beautiful; the blue-white church tower of Doolin Stein proudly welcomes those who visit the town. It’s one of the Vika’s main landmarks the steep river valley and its terraced vineyards, enjoy a temperate climate. In Roman times vines were cultivated in this picturesque area due to the region’s ideal growing conditions.

vicen Kirklin has always been a wine-growing center, it’s also the travel destination for a vacation to European. The small village has a long and dramatic history. its old houses and lanes look like the backdrop of a film set in medieval times.

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

Spitz Nestle’s picturesquely amid surrounding vineyards and the steep rock walls of the legendary Towson Diamond Mountain. The vineyards have brought much prosperity to the area; high above the ancient ruins of Augustine looked down onto the Danube Valley. This was once the domain of the robber Knights of the Kulin Rinker. they placed chains across the Danube in order to wail passing ships prior to plundering them, Mariya tougher a place of pilgrimage also lies high above the valley.

vacation in europe

someone saw an angel fly into an oak tree and within its branches, hung a picture of the Holy Virgin Mary.

The last stage of our journey in Austria Vacation through the vaca leads to a cultural gem and a baroque work of Arts.

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

Steve’s Melk situated on a steep rock above the Danube both nature and architecture unite as one a monastic rock, a remarkable Benedictine monastery .it’s not surprising that Umberto eCos, the novel the name of the rose originated here because melk is one of the most imposing monasteries in the Christian oxidant. a cleverly constructed spiral staircase leads down the monastery church.


The center of the monastery .yucca plant is built this gigantic baroque bulwark of faith and it created an icon of Occidental monastery culture. All this is the vaca a gem created by the mighty Danube.

Linz is the capital of upper Austria a dynamic industrial city with an old town that has a long history.


The third-largest city in Austria is located on both banks of the Danube and several bridges linked. The city the celts settled in this area as did the Romans who established a trading center for salt since 1898. an electric mountain railway has traveled from the city and up the post lingburgh . This railway line was another technical achievement with a 10-person gradient, the view from lenses 537-meter high mountain explains why it’s called the city on the Danube at the edge of the Alps. the small pilgrim’s church in the distance is one of the city’s main landmarks close by is one of the oldest towns in Austria.

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

Steyr an old Ironton that is situated in a favorable location at the junction of the ends and steylr rivers sturdy city walls with splendid gates protect the old town whose former inhabitants were made rich by the iron industry. Lumbergh castle was first mentioned in the 10th century,

it’s situated in the oldest district above the town the counts that once resided here gave the neighboring federal state of stariha its name.  The large fortunes that were made here over the centuries are highlighted by the historic towns. Many old Civic houses that are still in good condition today. the narrow lanes and long square give a feeling of security amid the historic surroundings.


It’s as though these City Hall wishes to see everything that’s going on Salzburg a city of Bishops and of music and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria. The cathedral is located in the heart of the city this sacred baroque building is situated on the same site as the city’s first church.


The city’s most famous address is without dart number nine four. it was here that the musical genius vote Gangamma des Mozart was born on the 27th of January 1756 a huge fortress still dominates the old town horn Saltzburg, the largest fully preserved medieval fortress in middle Europe.

Tangled and narrow lanes lead through the large palace that served as both a residence as well as a seat of government. for clerical Regents gold mining and the extraction of salt in the whole entire mountains created much prosperity in the region medieval Salzburg became a German Rome an Italian looking city of early baroque design a city of art and contemplation. Even today the cultural image of the city on the South sac is dominated by more than a hundred churches castles and palaces that attract vacation to Europe.

europe vacation
Austria vacation

The clerical Regents and their master builders knew exactly how to impress those who visited the city. The Prince Archbishop’s of Salzburg ruled from the residence until 1803. a Paris of ecclesiastical power the nearby Schloss hellbrunn was the pleasure castle of prince-archbishop Marcus Citta cos a unique example of villa suburb honor based upon its model in Italy but the main attraction is the water garden an interesting place with stunning water features.


Salzkammergut a remarkable baroque gym. Basalts comma guts are located in the heart of Austria a wonderful and romantic landscape set between breathtaking mountains and beautiful lakes in the middle-ages. Cent Wolfgang was one of the most visited pilgrimage destinations in Central Europe, having attracted 70,000 of the faithful here each year.

A vacation to Europe: Austria vacation

From San Wolfgang, a small train travels up the shaft Berg the main landmark of the salt scammer Goods. This railroad is five kilometers long and rises to a height of 1795 meters above sea level on the summit. There are fabulous panoramic views of the surrounding landscape in the Ice Age, therefore it’s considered the best places for a vacation to Europe. Huge glaciers led north, they carved out wide valleys deep basins and high mountains.  When the masses of ice finally melted, they left behind this splendid landscape gentle valleys crystal-clear lakes and rocky terrain. The village of Monty is surrounded by fertile meadows and the buildings were their rural baroque and Rococo facades are captivating sights. The lake is 11 kilometers long and 70 meters deep. It has a relatively warm temperature due to its sheltered location and the total lack of inlets from cold mountain rivers.

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