Things to do in Beijing

18 Best things to do in Beijing, China

Our tour shows you a ton of things to do in Beijing,  in the city but starts off with food. China’s most popular dish Peking duck.  family dining tonight with baking duck one of the most famous places here in Beijing to get the dish. Peking duck is a signature dish of Beijing and has been popular since the Imperial era. by the mid 20th century it became a national symbol of China served diplomat celebrities and presidents. now anyone can order ping King duck -so it’s pretty cool you eat your appetizers or all those things that we had and then they bring the duck to your table and cut it and right in front of you and they only use the best portions of the duck as well.

How to use in Peking duck

10 Best things to do in Beijing, Chain
Peking duck

So, it’s got to be succulent and it will be tasty -so when you get your picking duck you’ve got to put it all together. and this is how you do it you start with a pancake you roll it out in your hand you take the first piece of duck, you dip it in the first sauce spread it on the pancake, place it in there, grab another piece of picking duck, put it in the second sauce, which is soya bean sauce ,and then you spread that on the pancake as well and then you start adding all of your fixings. Whatever you like then once it’s finished then just fold with one side pull the other side bring the two ends in and you’re ready to eat.

Forbidden City

Forbidden city, china

Hello guys, we are about to enter the Forbidden City, not so forbidden many more people. So, we’ve made it here, inside the Forbidden City.  Inside the main gate and then you can just feel the history when you walk in?  It’s been here for so long, you wonder who walked along with these stones.  It really is one of the most impressive places.  I’ve seen the Forbidden City in Beijing’s most popular attraction; consisting of nine hundred and eighty buildings, covering one hundred and eighty acres.  so when you go to the Forbidden City, make sure you head up to the hill to get an overview of everything.  It is definitely worth walking up the hill to overlook the Forbidden City.  the movie is 52 meters wide and that’s because back today an arrow, couldn’t shoot farther than 52 meters. 

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

So, we’re here in Tiananmen Square, which is the largest square in the world at 100 acres.  That’s pretty huge when you think about it.  It’s bigger than the Red Square in Russia and it is pretty magnificent to be standing here.  This is one of the only gates that are left here in Beijing and right beside it you can see that there is another gate that is actually the guard gate.  So that is to look over that one and protect it.  There are only two gates left here in Beijing.

Shop at silk street

10 Best things to do in Beijing, Chain
Silk street

 In Beijing welcome to silk street and used to actually be outside where they sold a lot of knocks offs. Now they’ve moved it inside and covered it. but, it’s still a pretty cool street. Silk Street is a shopping mall in the Chaoyang District and a great place to buy fake luxury brands and the real deal at discount prices. watch it’s a good place and tried to get a Beijing.

Jingshan Park

Jingshan park

It is definitely worth walking up the hill to overlook the Forbidden City.  The movie is 52 meters wide and that’s because back today an arrow, couldn’t shoot farther than 52 meters.  Don’t have everyone think to come up here and you look over the whole of the Forbidden City and Beijing.

National Stadium

National  Stadium

Come to the famous bird’s nest stadium, This is where the 2008 Olympics took place in Beijing. You can actually take a tour of this place so that is the dragon building and there’s a seven-star hotel in there.

The international tourism Center

best things to do in china-The international tourism Center

We visited Beijing for the international tourism festival an event that has been running for 20 years celebrating the tourism industry of China and bringing cultures together. 

Temple of Heaven

temple of heaven, Beijing

All right, we’re about to enter the temple of heaven here invasion.  We are at the temple of heaven and it was built in the 1400s century.  This was where the Ming and the Ching dynasty came to pray for the harvest and a good year, so off to the Hall of prayer for great harvests

Let’s go to the temple of heaven is a huge complex, covering 2.73 kilometers of parkland with three main groups of buildings to explore. So, we’re heading past- the echo wall and going into where they store the tablet. it’s an echo you can hear it all the way around.  When they built this, they didn’t know that because it’s a perfect circle that surrounds this temple. so we are walking along the corridor, where they took the sacrificial animals down here and obviously slaughtered them and then got much the barrels over there to be burned spreads.


Best things to do in Beijing, Chain

Here, we’re going to see how artistic we are. Look, we’re lucky; we get to put on a costume Chinese calligraphy, date back to 4000 BC and are widely practiced in Asia.  It is held in high regard and valued as highly as painting and poetry. At a great time learning calligraphy here if you come to Beijing make sure you give this a try it tests out your artistic prowess.

Dumpling Cooking Course

chines, dumpling cooking course

Alright while we’re making dumplings here at the Chinese royal gastronomy Museum and you see what kind of cook we are.  I’m ready for surgery dumpling surgery happening and your fingers have to be actually behind. It’s dumpling time, they brought up the dumplings that we made. I’m about to taste it!  Oh! Best dumpling ever!

Rickshaw Ride

well, I don’t think there’s anything more authentically, Chinese than going for a rickshaw ride downtown.  Beijing takes a rickshaw ride through the ancient alleys of the hutongs in the sick. We seen Acharya the tour ends at the back sees an artificial lake where you can take boat tours do some shopping and relax and the surrounding tea houses.


Go for a walk in the hutongs of Beijing.  hutongs are old neighborhoods that were nearly lost to development but they are now preserved and displayed the unique history and culture of Beijing.  make sure you come to the hutong area and visit Pike Street for a great old Chinese experience.

Drum and Bell Towers

Best things to do in Beijing, Chain

Take a stroll to the Trump and bell towers you can walk up and get a panoramic view of the area. The bell and drum towers are considered the symbol of the old city. Each new year, they ring out bringing blessings to the people of Beijing.

Lama Temple

lama temple

 Make your way to lama temple.  Lama temple was one of our favorite places to visit in Beijing. Well, we’re about to go into the gate of harmony and peace and this is where everybody burns their incense.  So the final temple is the temple of 10,000 happiness.  It is a treat there’s a 26 meter high Buddha in there that is carved out of one single sandalwood tree.  it’s made the Guinness Book of World Records.

Hot Pot

hot pot- things to do in china
hot pot

When you come to Beijing, you have to try a hot pot.  It’s not only a meal but an experience.  as well, we’ve got mushrooms.  We’ve got actually a bunch of different kinds of mushrooms in there and who knows what else but it looks good to look at that plane of goodness.  so you put everything in the hot pot and let it heat up and then cook it. Then, I put it into my peanut sauce and eat it. let’s see if I can even really delicately!  That is so good!

Tofu Workshop

Come and learn the art of bean curd and how to make tofu.  so this is how to make bean curd with a date.  Starts off with yellow beans, put them in the hole like that add some water and then really, it’s all in the way.  You turn it right so, we start counterclockwise; the one or two turns and then we turn back. This way to turn three-four times.  Don’t get it easy, you can see the beans go down in between the two rocks and it all comes out and we’re ready for our next step in making a beat you.  So once the bean curd has boiled to scoop it out and put it in a mold here and then you press it down and then once all the water is out you just visit this off.

Navigate the Beijing Subway

Best things to do in Beijing, Chain

Taking the subway, here in Beijing, it’s actually pretty simple. You can go to one of the machines. You choose which line you’re going to but you need to know what station you’re also going to because it charges you by distance.  Don’t worry about it!  Once everything here is in English, so you can figure it out pretty easily.  You’ll go through security come downstairs to the subway and that it shows you which side you should stand on depending on what the end station is.  So it’s pretty simple to get around and I think anybody can do.  It so the machines here in Beijing are pretty easy. All you have to do is to come up here the English button for everything and then what you do is you have to know what line and where you’re going.  We are going to line ten and we’re going to boom our station so you just hit the station that you’re going to.  it tells you how much it cost two tickets; a total of six you wan and then cert your money, their tickets come out,  you’re good to go.  You should also make sure that you have some small bills with you because it only gives change in coins so if you have large bills you’re going to get a whole ton of coins back

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China-
Great Wall of China

Here we go everybody; we’re entering the Great Wall of China.  Let’s go the battling wall is located just 70 kilometers north of Beijing and is the most popular wall to visit.  We’re on the great wall; we’re walking up to the towers right now.  This is the iconic one that you see in all the magazines and them on TV.  Very exciting there are hardly any tourists here.  It’s mostly locals that are here visiting the great walls. So, it’s really cool to experience it with everybody that is here from China. Babbling is considered the best-preserved part of the wall and was the first section to be reopened to the public in 1957. And that was the Great Wall of China if you enjoyed this city guide be sure to subscribe to our list to receive weekly updates and check out our top Asian destination for more.

Best things about Beijing

As China’s capital, Beijing has over three millennia of history to offer renowned for his gardens, tombs, temples, palaces and more.  Beijing has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and his treasures have made it to the center of culture and art. In China was so much to see, here are we mention some top things to do and see in Beijing.   one of the most, if not the most iconic landmark of Beijing is the Great Wall of China. both starting as early as the 7th century BCE and later joined to what we see today.  it was built to protect China from rays and invasions.  there are eight main sections of the Great Wall in Beijing that you can enter a fund and it spans over 600 kilometers.  Make sure to prepare adequate Footwear for the long walk and appropriate clothing.

 The Forbidden City also known as the Imperial Palace dates back to the 1400s and consists of over 9,000 rooms, over 250 acres.  It was actually burned down and rebuilt several times.  So, most of the existing architecture was built in the Ching dynasty in the 18th century.  Be prepared for a lot of walking but surprisingly, you’ll find a Starbucks in the palace, so, don’t worry if you need a little extra jolt to explore.  One of the largest Imperial Gardens in China at the Summer Palace also known as the Royal Garden Museum. It was once a summer resort for Emperor’s now it is a retreat for people from all over the world! Take your time to explore the many pavilions of temples and bridges. This Palace has to offer much of this park is occupied by the cumene lake, so don’t forget to take a leisurely cruise to appreciate the masterfully designed architecture of this Chinese garden.  The events that have occurred at Tiananmen Square are as historic as the erection of the building itself.  The 10 enamine gates were built in the Ming Dynasty around 1415 but has been damaged and redesigned several times. and much more, do you think it is a must-see in Beijing? let us know in the comments down below want to read more great post for amazing travel ? follow us on our other social media!

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